Jesus Speaking

My disciple John loved Me in a special way, and I showed special love to him in return, according to his heart’s needs and his desire.

Who knows what he left behind, what loves he left to follow me? Only I know. I couldn’t grant him to have a lover, a woman, a mate, for he had a job to do. So I filled that place in his heart. He loved me much like David and Jonathan, with a love that surpassed the love of women.

God has all kinds and types of love to give out to people’s hearts. This type of love that John shared with Me kept him on the path that he needed to walk. He was the one that I could reveal so much to about My love, and the one that saw the vision of “The Bride of Christ”. He could understand how I wanted to be the Mate, the Eternal Husband of believers, bound together with them forever. He loved Me with a special love that made him wish for Me above all Earthly loves.

As he lay on My bosom hearing the news that this was the last night I’d spend with them all, it was crushing news. He couldn’t have handled it unless he was being held in an embrace next to My heart. So come close to My heart when crushing blows come your way, and I’ll hold you tightly too.

Do you think I ignored his intense love for Me, when at last seeing him again after my resurrection? It was really hard for him to not have Me in person there, really tough. But the times I spent with him after I rose, were so meaningful and love-filled that it powered him with all the “love energy” he’d needed  to face the world and then share Me with them, calling them to also love Me with all their heart and soul.

If I didn’t intent to fill human’s physical needs, why did I make the need be there? There are so many situations when another human just can’t fill the need, and you really have a need. I don’t enjoy seeing want and lacks and unsatisfied hunger. Read what it says in the Bible about My desire to satisfy.

Psalm 91:16, “…will I satisfy him”

Psalm 132:15: “…I will satisfy her”

Psalm 16:11 “In thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.”

My Disciple John



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“You’ll get the most out of it if you sit back and let Me talk. It will clear your channel for new things later on. Sit in the room with Me and let Me tell you a few secrets. It’s like,  just you and I are in the room. I keep it very personal.”




Seeds of David

(Jesus Speaking: )The Spirit helpers will now present themselves to you. See that you heed their advice and follow their instructions closely; for I myself have instructed them. Heed their advice, for they are heeding to Mine.

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