Spirit Helper Speaking

Faith to climb the highest mountain can be yours, IF…

If what? If you aren’t so attached to just being “you”. Or if you are still trying to figure out “who you are”, if you aren’t so involved in discovering more about yourself and trying this and that to find what clicks and “does it” for you; what makes you the happiest, and ticks your “happy heart” box.

What Jesus needs is no-name brand of souls, those who are ready to just do and suddenly be whatever is needed.  He needs those without a label to live up to, and who are mouldable and can be instantly transformed to being something out of their zone of “usual”. Why? Because then He can do the battle with fewer workmen, as they aren’t hung up on only one set of skills or inclinations.

(Jesus speaking: ) I need fighters who are more than just willing to fight for My cause, but are willing to be whatever I need them to be, at any time of day and night. To do something totally different than you normally do or normally are comfortable with requires humility. It doesn’t take much for a clown, who has  always been such, to dress up and clown around. But take a  president of a company and get them to do that in their spare time to cheer up someone. Well, I can’t say that it would never happen, but it’s highly unlikely. So what is needed is two people, as both are pretty well fixed to their way of operating.

However, in My army, if each one is willing to fulfill any need, then the job gets done with fewer personnel, and that means sooner. For it takes time, so very much time, to train a disciple and get them to the point of full-time discipleship—much less the do-anything-you-need-Sir brand of fighting members.

But those who can fill any need, and work harder, will get all the more rewarded. Because humility and giving up so totally the “you” you were trying to make of yourself, is a costly and  precious gift that I cherish. You only have one life here, and to give up the only chance you have to be the perfect “worldling” to instead be a despised nothing ready to be an anything and  anyone needed, with no fame attached, is very meaningful to Me, and highly commended.

So what are you? Well, if you are the type of person that needs a label, I guess you can work on getting one and maintaining it. But if you’d rather be a unique individual that is both priceless and unnameable, as you have “become all things to all men” as Paul the apostle strove to be, then I’ll call you “Elite” “one of a kind” “supernatural” and most of all “Mine”. –And that’s the label you most want attached when you show up at My place, right?

Many put My name on themselves, and want to get in with the God clan. But  for those who let Me teach them the requirements to being “in” with the Elite, and  who give up all to get My credentials to their name, the term “these are Mine” is a class all of its own. For they have given up trying to be “them”, and are trying to just be the “me and God” kind of people. Those who have forsaken all for Me, forsaken the “themselves” for Me, and keep doing so every day, will be labelled alright:  “Mine”. And the VIP treatment will make it all worth it in the time and places where it matters most

No-Name Brand

“For it takes time, so very much time, to train a disciple and get them to the point of full-time discipleship—much less the do-anything-you-need-Sir brand of fighting members.”




The secret to everything can be found in the Word. And a lot of the Word for today can and should be gathered through the channel of prophecy, hearing from Him about everything.




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