Prayer to Jesus

Oh Jesus, sweet Jesus, You make it all so simple. I am the one that complicates things. But You sweetly, gently lead me back to that simple truth…Thy will be done. It’s all and only You. I just need to remember You. When I forget, then it means it’s me doing it. It discourages me that I so easily forget to include You. I feel disappointed with myself. And it means I’m still not close enough to You. Because how can you possibly forget someone you love? It means I’m still not acknowledging that it’s You, all You and only You! It means, even if unconsciously, I ‘m striving or thinking I can do it. I don’t feel like I’m trying to be somebody, but the fact is, that when I forget to ask You to do it through me or  forget to call on the keys, then, it was me thinking I could do it; arm of the flesh. Sigh! When will I ever get it?  Jesus, I just need to let You do it by asking You over and over and not forgetting, . I call on the Keys of ‘Keep looking to You’. Instead of being so full of myself, I need to be full of You. You say, come to Me. All I need to do is take Your outstretched hand and be soft putty in them.  Take my heart and hold it. Help me to keep it there and let you gently mold it however You want. Jesus, with every breath that I am able, I want to sing of Your beauty, Your love and care and Your goodness. When I think about You and feel You in me, my heart feels like it will burst.  I barely have words to express how I feel, so I just lift my heart up to You, my joy, my heart-throb. You are everything to me. I feel so humbled in Your presence. It’s so encompassing, enveloping, strong and powerful and I feel You seep into my very being. I feel You running through me, so intense; I feel I could burst. I love that. I love it when we connect and become one. It’s just the best feeling –other- worldly. I don’t want to leave; I don’t want to let go. I could stay here forever. But, it’s time to go out into the wings. Stay with me, My love. I need You today; every moment. Thank You darling Man, for Your unending patience and mercy for me. You are wonderful.”

For full compilation “Lift Your Heart” see link below

“So with less praise, the world gets more and more carnal and less Heavenly. Why did more miracles occur in days of old? Because there was more of the recognition that things happened because God did them. This is praise in a way, seeing the handiwork of the God of all.”



“There is no standing still; you are either going forward or backward. Call on the keys, for they will keep you moving forward until you reach the goal.”





A walking talking Bluetooth transmitter

The vaccinated are now walking, talking, wireless biological Bluetooth transmitters & receivers, along with everything else that they have received, and become.

I have tested, and verified that this is, in fact, true with several people that I know that have been vaccinated. I believe that there is now nothing to prevent all of those vaccinated from surreptitiously connecting to their smart phones via Bluetooth, which will, in turn, upload and send all of their bio-metric data, and whatever else they now have access to, to each company’s/government’s servers, and/or data accumulation sites, through their cellular, or WiFi connection on their phone, as well as also allowing for the downloading of information and instructions, directly to the host body via those very same connections.

Keep witnessing for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, now more than ever, and never lose hope, because we know that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has already overcome the world and won the victory! Hold fast to your faith, and let HIS Light shine throughout each and every one of us, so that those who are still lost, and confused in this world of darkness, can be led to Him to be saved and redeemed to our Father in Heaven by Him, His only begotten Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who is THE King of Kings & Lord of Lords! 

God bless and keep you all safe in these days we live in, Troy



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