Final Key


Prophecy, Spirit Helper Speaking:

Someone was wondering why the AC media, namely BBC, seemed to be siding with the Palestinians. Why would BBC side with the Palestinians? Are they afraid of world opinion?

Answer: You are seeing a repeat of Hitler’s Germany. What was the real purpose behind Hitler’s persecution of the Jews? It was to get them to leave Europe for Israel. But the Jews are in Israel now, so why is this Jewish-owned MSM outlet putting Israel in bad light? Because they want the Jews to leave Israel and settle in Khazaria. The Jews won’t do it voluntarily; they have to be persuaded through persecution. The Elites also want the Jews to leave Europe and have filled Europe with Muslims in preparation for this event. The Muslims will be used to push the reluctant Jews out of Europe. They want to make a new Israel, they want to make Ukraine their country, their homeland. That is where all the rich Babylonian Jews fled to when the Medes and the Persians were on their way to attack Babylon.

Here is the bigger picture. The Elites have grandiose plans for this world. They want it to be green again, green for them and their children. They believe they are fulfilling scripture by destroying all “Goy cattle” from off the face of the Earth. It is as the prophet David dreamed in Serfs Supers and Super dupers, except the Elites believe they are the super dupers. They want one big, green planet, with them and their king ruling all. They will keep just enough Goy alive to run things so that they can have their luxury lifestyle. They are the chosen people and planet Earth is their homeland. Having killed the true Savior and King, Satan would live on through each generation as god. All the advancements you see in science are toward their betterment. They plan for a perfect world based on God’s original creation yet improved by each generation through science and technology. Their goal is a man-made Heaven on earth, an Elysium, all inspired by Satan of course. Whilst you are praying for the riff-raff to be removed from the Earth before the Millennium begins, so are the AC’s systematically removing all those not ear-tagged for their New World Order. Again we see Satan counterfeiting the plan of God.

His plan is a copy of what is written in the Bible; except for one thing: you aren’t part of his plan. Matthew 24:22 is a warning of direst nature. The Elite’s plan for worldwide genocide will only be thwarted through your prayers. Your prayers are what is shaping the future of the world the way Jesus wants and will have it to be.

The Goy have been convinced that their governments are doing all they can to make the world a better place to live in; that is –unless you are Palestinian, or Armenian, or a Gypsy, or you happen to be in a place that is ear tagged for development…or your country is now designated for someone else, like the Ukraine for example. Why are you surprised? That’s what happened with Native American land in America, Aboriginal land in Australia, or perhaps your house is in a spot that is required as a holiday resort for the rich. Surely by now you must understand the law of the jungle. What is happening in Palestine has been happening for thousands of years. Has the world changed? Has man learned from history? Will it change in another thousand years? No it won’t. Like I was just saying –and there is enough evidence to prove it– there is a plan in motion that is supposed to remove all but essential staff off the planet. Surely you’ve heard of the Protocols. –Of course you have– If you haven’t, then you haven’t been reading your MO. What’s the problem here? If you are having trouble grasping this, then you haven’t been listening to the Word.  If I wasn’t speaking from the spirit world right now, if I didn’t have the advantage of seeing all the wonders of Heaven that are hiding just behind the spiritual veil, then I believe I would just fold my hands and give up. Yet, you have all the advantages I have; you have all the promises in the Words of David. You have the evidence, the title deed, in your hand. All it takes to obtain that promise is for you to pray. The fulfillment of all God’s promises is only a prayer away. It is your prayers that are pushing the veil open. We cannot push the veil open. Your prayers are the vital ingredient in the Final Key that is required to break down the barrier between Heaven and Earth.

Jesus speaking: Do you know why the Final Key looks like a test tube? Because it is a test tube. We are about to start another experiment, and you are My chief scientists. We are going to give the world one last experiment before the New Heaven and New Earth begin. Some of you have suspected for some time now that the Final Key is the Key that unlocks the barrier to the New Millennium. The Final Key is the product of all the prayers of all the saints of all time, and your prayers, these prayers that I have asked you to pray now, are the final prayers that are going into the altar which is before My throne.

Revelation 8:3-5 And another angel came and stood at the altar, having a golden censer; and there was given unto him much incense, that he should offer it with the prayers of all saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne. And the smoke of the incense, which came with the prayers of the saints, ascended up before God out of the angel’s hand. And the angel took the censer, and filled it with fire of the altar, and cast it into the earth: and there were voices, and thunderings, and lightnings, and an earthquake.

The mystery is being revealed. The barrier is the veil between our worlds. The Final Key is the Ark that I will open after the deluge. All that is inside the Final Key  will be used to build the New Millennium, and your prayers are the “force” pushing the Final Key into the lock that will bring down the barrier that Satan has been trying so hard to keep in place since he first took control of the Earth. I have waited patiently and in great expectation for this time. It is due to your faith and obedience that I am able to reveal this mystery. As I said, some of you have suspected this truth for some time… now your wonderings have been confirmed. Now that I have removed the scales, it is time to once again read “Assembling of the Final Key”.  (End of prophecy)  


Key quotes:

(Jesus:) When I give you a mandate and you rise to the challenge and implement that directive to the best of your ability, there are compensations. According to your faith to answer My call, and according to the commitments you make to Me, I honor, bless, and reward you.
8. During My ministry on Earth‚ two blind men cried out to Me for mercy. When they didn’t give up, but instead followed Me, continuing to beg for grace‚ I was taken aback by their persistence. So I stopped and asked them if they believed that I was able to give them sight. And when they did not waver but answered “yes,” their decision–choosing to believe–set things in motion. Their declaration of faith moved Me, and I touched them, saying, “According to your faith be it unto you.” I opened their eyes and gave them sight–the reward of their faith.

You, the children of David‚ are the key bearers! Carry them proudly, loyally, and do whatever it takes by their power to overcome every obstacle, so that you might have the privilege of opening this lock. Many have sought this privilege, but it has been entrusted to you. You have been prepared, destined, and called to this mission. Complete your mission‚ finish the task, run the race, and receive the rewards that await you.
Each of you is important. Each of you is called specifically for this time in history. Each of you is being placed where I need you to be–so don’t fail in your part of the mission. Unlock the power by unlocking the daily challenges through the use of the keys you have in your hands. You must use the keys to release the power. Without your completion of this mission, the floodgates will not open. They wait for you.
Use the keys! Fulfill the requirements for being a strong and effective wielder of the power! Become one with them! Make it a priority to do what I have said every day–for every day that you do brings you closer to the final code, which will be unlocked when all the other doors have been opened.
There won’t be doubts in your mind at that time. Sins won’t hold you back. You will have given your all for Me, and I will be able to use you as My pure brides. Your testimony will be powerful and unspoiled. You will be melded together in unity and obedience, and will be like one giant key, which I will use to unlock the power. You must do your part to complete the key. Your steps of obedience, yieldedness, humility, unity, the times you call on My power and become strengthened as a wielder of the keys, all of these things help to complete the puzzle, so that in the End, My power will be released unto you in full measure.
I guarantee you that these words are true. I guarantee you that you will see this power. I will accomplish that which I have set out to accomplish from the foundations of the world. Only do as I have asked and obey Me, and this privilege will be yours. Indeed, many millions and billions have wanted to see this day and live in this time, but it is given to you to see these days and be part of this final event, if you so choose.
Even if you die in faith, your personal part of the key will be fulfilled. So don’t worry or fear, but give all your life to Me. Burn brightly for Me every day so that you might interlock with the other pieces that have gone on before you to create this final key, for the final lock, for the final power. Don’t fail in your mission. I’m counting on you!

(Vision:) I saw a picture of a massive metallic barrier‚ so tall I couldn’t imagine its height. It was surrounded at the top by clouds–not clouds in an earthly sense, but clouds of energy, boiling, seething, and almost overwhelming the barrier. As in the spirit I placed my ear to the barrier‚ I heard a low powerful rumbling coming from behind the wall.
I saw a huge lock–resembling a combination lock–in a circular star with many points. I visually penetrated the barrier to see huge bars running through the entire barrier holding it together. I saw the lock turning only slightly, as if it were being moved into the right position to expose a circular-shaped keyhole or opening. I heard the giant clunk as each point of the star was locked into place. Then I saw out of the corner of the picture someone unlocking a smaller lock with a golden key. As they did this, the giant lock moved again, pounding into place with a heavy thump, almost as if it were on a countdown sequence.
Then I saw a very beautiful sight. I saw a light blue key made of light. It was like a 3-D puzzle which wasn’t yet complete. I saw little different-shaped pieces rising from the Earth, which would click into place, interlocking with the existing pieces, completing part of the key. It was as if I was watching the world from the beginning of time. Each person the Lord had called to be a piece of this key, as they did their part and their mission was ended, their section of the key clicked into place.
As it grew faster and faster, I saw more and more people on Earth praying, saying, “I claim the keys,” then praising for the victory. As the key segments rose from the Earth, I saw each piece locking into place to the faster and louder sound of the huge lock being turned. The pounding was so loud I could feel it in my chest. Then I saw, as it got closer to the end, that the key segments were rising faster and faster, till it was a blur of light rising from the Earth, pausing, then clicking into place, finishing the key.
Then I heard a loud tolling of a bell, very regal, heavy, and powerful. In the background I heard machinery powering up, humming as the energy rose. The air began to crackle and snap with power as the key began to move toward the lock.
I saw the huge barrier and lock again. Beneath it were standing thousands of microscopic people who were watching this huge key move toward the lock. The interesting thing about the key is that it wasn’t like a normal key in appearance, but rather it was shaped like a long cylinder with rounded ends, similar to a test tube.–An extremely complex and intricate key, and yet it was so large.
It zoomed forward and slammed into the lock with a powerful thud. I heard the heavy bars in the barrier snap back one at a time as heavy thuds in sequence. Then the keyhole began to shine very brightly, and suddenly the barrier vanished and a massive stream of white gold poured out and covered the Earth! I saw it boiling, sizzling, and crackling around the globe. It was destructive to evil, but to us it was incredibly positive. I saw Family members getting empowered. They were filled with the power that was poured out. The feeling was very powerful when I looked into their eyes. It was almost as if they were no longer there, only the power that was fully possessing them.
Then I saw miracles being performed all over the world–healing, protection, power streaming from their hands and mouths devouring the Enemy. And the words came to me to close this vision: “The final act!” (End of vision.) (Assembling the Final Key! [#3525])

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Blue Key Green Door. PDF

Frequency of the Blue Key.PDF

Mystery Behind 6.66.PDF

The Little Horn.PDF

Keeper of the Power…Blue Angels.PDF

Heaven in the Moon.PDF

An Extra Chromosome.PDF

Stand up for your calling! Stand up for what you are destined to own and govern. You are destined to win–you cannot be defeated, because you have Me on your side. For goodness’ sake, stop quivering and start fighting! Start hacking away at the Enemy! Start destroying his power, start vaporizing his garments of darkness, start ripping away his cover-ups, and let the light of My Word utterly destroy him!

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