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“Life for Me, as a disciple, requires discipline. All your principles, all you believe in and all that you are training for revolves around a code of behavior. It means obeying rules and receiving punishments when you disobey. But it’s not just following the rules; it is so much more than that. It needs to be your way of life, your code of ethics, being motivated and having a desire to be willing, to want to move forward, to grow and to be open for Me or others to point out areas of needed improvement and correction when there are mistakes and wrong doing. Motivation needs to be there. Mostly a very deep closeness to Me needs to be there so I can have deep, open and honest communication with you. Your heart and spirit need to be open to Me so we can have a free-flowing, two-way relationship. You know you need Me, and you need Me to instruct you and lead you and guide you pretty much every step of the way. Many times it’s more than just some instructions; it’s opening your eyes to things you just haven’t been seeing and understanding. Usually hard stuff, probably because you were a bit off track and didn’t want to see them. Sometimes it comes in a flash of revelation, but other times, mostly, it is more of a slow dawning over time. Depends how surrendered you are. And then the next part after realizing or receiving what I’m trying to show you is enacting it. It’s the willingness to keep climbing the mountain. So My love, are you disciplined? Are you readily listening and motivated and encouraged to make perhaps painful steps? Yes, change is difficult, and it’s uncomfortable to be doing things differently than what you are used to. You could feel slighted; you could feel your heart hurting. It may not even seem fair. So what do you do then? When I bring along crises, they are for a purpose. There is a foothold there that I’m trying to get you to see, a discipline I want you to embrace so that you can take a step up higher. Look for the foothold, My love. Things don’t just happen for nothing. You can be learning and growing as much as you are willing to see and asking Me what that big rock in your way is. How are you supposed to tackle it to keep moving up the path? When your eyes are not open, when your spirit is closed and not sensitive to My touches, you get stuck on the rock and can’t move on. You are wallowing, My love, in that place. Wallowing means you don’t want to see. Wallowing means stubbornly hanging on to wrong attitudes and incorrect ways of seeing things. It means you don’t really even want to do what I’m asking you to do to get around that rock or move it out of the way. You feel you deserve to wallow a bit there in that place because what I am asking of you is just a bit too hard to do. It’s not something you’d personally choose and it might take some effort or it might be humbling and a blow to your pride. People might notice and what will they think? Or it may just be very difficult and painful on your heart and I might be asking you to lay something very dear to you on the altar of sacrifice.

Acceptance takes so much yieldedness, so much laying down of yourself and what you want. It’s so hard and so sad. But it reaches a point where you have to decide, otherwise you get stuck in that place and you don’t move forward. It becomes self-pity. But self-pity is luxuriating in self. You are basking and reveling and rolling in a selfish mud puddle of ‘you’. It makes you feel lazy and relaxed and you don’t really feel much like making the effort to get up and out of that comfy warm, soothing mud. It rather irritates you, actually, that you have been exposed and are being asked to clean up your act. You have been rather enjoying yourself and feel you deserve to be in that mud. After all, you think you have done enough, given enough. You feel justified in being there. You have sacrificed so much. And you don’t really want to get out anyways. So My love, what will it be? You have to choose. Can you see that your growth has been held back with feeling sorry for yourself? You just don’t move forward. You feel you deserve better. Better than what I’ve put before you? Self-righteousness is so restricting, so blind. It’s such a dead end. Why have you had so many battles? Why do you seem to struggle so and be continually entangled in your battles? It’s blindness to accepting what I wish for you to do. You so stubbornly only see it your way and fly off the handle in your mind and take that path that your emotions take you down, based on your feelings, which many times are wrong, probably because you have been slighted. You feel hurt. Yes, hurts will come. But they could be sorted out if you were more open and yielded. Maybe you are wrong. Maybe you are right, but you just need to forgive and accept the apology –quickly and not hold onto the hurt…ammunition, right?

Will Tribulation begin this year 2022?

USED ammo

Don’t use it on your friends

use it on the enemy!

“You are basking and reveling and rolling in a selfish mud puddle of ‘you’. It makes you feel lazy and relaxed and you don’t really feel much like making the effort to get up and out of that comfy warm soothing mud.”


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