Prayer to Jesus

Oh Jesus, sweet Jesus, You make it all so simple. I am the one that complicates things. But You sweetly, gently lead me back to that simple truth…Thy will be done. It’s all and only You. I just need to remember You. When I forget, then it means it’s me doing it. It discourages me that I so easily forget to include You. I feel disappointed with myself. And it means I’m still not close enough to You. Because how can you possibly forget someone you love? It means I’m still not acknowledging that it’s You, all You and only You! It means, even if unconsciously, I ‘m striving or thinking I can do it. I don’t feel like I’m trying to be somebody, but the fact is, that when I forget to ask You to do it through me or  forget to call on the keys, then, it was me thinking I could do it; arm of the flesh. Sigh! When will I ever get it?  Jesus, I just need to let You do it by asking You over and over and not forgetting, . I call on the Keys of ‘Keep looking to You’. Instead of being so full of myself, I need to be full of You. You say, come to Me. All I need to do is take Your outstretched hand and be soft putty in them.  Take my heart and hold it. Help me to keep it there and let you gently mold it however You want. Jesus, with every breath that I am able, I want to sing of Your beauty, Your love and care and Your goodness. When I think about You and feel You in me, my heart feels like it will burst.  I barely have words to express how I feel, so I just lift my heart up to You, my joy, my heart-throb. You are everything to me. I feel so humbled in Your presence. It’s so encompassing, enveloping, strong and powerful and I feel You seep into my very being. I feel You running through me, so intense; I feel I could burst. I love that. I love it when we connect and become one. It’s just the best feeling –other- worldly. I don’t want to leave; I don’t want to let go. I could stay here forever. But, it’s time to go out into the wings. Stay with me, My love. I need You today; every moment. Thank You darling Man, for Your unending patience and mercy for me. You are wonderful.”

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“So with less praise, the world gets more and more carnal and less Heavenly. Why did more miracles occur in days of old? Because there was more of the recognition that things happened because God did them. This is praise in a way, seeing the handiwork of the God of all.”



“There is no standing still; you are either going forward or backward. Call on the keys, for they will keep you moving forward until you reach the goal.”





A walking talking Bluetooth transmitter

The vaccinated are now walking, talking, wireless biological Bluetooth transmitters & receivers, along with everything else that they have received, and become.

I have tested, and verified that this is, in fact, true with several people that I know that have been vaccinated. I believe that there is now nothing to prevent all of those vaccinated from surreptitiously connecting to their smart phones via Bluetooth, which will, in turn, upload and send all of their bio-metric data, and whatever else they now have access to, to each company’s/government’s servers, and/or data accumulation sites, through their cellular, or WiFi connection on their phone, as well as also allowing for the downloading of information and instructions, directly to the host body via those very same connections.

Keep witnessing for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, now more than ever, and never lose hope, because we know that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has already overcome the world and won the victory! Hold fast to your faith, and let HIS Light shine throughout each and every one of us, so that those who are still lost, and confused in this world of darkness, can be led to Him to be saved and redeemed to our Father in Heaven by Him, His only begotten Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who is THE King of Kings & Lord of Lords! 

God bless and keep you all safe in these days we live in, Troy



Bluetooth compliant

Jesus speaking:

Signs, wonders and miracles, all hidden away by the dark one’s sleight of hand; that is until someone, inspired by My hand reveals the perfidy. Continue to pray that I expose the enemy’s moves. I tell you, My loves, technologies like Bluetooth are the means the wicked one uses to fulfill Revelation 13:16. It is far later than the world thinks. Even many of My very elect are being deceived into thinking there is yet time before the Man of Sin will be revealed. The vaccination is the vehicle and wherever the Bluetooth compliant scanner is positioned on the body that marks the spot. The technology is here, and they are forcing the world to take it based on a trumped-up medical emergency. The world is taking it; the churches are taking it. ALL are taking it; all except those few that rebel. Yet My dearest disciples, how long will the people demonstrate, how long will they resist change? Their resistance to change is what got them into this mess in the first place. Oh complacent man, who lives for the things of this world, and who now has to pay the fiddler. Man hates change, but I love it. All things must change. The chips are falling into place, and no, it is not what everyone expected. As usual, the evil one hides his hand in order to deceive the masses into his trap. It is men like this man on the video who exposes the dirty work of the devil, so that those that still hear will hear. As for the rest …well, they will only believe when the rain begins to fall on their unbelieving heads. But by then it is too late, the ark doors are closed and My believing children are safely tucked inside. Thus they unwittingly fulfilling My Word; “As the days of Noah were, so also shall the coming of the Son of man be; eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage until the day that Noah entered the ark”.

I am your ark. The keys open the door to the wilderness where I will hide you, My dearest loves, from the wrath of the wicked ones, as they rampage around the earth in their quest to control all, both rich and poor free and bond great and small. Do not fear; when the hour comes, I will make a way of escape, so that you do not fall into the snare of the Fowler. Turn aside sweet ones; take the rugged road that leads to higher ground. Do not think that all things will return to normal; this is not the evil one’s plan. This is not the plan of God; this is not the voice of My Word. I am even at the door. The last days have begun, and there is no turning back to normal. Beware, the hand squeezes the unsuspecting, those that walk in darkness; but you who walk by the light of My Word must take the faith road the upper road, calling, always calling to those who would listen.

The Vaccine Contains Your Barcode.

Dr. Chinda Brandolino refers to the technology that makes it possible for the Bluetooth to read codes in inoculated individuals.

French bluetooth phone pick’s up who’s vaccinated by mobile number! It’s in French, but you’ll understand by watching!

Bluetooth 5 finding out RFID2020 on people.

Vaxxed Trifecta: Magnetic, Barcoded, and bioluminescent + Bluetooth Enabled!

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Out Of Memphis



And Worship Of His Image

In relation to the Mark of the Beast and worship of the image of the beast, Revelation 13 and 14 seem to indicate a distinction between two categories of people. The first group is those that take the Mark or number, 666 (Rev. 13:16).  And the second group is those that take the mark, and also worship the Beast and his image (Rev. 14:9). 

It is interesting to note that Rev. 13:16 begins by saying that ALL people will take the mark/number.

Now 666 is practically a by-word in the world today, so you would think that “ALL people” must be speaking of the untutored/unbelievers, but surely not the millions upon millions of Christians that know enough of their Bible to be at least wary of any international registration system that requires people to receive a mark in the right hand or forehead.

On the other hand, if Rev. 13:16 is indeed literal, then ALL means just that: ALL –rich, poor, free, bond, small and great. So if it is literal, then how were ALL the people deceived into taking something they didn’t necessarily want or agree to?

Enter center stage: The Vax.  It arrives on the world scene as the curative Holy Grail that ALL people must take in order to divert a worldwide catastrophe. Fear takes over from there as Corona, riding on the back of an age-old virus, the flu, begins taking its annual toll of elderly and those with medical problems predisposed to this potential killer. Pushed along by mainstream media hyper advertising, phase one of the Great Deception begins; without which Corona may have been an unusually bad flu year.  And yes, it really does look like there was foul play in Wuhan, and that the virus was tampered with, and a more potent strain was released. But that is all history –now that phase one of their agenda has been achieved and the worldwide vax program is moving on in its march of forced immunization on ALL people.

So where is the mark? Well, now that we have traveled down the road a tad and are privy to more and more information that has been leaking through enemy lines, we have come to learn that the infamous 666 Mark of the Beast may very well be hidden within the vax itself. What I’m trying to say is very nicely summed up in an article that was handed to me recently:

The vaccinated are now walking, talking, wireless biological Bluetooth transmitters & receivers, along with everything else that they have received and become. I have tested and verified that this is, in fact, true with several people that I know that have been vaccinated. I believe that there is now nothing to prevent all of those vaccinated from surreptitiously connecting to their smartphones via Bluetooth, which will, in turn, upload and send all of their biometric data, and whatever else they now have access to, to each company’s/government’s servers, and/or data accumulation sites, through their cellular, or Wi-Fi connection on their phone, as well as also allowing for the downloading of information and instructions, directly to the host body via those very same connections.”

I have included, at the end of this article, some interesting video links that came along with the above article. I hope they will help you come to some sort of conclusion on this issue. It is my belief that the conclusion you come to may very well have real-to-life impact on your future.   

Allow me to touch on the second group of people: those that take the mark and worship the image of the beast. Following is a prophecy someone received today, the 24th of September. I have inked in red a very interesting section that indicates how the Lord may single people out as worshipers of the beast/system. As stated in the prophecy, it seems the Lord will simply look at each person’s heart to see how they reacted to others exercising their God-given gift of free will and majesty of choice. Let me give you an example. Recently a good friend of mine told me that her husband’s brother called her husband and told him that if he didn’t change his stance and take the vax, then the brother would not see him again in this life. In other words, all family ties would be cut. It would seem that the brother’s fearful, if not hateful, unloving action toward his own kin may very well be ‘a decision of the heart’.

If a person is given over to fear (which the Bible declares is the opposite of Love) and then allows that fear to turn to hate and/or violence, as is in the case of the police with demonstrators in Melbourne Australia, then we are surely witnessing the fulfillment of Matthew 10:21-23; Mark 13:12.

However, it is much much more serious than that. What I believe we are seeing today is ALL people of the world being brought to a heart- related decision. I am not just talking about one brother against the other in one family but the polarization of ALL people, all families. It seems very strange indeed that the governments of the entire world are placing so much importance on a vax that has an ever increasing mountain of evidence against it as not being what it is claimed to be by the authorities who push it. And it is even stranger that so many people are choosing to believe the party line. Again I am reminded of scripture which warns of a great falling away in faith before the man of sin is revealed.  Is it fear? Is it because they just want their life back? Or is it simply because they have no option, nowhere else to turn because they have turned their backs on God?  

This thought jumped out at me whilst reading the prophecy in question this morning. At this present time, a person may take the vax/mark out of expediency, yet in their hearts not fully agree to the methods being used to force those who don’t want to take it. However, eventually these very ones will have to make a decision to either side with the hateful vaxxed or remain on the side of the sympathetic…their decision will have little to do with the vax itself. On the contrary, it will be a matter of the heart because of what methods they witness being applied upon those that refuse; I don’t believe it will be possible to remain neutral on this topic. I don’t believe God wants people to remain neutral; I know the devil doesn’t. I believe a line has been drawn, and the vax or Mark of the Beast, if you will, is the catalyst these two spiritual counterparts have agreed upon to divide the people. The Time of the End has come. The great sifting has begun. Could there not be a more opportune time? Here we have something that involves ALL people of the world, something that has all the identifying marks of 666, something that will divide men not only into 2 categories but 3. Those that take the mark and worship the beast; those that absolutely refuse to take it –to the point of death; and then those that take the mark out of expediency, but do not agree with the system it was spawned out of. (This third group is known to some as the AAC’s) 



(Prophecy) You hear the rain; it’s a soft gentle rain. It washes the earth, but the storm that is coming on the earth now is not like that. It’s a destructive storm. The wind will tear up and root out anything that isn’t tied down. It’s going to cause havoc. Even those who take the vax and think that they can just pick up and go on with life as normal won’t be able to. There won’t be peace. There will be resistance and that resistance will affect everyone, even those people in the world who want to just settle down and be part of the NWO. This new normal or this new world order will divide the masses. It will divide families and loved ones. Some will be on one side and some on the other.  There will be those who have taken the mark and those who won’t. Among those who have taken it, some will sympathize with those who refuse to take it and remain outside the system, and then there will be others who despise those who rebel and will agree with any drastic measure to wipe them out or remove them. There will be some who do not agree with the brutal measures to eliminate or force those who have refused the mark, and it will be among these that you will find help. The upheaval and the unrest and trouble will vex them and even though they have the mark themselves, they will see that the system is wrong and that the new regime is very evil. There is going to be great distress of nations. It will be very hard to sit on the fence. You will have to be for or against the new system. Even those who just take the mark out of convenience or to keep their job, will later have to make a decision as time goes on and the new system shows its true intentions and colors. Will they join this system with their whole hearts? Will they declare war on those who refuse the mark and help the system to catch them, to starve them and to eliminate all resistance? Or will they see that something is very wrong? Even though they have joined “this system” by taking this mark, they don’t have to join in with their heart. They can still fight for the right. There will be some who end up doing this. Eventually they will be caught and eliminated by the very system that they at one point thought they were a part of. But I will count their rebellion against the system as righteousness and they will not be sent to the hell prepared for those who have accepted the beast and worshiped the system in their hearts. I know the choices of all men and I am fair in my judgments.”

Here are a few of the many verses on the importance God has placed on the role of man’s heart in the matter of judgment and salvation. Have you ever heard the saying, “blunder of the mind”? It would seem by that quote that the mind can be forgiven for its carnal-minded mistakes, whereas the heart is the Spirit of God dwells. Take, for example, the very first verse in the list below, and you will see God stating that man looks at things through the mind; whereas He, God, looks at things through the heart.

1 Samuel 16:7  But the Lord said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart.

1 John 3:20-24  For if our heart condemn us, God is greater than our heart, and knoweth all things.

Beloved, if our heart condemn us not, then have we confidence toward God.  

Psalm 7:10 My shield [is] on God, Savior of the upright in heart!

Psalm 10:13 Wherefore hath the wicked despised God? He hath said in his heart, ‘It is not required.’

Psalm 17:3 Thou hast proved my heart, Thou hast inspected by night, Thou hast tried me, Thou findest nothing; My thoughts pass not over my mouth.

Psalm 44:20 If we have forgotten the name of our God, And spread our hands to a strange God,

Psalm 44:21 Doth not God search out this? For He knoweth the secrets of the heart.

Psalm 94:15 For to righteousness judgment turneth back, And after it all the upright of heart,

Jeremiah 12:3 And Thou, O Jehovah, Thou hast known me, Thou seest me, and hast tried my heart with Thee, Draw them away as sheep to slaughter, And separate them for a day of slaughter.

Jeremiah 17:5 Thus said Jehovah: Cursed [is] the man who doth trust in man, And hath made flesh his arm, And from Jehovah whose heart turneth.

Jeremiah 17:10 I Jehovah do search the heart, try the reins, Even to give to each according to his way, According to the fruit of his doings.

Deuteronomy 4:39 “Therefore know this day, and consider it in your heart, that the LORD Himself is God in heaven above and on the earth beneath; there is no other.

Luke 6:45 ‘The good man out of the good treasure of his heart doth bring forth that which [is] good; and the evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart doth bring forth that which [is] evil; for out of the abounding of the heart doth his mouth speak.

Luke 8:12 and those beside the way are those hearing, then cometh the Devil, and taketh up the word from their heart, lest having believed, they may be saved.

Matthew 24:48-51 ‘And, if that evil servant may say in his heart, My Lord doth delay to come, and may begin to beat the fellow-servants, and to eat and to drink with the drunken, the lord of that servant will arrive in a day when he doth not expect, and in an hour of which he doth not know, and will cut him off, and his portion with the hypocrites will appoint; there shall be the weeping and the gnashing of the teeth.

Romans 2:5, 6 But after thy hardness and impenitent heart treasurest up unto thyself wrath against the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God; Who will render to every man according to his deeds:

John 12:40 He hath blinded their eyes, and hardened their heart; that they should not see with their eyes, nor understand with their heart, and be converted and I should heal them.

Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is living and effectual, and more piercing than any two edged sword; and reaching unto the division of the soul and the spirit, of the joints also and the marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

Man has become so arrogant and self-assured in these last days. He truly has lifted himself up above the Most High; he may not say that he believes he is as God, but his actions say otherwise. His actions speak louder than his words. His educational system, his medical system, his political and economic system…all proclaim his independence from the Creator. Man is the fool because he has said in his heart, “There is no God.” Every one of man’s religious systems promotes self-goodness. Many pastors preach salvation by grace on one hand and the laws of Moses on the other. The modern church system with its buildings, wealth and traditions is an affront to the simple spiritual truth Jesus gave to the woman in Samaria (John 4). If you compare the modern church system to the early church before the concision, you would think there were two different Bibles. No wonder the Muslims are confused when they look at “Christianity”.

Man has taken this earth as his own; he does not yet fully understand that God asked him to be the steward, not the owner. This concept is about to be realigned.


The Vaccine Contains Your Barcode.

Dr. Chinda Brandolino refers to the technology that makes it possible for the Bluetooth to read codes in inoculated individuals.

French bluetooth phone pick’s up who’s vaccinated by mobile number! It’s in French, but you’ll understand by watching!

Bluetooth 5 finding out RFID2020 on people.

Vaxxed Trifecta: Magnetic, Barcoded, and bioluminescent + Bluetooth Enabled!



the Green Door

“The keys turn your discipleship into soldout, allout dedication to Me. Claim them and you will be one of My elite.

For a pdf of this blog please follow this link thank you.


Australia to lock out unvaxed

Andrews (Premier of Victoria, Australia) also revealed that a ‘vaccine passport’ scheme will be piloted in regional Victoria in the coming weeks, with proof of vaccination required to enter pubs and restaurants. The Australian government agreed earlier this summer to study the rollout of the passport scheme in Victoria, with a view to implementing it nationwide.



behind the scenes

Jesus speaking in prophecy

I tell you this parable, My children: The powers that be, the nations of the world, are as marionettes in the hand of the evil puppeteer. They are being manipulated at the touch of his finger and the twist of his wrist, as he is lining them up for the final show. Often times when the marionettes dance, they think theyre free. As they leap from side to side and tap their feet in tune to the music, they forget that theyre attached to the puppeteer by invisible strings. Its not until the puppeteer finds it necessary to give the marionette a strong tug in a certain direction that the marionette is reminded whos really in control. Though the marionette appears to be foot loose and fancyfree, as long as its strings are attached firmly to the hand piece of the puppeteer, the marionette cannot move about without the touch of the puppeteers hand which jerks it in to submission.

The Wicked One has deceived the nations into thinking that if they cut their strings to him, they will fall in total collapse. The bright lights of the theater are being carefully run by the stage crew as they cast a glare on the eyes of the marionettes, blinding them to My lifeline that hangs over center stage. Only by grabbing a hold of My lifeline can the marionettes find escape from their ties to the evil puppeteer. Through selfish lust and the deceitfulness of riches, the marionettes grow dependent on the strings of the puppeteer. But should they decide to cut their strings, to break loose from the control and manipulation of the dark puppeteer, My lifeline remains steady and firm, reaching out to hold them and support them, so that they will not stumble and totter and crumble in ruin.


Go to The Wine Cellar for link to TCOD#8 for more prophecies on this subject

Pray for those who do not want to be tied to the puppeteer. Pray for their strength, for their conviction, for their enlightenment, that they might turn to Mefor I am their only hope of salvation and true freedom.


Green door

“Every enemy will fall under the power of the keys.”





Vaccination = tribulation

“There is going to be a vaccinated economy, and you get to participate in that if you are vaccinated,” Andrews (Premier of Victoria, Australia) stated.

“If you’re making the choice not to get vaccinated, then you’re making the wrong choice,” he added.



Strong delusion

“Were about to see some very significant personages come on the scene and definite movements as the End comes closer. Its not that it hasnt been moving, but its like watching a car coming toward you. From a distance, it looks like the car isnt even moving. Then, once it reaches a certain point, youre able to see the movement. The closer it gets, the more aware of its speed you become. Weve been watching this one coming for a long time, and some people have gotten bored and walked away, deciding it wasnt really moving after all. But were at the point where the movement is going to be seen more clearly, and it wont belong till you see it racing right at you at great speed!

He that will discern, let him discern. The sands of time are falling; the hour glass is running. The stage is set. The curtain is soon to go up as the next scene is about to begin, and the Wicked One is about to be revealed!

Have I not spoken and have I not been preparing you, lo, these many years for this day? For the End must needs come! Therefore, watch and pray and lend a listening ear, for this is the day that all the prophets have dreamed of! Watch and pray, My children, and make ready, for a day of harvest is come! (TCOD#8)

For more prophecies on this subject go to The Wine Cellar…link below.

“If a person, any person, rejects the truth of God’s Word, then they are fed strong delusion. Their bird feeder will be continually topped up with the seeds of Satan and his reprobate followers.”


The lamp

“The keys of the Kingdom will empower you to conquer all who fight you, and to stand victorious over all evil.”





Prophecy from letter # 2739 “It Can Happen This Year”

ML # 2739: 53 – Do you recall who was running against FDR? Come on, you’re supposed to have studied some history! Well, who was president when FDR was elected? I’ll bet you can tell me that! Who was the president on whom they blamed the Depression?–A guy whose name began with two H’s–Herbert Hoover! What was his party? Come on! FDR ran against him & FDR was a Democrat. So Hoover was a Republican president, & he was a whole lot like Bush. He refused to recognize that there was a Depression. He refused to recognize that things were getting worse & not better. And do you know what he kept saying? “Prosperity is just around the corner!” It always reminds me of that cartoon of the bum who’s going around this block that looked like it has about a hundred corners, & he was going around, looking around each corner saying, “Which corner?”

On ML # 2739:#53: (Stephen:) Hoover was a Republican, Trump is a Republican, FDR was a Democrat and was voted into power in 1932 and then 7 years later he took the USA into World War 2…very interesting. Could the Democrats be the last political power in the USA…interesting…it says in Daniel 11:20 that the raiser of taxes will be destroyed neither in anger or in battle. We brought this out in our video “Antichrist Rising”. What happens in the very next verse? The AC rises…interesting.


ML # #2827: 16 – Before William Branham died, that great & humble prophet, one of the last revelations & visions he had was that the final ruler of the United States who was going to bring the U.S.A. to its doom & would be the worst ruler they ever had, would be a very beautiful, but very cruel woman. You say, “But she’s not elected President [Hillary], she’s not even Vice President! Even if Clinton got shot, she wouldn’t take over.” How do you know she wouldn’t take over?–She might if she had enough power by that time & the people worshiped her enough like they’re worshiping Clinton. She’s already taking over! If anything happened to Clinton, I think she could rule the roost over Gore!–Or if anything didn’t happen to her husband, she’d still obviously rule the roost! She obviously does rule the roost! Branham said, “A beautiful but very cruel woman will rule the United States in its last days.” Some people thought maybe it was Jackie Kennedy when she & John came along, & I think she was kind of a prototype. (ML: Another Sign of the End!)

For full series “It Can Happen This Year 2022” (Download Here)


Last US Election

“UPDATE: And now Trump is out and the Democrats are in…and with a beautiful Vice President to boot



“Rise Of The Antichrist”

Read Daniel 11:20, 21 for further insight into the immediate future.

Why is this the last generation?