nothing is impossible


Jesus speaking:

“Long, long ago, Lucifer stood at the right hand of God. He bore the light. He was not the light, but he held the light on high for all the inhabitants of the universe to see. He was the standard bearer, the mightiest of all archangels, and he exercised some of the power of Almighty God Himself in helping to rule the universe. Then pride took its grip. Though he held such a high and honored position, Lucifer was no longer satisfied with bearing the light of God–he wanted to be God Himself.”


The Light Lucifer held was not some bright torch or lamp. It was the Word of God, and  in this case,  bearing it was being an example of living it. Lucifer was what Jesus told us He became when He applied the counsel His Father gave Him on the hilltop that early morning long ago. Jesus became the living Word; just like He said we would be if we applied the counsel he is giving us. (Quote from Focus on the Power: 35. Being an instant doer of My Word is directly linked with your ability to access the power of the keys. Living all the Words I speak to you is directly linked to the power you are able to access. When you live the Word, My power flows through you, and you, in a sense, become the living Word, as I was the living Word when I walked on Earth. When you call on the keys, all the power of My Word is at your command. If you are to focus on the power, you must look to the power of the keys; you must look to the power of the Words I speak to you; you must be instant doers of the Words I give you.)

So everyone in the universe was looking up to Lucifer as an example of the Living Word. It was a big responsibility, of course. But all he had to do was to stay in the Word, believe it and apply it. That’s what Jesus did whilst on earth and that is what He is asking us to do. In essence, Lucifer dropped his crown, and Jesus picked it up, but not just for Himself –Jesus was an example to us. He was in the flesh like we are, yet He proved that it is possible to rise above the things of the flesh. (end of prophecy)

Jesus speaking:

“Infested with pride, Lucifer refused to listen to God. He refused to listen to the other angelic forces and to the Heavenly inhabitants. He refused any and all help to see the right. Because he refused to admit he was wrong and say he was sorry, because he chose to hold on to his pride, strong delusion set in. Refusing to humble himself before a powerful and awesome God, his own loving, patient, and understanding Father, Lucifer fell. He altered the course of his own destiny. He didn’t have to fall; he chose to fall. He chose his own course, all because of his lust for power and his proud refusal to choose the humble way.”


Every time we default to the carnal mind and flesh, we follow Satan’s footsteps. Pride is what blinds us to the possibilities held within the Word of God. The weaker we are in the flesh, the more chance there is that we will reach out to the Word of God for our salvation, and once we do that we, in effect, we become the Living Word. (end of prophecy)

  “The keys of faith can give you My perspective, to help you see things as I see them, to understand why I have brought them to pass, and to know that it will work together for your good.”


2 thoughts on “The History of Impossible”
  1. This letter “Nothing is Impossible” and the new prophecies are Dynamite. I listened at least four times to it already. I finally get it! Impossible is the whole “logical, material world”. That’s why anything outside of that, the spiritual is so fleeting to see and find. But just like the grass that grows up in spite of the cement, they can’t stop God’s Spirit from coming through.

    Also, about the Light that Lucifer was bearing was the Word. In the beginning was the Word. So he had to bear Jesus. He had to let shine Jesus. And that’s what the Lord wants us to carry on with. To be His Lightbearers to be His Jesus bearers. We can actually do the job Lucifer was charged with. That was such a revelation to me. No wonder Lucifer hates Jesus so much… and us! It required too much humility to be that role. His pride and jealousy is all consuming. So sad. When you know how MUCH joy and satisfaction and blessing there is to let Jesus shine thru you.
    Thank you for preparing it so attractively and re-serving up these delicious fortifying survival food.

    1. Thank you for sharing Hannah, from what you shared it helped me see why all the breaking and purging and seeming defeats in life…to smash us and create of us those broken humble vessels that He wants to use to hold up His light. As you said Satan was too high and mighty for the job. Only those who know they are nothing can hold the light…so let the breaking continue. “Jesus Is Enough” Thanks again for sharing. We love you!

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