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1 kings 19:12…and after the earthquake…

(Jesus speaking: ) So you are sitting there thinking, wondering, what is up, what is down.

When you were a child, the tests seemed hard, but the encouragement to do what was right was equal, if not stronger. But now that you are older, it’s the other way around. Nearly no one around pleading for you to do what is right; and many, many who say it is wrong to believe as you do.

Yet, I call you to walk through the thorns, and to be scarred and tattered because of it. But so is the life of a full-time disciple.

Why don’t you review your calling and election and make sure it’s what is best for you. When you know it’s right, then proceed. All you need is My Word, the living Word that sounds in your ear.

You are trying to round up some support by hearing the sound of your voice reading My Words aloud to others, hoping that will make it more convincing to you, to make you strong enough to go against the very present and real opposition to believing and doing it.

But when that isn’t happening, or very rarely can, it takes you being willing to do it just because of the still small whisper in your own heart and own heart alone—even when the storm rages all around and is yelling and taunting you to give up your belief and stop walking in the way, the whispers are calling.


“I listened to the still small voice of God. — Think how much God can show you from even a little beam of light, if you’re just simple and child-like enough to appreciate it.”


Keys are our wilderness

For those who are new in faith, the keys can work wonders to increase their motivation to take new steps for Me.

But yonder is a team, a faithful band who have likewise defied the serpent’s rage. Listen to their voices and your own heart will be cheered on. Let them cheer you on in this way.

And when the call comes at last to take you into My arms, you will be glad you heard the words, the still small whispers in your heart, because I will just keep speaking where I “left off” without a break, without a glitch. I will just keep smoothly speaking from one learning topic to the next, and your entrance into My Kingdom here will be oh so much easier.

I reward those who have been true to their faith, and who loved My Word above all.

I know you want to share the Word far, far more than there is allowance for now. But keep the faith even if you are the only one who believes it. Keep trying; do the best you can for your little ones and older ones. Any little seed that makes it in will help to feed and to nourish them—even if merely to test where their loyalties lie.


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