GBY brother. I want to tell you that, maybe two months ago, maybe more, I was listening intently to a MB podcast and I had a very real, vivid vision . It felt more like an apparition actually. I saw this guy; clearly a Hebrew from ancient times. He had a very broad face but was handsome with an appealing smile. He had a typical headdress like a herder, maybe. I kept seeing him looking at me, and I wanted to know his name. I heard an unfamiliar name or something, and I thought, no. And then I heard his name, Gideon. I could hardly believe my eyes, and he looked very happy, smiling at me. I couldn’t stop thinking about him all day. I kept thinking, “Wasn’t I listening to something about Jeremiah ?” I get confused sometimes. 😄 But, yes it was him, Gideon. I feel humbled that he’d inspire me in this way. I am definitely undeserving. Thank you so much for the encouragement. God bless .

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Warrior Band

“In the time of the End, many of My children shall be sent to your side, and as the battle rages, more and more will join the ranks of My Warrior Band. Gideon is one of My fearless leaders sent to lead My earth-bound warriors to victory over the  enemy, who as grasshoppers have covered the land. Fear not, My beloved brides of the End, together we will rout their kind off the face of this once beautiful planet and send them to their reward. Then we will begin to rebuild and retrain those that remain.”

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