Ever Been Translated?

Here’s something that happened a short time ago. I was traveling on a bus in the west of Ireland with my Blue angel. Now the roads there are so rickety you wouldn’t believe! The bus was full and It was hot. So I prayed to the Lord to get us to Galway quickly and clear any traffic ahead of us. Well He did better than that. I closed my eyes for a few seconds and then looked out the window , we were in the outskirts of Galway!!! I did a double take., And looked at my watch. We’d traveled 40 miles in the blink of an eye! And I was fresh as a daisy. Thank you Lord for the gift of translation!
Thank you for submitting this testimony Se. This is the second translation testimony we’ve received. Anyone else out there…besides Philip…been translated? We’d love to hear from you.






2 thoughts on “My Miracle Trip to Galway”
  1. Hi again. here’s a dream I had not long ago . I was in a mid eastern jail .the reason I thot that because it was warm and dusty. It was early in the morning and I was chained to the wall. After a while I heard footsteps in the hallway an I heard I a rattle in the door. In walked a very ugly man followed by an even uglier man. They unlocked my chains and dragged me backwards out the door along the corridor and out into the yard. Next thing that happened was that they tied me to a big board and raised it a bit on the side where my head was. Next , one of these brutes pulled out a very large chopper or hatchet from underneath a piece tarp. Now I was worried!! He slowly raised it above his head and as he proceeded to cut my head off, suddenly he turned into a beautiful sexy woman. I felt a ripple run right thru my body like an orgasm. sudden ly I woke up!

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