Spirit helper speaking:

“The correct perspective is what comes down from Jesus through those who are personally assigned to you as your guardians and counselors. It is very very important to be listening to our messages during this time of upheaval. The war will heat up. All these happenings are part of what you have been earnestly praying for: the coming of our Husband. You are the finger on the pulse because you are tuned into us through your gift of prophecy. Do not listen to the thoughts and reasonings of man, even if they are well meaning. Unless your news feed is coming directly through us here, then you will be basing your decisions on man’s intel. Even those on ground, or who think they are on ground, are seeing things from a carnal perspective. Their ears, unless intimately tuned to the spirit of prophecy, cannot give the mouth a clear sound of a trumpet. If they are not following the Words of David and do not believe as you believe, then do not trust what they say. Do not even listen to what they have to say. This is not arrogance; this is obedience to the voice of God. This is what you have been trained to do. This is not being “in the know.” This is not knowing what man is up to; this is about knowing what God is up to. And Jesus is going in a direction that man is surely not following. Man has his own agenda, and if you are following him, you will be surely deceived. Man has no idea what is about to happen next because he bases his decisions around his world, his future, a future that does not include God. Man’s 5 year, 10 year or 20 year plan will gather dust in the archives of empires come and gone. We are going on to a brighter day. Man is being left behind in his dreams of glories past and present. His world is in his mind and in the things of this world. Both are soon to disappear as a pipe dream created in the mind of one lying in an opium den; he awakens from a long dream only to find the world he fell asleep in has moved on. You are in the world but not of the world. If you follow the world, then you will go the way of all flesh. Follow the spirit and prepare yourselves for the change of government, for the time is at hand. (End of prophecy)


Israel land bridge


Here is a thought I had when praying for the fighting in Gaza. I said in a recent podcast that Russia is more than likely very interested in wresting from America that land bridge that services 3 continents. And as I was thinking that thought, I saw a picture of a railway line passing over that land bridge down into the very rich mineral resources of Africa. Now that Putin controls Russia, Ukraine, Syria and is helping the poor Africans, it would seem an opportune time to secure a road link to connect the three continents. We’ve heard that Putin is building nuclear power plants for some of the countries in West Africa. I wonder why? Could it be because he is planning on building processing factories for all the mineral wealth he plans to get his hands on down there? –Africa must have the cheapest labor in the world. Putin is the Antichrist and the Antichrist is an Empire builder. He’s going to head out the last world empire, and of course he has plans of being around a long time.

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