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Hi, When I read “Mr. Kennedy” on your blog, an idea came to me. Here are the parts that started me thinking. See blog…Mr. Kennedy

“Certain men, the really big shakers of international affairs -not politicians mind you- for they are mere puppets in the hands of these certain men, had been looking for a “key”, and once found, their plans could begin moving ahead in earnest. These certain men have spent their lives and astronomical amounts of money grooming their man for world leadership. He, as they foolishly believe, will be their “paid and owned man” at the top. Little do they realize that this man is not your run -of-the-mill politician; these powerful men -thinking themselves to be so smart- are falling into the biggest faux pas ever devised. The master himself, behind the scenes at present, is setting them all up for a very big fall… That part is yet to come.  …Wait for it.

The world is looking, nay, scrambling after a savior. Look how they flock after Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Icke, and others like them.”

What really got my attention was mentioning Mr. Icke. Although people like AlexJones and Mike Adams are exposing the agenda of the global elite, Mr. Icke has been studying them longer and has been connecting the dots on their strategies better than anyone, in my opinion. So when the Lord says that the world is flocking to these people, looking for a savior, it makes me think that what the world, the ones that know what is going on, are looking for, is a savior to save them from the global elite. That led to the thought that maybe the Antichrist will come on the scene as an AAC (Anti-Antichrist) like AlexJones, MikeAdams, and Mr. Icke, only of course, he won’t be against himself but against the global elite, and maybe he could lead a fight against them – and win. Now this is only an idea, and a pretty wild one at that, but it does say in the above prophecy that he will be setting them up for a very big fall. We always thought that he would betray them after the world government was in power but what if he got popular and into power by exposing and destroying them? As you know, I have been curious for some time about the relationship between Russia and China and the global elite as they don’t seem to be exactly on the same page. An example of this is how Russia is now threatening to throw out YouTube from Russia for its extreme censorship policies.

In another prophecy on your blog it says that we should always ask the Lord about our theories, if they are true or false, so I did that. Here is what I received:

Jesus speaking: The Devil is the master deceiver, and he is going to have to deceive a lot of different groups of people in order for him to get his man, the Antichrist, into position.  You are right, China and Russia are not exactly in line with the global elites, who are corrupt, perverted maniacs. The Chinese and Russian leaders are extremely self-righteous and consider themselves more pure and uncorrupted by Western society, the same with the Muslim leaders. So although the Devil has used the global elite to set things up for his one-world government, he will use them as the scapegoats – those that will have to be conquered to save the world from these evil slave-masters. They will be exposed for killing so many people in their population reduction program and for their terrible world monetary system that collapsed because it was so badly designed. Also they will be exposed for their perverted sexual practices and their diabolical human sacrifices. The self-righteous “good guys”: the Communists, the Muslims, certain Jews, and some so-called Christians will take up the void left by the elimination of the evil slave-masters.

I will not tell you exactly how this will unfold but the Enemy will use these (chess) pieces to mastermind the fall of the global elite in order to put his man in place using a now loose alliance between these aforementioned groups. They will follow him to form a new world order of the self-righteous “good guys” who want to help the poor, save the planet, create a new economy, bring total security, eliminate the “bad guys”, and bring order out of chaos. Of course, there will be problems because the Chinese are atheists, the Russians have a mix between atheists and believers, and the rest believe in God, at least officially. Will the Antichrist himself challenge and defeat the global elite? That detail will not be revealed yet but I will say that it is a possibility. Remember that it is nothing for the Devil to turn on his most faithful disciples if he feels it would be to his advantage. Since you are getting closer to the end, I can reveal a little more to you now, but there is still much more that I can’t reveal yet.

Regards John

The Mark and Worship of the Beast pdf

“Will the Antichrist himself challenge and defeat the global elite? That detail will not be revealed yet, but I will say that it is a possibility.”


antichrist Rising

“My warriors are vicious when it comes to fighting the Enemy. Call on the keys so that their destructive power against the Enemy is intensified and multiplied many times over.”





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