Prophecy, January 29, 2023:

“He is a chess piece in the hands of his master -his motivating power. He was never his own. Like you, he is bought with a price and is not his own. He has long realized that this job as king of Russia was far above his capabilities. For twenty years he has held to this premonition that something or someone greater than him has been inspiring, motivating, and coaxing him toward a goal and vision that was always just out of view. He would catch hints of it, but couldn’t fully grasp its magnitude. But of late his life goal of making his nation great again has blurred into a grander more universal vision. It wasn’t his intention at first, but as his program to rebuild and restructure gained momentum, as the ideas that came to mind were enacted and success followed, he realized that he wasn’t an island in a vast sea, but there was something much grander at hand.

At the foot of the ladder, at the beginning of his climb, he just wanted to be left alone, really. He thought he could just create his castle in the sand and the world, in general, would allow him space, and in time, would come to admire his great work. He didn’t fully comprehend how the world was interconnected in a many layered network, carefully labeled and beautifully wrapped, much like a Christmas present is. It is designed to entice and entangle and capture the imagination of those naïve enough to believe that it was created within the mind of man and is a harmless thing, a gift passed down by a loved one. Don’t we all fall into that trap…meanwhile, unaware and unsuspecting we tumble deeper into the imaginary world of the wicked master builder. He wraps his web of wants, desires and wishes around us all and in time the lusts of the flesh, the pride of life and the deceitfulness of riches ensnare us to his will.

Whilst the master of the game continues to build his parallel kingdom in opposition to the true and eternal Kingdom of God, his willing slaves, oblivious to his scheme, go merrily along in their private little worlds, drugged out on the enticements the master gives them—-only if they knuckle down and work hard in their plastic reality that, in truth, is going nowhere and will end nowhere too. From bottom to top, rich and poor, free and bond, great and small, we all are puppets in his great, big, fake kingdom. He is king and we are his pawns.

Putin cannot pull back; the master will not allow him. The other puppets, those that we call elites, will not allow him. This game, that they, in their simple adolescent minds think they have created, is a winner-takes-all arrangement, it does not allow players to pull out at will, unless of course they hand over all their chips and forfeit everything. So the master’s man is in it to the bitter end. But now that the ante is being upped and the stakes are far beyond anyone’s wildest imagination, it is looking like the game is out of control, and in a way, it is out of their control. But what can they do? Even if they wanted to get off, they can’t. Again, behind the scenes the master skillfully manipulates his puppets and in almost blind obedience they follow his lead. Putin has come to realize that he needs more energy, more strength and greater wisdom if he is to come out on top of a game that is now impossible to win without help. He has his friends, those that he doesn’t completely trust, but whom, out of necessity, he has gathered around him in this game of Russian roulette, of winner takes all. But these friends are not enough, he needs deeper insight. He needs to better discern the thoughts and intents of the other players. He needs a deeper magic that others don’t have –in order to give him the edge required to fulfill what he now sees as his destiny.

Imagine a group of leaders, some bigger, some smaller, all wanting the same thing —to win this game. They  have the same mind as the master, dictators all, vying for the best hand, buddying up with anyone whom they think will help them win the game and win the grand prize; to sit as CEO at the top of the world.

The master has already chosen who that will be, and of course we know too. It is all written in the Book of the holy scribes. However many of us are so wrapped up in our own little world that we keep missing the plays, not to mention what the next move may be or who is going to make it.  Many of us are failing to see that the game is reaching its climax. We fail to see the huge stacks of chips sitting in front of the players and how desperate they all are. This is a game of life and death, and we are all chips in the hands of these autocrats. You are the ones who will go to war or be ensnared in one. Kingdoms and peoples, countries in their entirety are the stakes; the people of the world are what these despots are pushing into the center of the table as collateral in this game of thrones. Do you see? Do you understand what remaining a part of the world is going to cost you and your loved ones?

Now look on the other side, through the veil at all that Jesus has promised; look at His promises and requirements as well. Yes, there are no free rides anywhere; even salvation has its cost. Even so, Jesus has offered everyone a better Kingdom, much, much different than the one we are part of now. He, unlike the usurper, has laid His cards on the table, He has not tried to deceive us or play us to His own end. He is the true King, the everlasting King, and the One who is going to rule and reign for eternity. There is always room at His table. He invites all to play, and unlike the players in the world of the fake master, it isn’t a dog-eat-dog, winner-takes-all game to the bitter end. It is different in that everyone wins somehow or in some way. Everybody goes home a happy winner each and every day.

If you haven’t been keeping a close eye on the world’s game of thrones, then you’d better do so right now because the players on this side of the veil are about to play their hands. And when some of those hands are laid out before all, there are going to be some pretty bad reactions. These guys do not like to lose; they play to win, not to lose. So take a look and meditate on what you see, but don’t take too long… Then make your move; lay out your hand and move accordingly. The exit (portal) is just over there. It may be a little hard to reach, but just remember the promises that Jesus has given and believe them. It will certainly take faith, but faith is the gold you will need to enter the game we are all playing — over here, beyond the portal,  beyond the veil, in the wilderness between Heaven and Earth.

  Podcast…”The AC is Moving”

“It is always important to remember that when dealing with Israel you are, in reality, dealing with the Elites and the Elites are internationalist; they are everywhere. This is a war for domination, between you might say Elites? But the underlying principle is the Devil is flexing his muscles and showing the world who really is the boss. Yes, Putin is a tool too. This is a deal of “winner takes all” set up by the master chess player, Satan himself.”


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