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You know, you really uncovered a well-guarded secret when you talked about the Ashkenazi Jews and all that (New Wine on the Endtime). A long time ago, when I was in Russia, someone passed us an article that said the Russian Jews were not ethnic Jews. They were actually converted to Jewish faith, and because of that, the Zionists considered them disposables (so sad, they probably believed more than their ethnic counterparts), thus the pogroms of early 1900’s and later the persecution by Hitler were aimed at purging the ethnic bloodlines of these “bastards”, kind of like what they considered the Samaritans to be in Jesus’ day.

I have tried without success to find this information again, as I lost it. But at the end of the article, and I may have this wrong, I read it over 20 years ago; it said that since many Russian Jews populated Israel due to persecution in their own country, –they were actually deported there in many cases– and because no other Jews wanted to go there even after the Balfour Declaration, Israel ended up largely full of non-ethnic Jews. The ACs have pulled the wool over American Christian’s eyes to support a “Jewish” state that was actually full of expendables. Tricky ACs.  (Perhaps now that is why they were used as jab guinea pigs. It didn’t matter if they lived or died. That is just a thot)

The following day

I got something very exciting this morning when I was mulling over the podcast again. (“In the Time of the End”)

 I have always wondered, since the beginning of the pandemic, why the ACs would let their little pet country (Israel) get so destroyed by being the guinea pig… The whole country has the highest rate in the world, 4-5 jabs… It wouldn’t be the first time they use their own people to get the world off track. Then I got really clearly, “It’s a decoy.” They made that little country artificially out of nothing in the first place, to fulfill their plans. They have no qualms and all the power in their hands to create and move whole countries around to suit their ends. If that was the original plan for that little country, to be a decoy, that is why they filled it full of expendables in the first place. The ACs do NOT live there.

It’s a decoy for worldly American Christians to support, to be a tourist to and to try to watch for Bible prophecy being fulfilled, as in third Temple, and yes, the AC capital. While at the same time the AC has been preparing his own capital, elsewhere, between another 2 seas… still in the Mideast. Maybe originally the country of Israel was to be a dagger in the heart of the Arab countries, but lately it is serving as a decoy to what the ACs are really up to.

When I got those words, “It’s a decoy”, it was like a light went on and I could see the whole playing field. The whole Mideast lit up like in a stadium with the players ready to come on the field… or not. 

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The AC is Moving

“Whilst the master of the game continues to build his parallel kingdom in opposition to the true and eternal Kingdom of God, his willing slaves, oblivious to his scheme, go merrily along in their private little worlds, drugged out on the enticements the master gives them –that is, if they knuckle down and work hard in their plastic reality that, in truth, is going nowhere and will end nowhere too. From bottom to top, rich and poor, free and bond, great and small, we all are puppets in his great, big, fake kingdom. He is king and we are his pawns.”


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