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Jesus speaking:

Keep close. Keep the keys slipping into the locks of confusion, the locks of misunderstandings and I will not fail to use the keys you hold  and swing open the doors that are needing to be opened. That’s what the keys are used for, but you fail so often to put them into the slots, as you are still seeing them as objects that you don’t really attribute full power to. They have the impact of battering rams, combinations and codes far advanced in My dimensions of power, yet you still are not aware of their mighty, powerful, multi -purpose use in activation.

You have the codes. They await your request for access. You are the user, they are ready with your own personal access codes at anytime. You just have to insert the codes. Beckon and summon, plead their power over the elements, over the principalities and powers and the darkness of this world. The enemy will flee in face of your calling upon their power!

This I have given you, for you are the people of the keys. It is your portion of My Kingdom that is given freely in all My promises ordained for this time. Now is the moment –and each moment of your day and night– for time is at hand. It is now.

“Jesus, the Keys and His Word are our vital companions in the days ahead.”


Keys are our wilderness

The keys of revolution can remind you each and every day that time is short, so you don’t fritter your time away on worldly time wasters that eat away at your faith.

These are the days you dreamed of yesterday. You are now surrounded by such powerful forces, and you face unbeatable odds, yet they can’t change your destiny. My plan, My purpose, is to give you the Kingdom, and the keys are activated by your faith in their power. Your belief in My anointing upon their power is activated by your faith codes into the locks, and they will open upon your requests for your codes to be activated. I can’t make it anymore simple than that. Now is high time for the miracles needed for anything that you want to happen.

Put your heart in My care, My love. I will protect and supply. All the impossible things that you think you can’t do, I will do for you . Just trust in My ability, My assurance and My faithfulness. I have never failed you in all My many promises, and I will not fail you now.


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