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“Yes, it’s a difficult life that you have been called to live. You are fighting for the next life, for the eternal treasures, for the spirit world. But at the same time, you can’t see that world or really partake of its pleasures because you are bound down in this one. So it’s all by faith. There is nothing you can see or feel or touch. So you forsake yourselves and so many of your hopes and dreams and desires for something invisible. Sometimes it seems crazy and even unnecessary. But such is the faith life. Can you join the greats of Hebrews 11 who looked for a city which hath foundation? Can you forsake the pleasures of sin for a season? Can you even forsake the normal desires to love and be loved in order to fight for this unseen kingdom?  It is not an easy task that is set before you. The enemy fights you tooth and nail. He makes it all seem pointless. He tells you that it’s too hard and that no one is listening to your witness anyway. But My Words tell a different story. They tell you that I am not looking for success or a large following –or any following for that matter. I am looking only for faithfulness. Can you keep your eyes on Me? Can you count all things loss even though your heart and mind and body is crying out for those things? It’s up to you. I can’t force you to choose faith. I can’t force you to choose to listen to the Word. Will you say “Take the whole world, but give me Jesus” even when you can’t feel Me and feel so lost and alone? Can you say it in faith, not having received the promise but seen it afar off? You see, My Words are there. The answers are there. When you are under attack, those Words seem like nothing. How can typed words on a page compare to all you have given up? How can they compare to the love you long for, the fun you want,  those desires of the flesh that seem so real and concrete? You feel that it’s unfair that you be called to live in this fleshly world yet forsake so many of its seeming pleasures.  Yet, in your heart, you know that these things don’t really satisfy and that living to obtain them is an empty, pointless pursuit of happiness that is never fulfilled. So you turn back to the Heavenlies even though you can’t see them. You turn to the Word that is just words on a page. When you are seeing clearly, you see that those Words are actually alive. They are a link to something much greater. They are a door to another world. Some people might get a fleeting glimpse of that world; others can sense its presence. But some of you just have to fight on in faith. You can’t see the other world nor all that you are fighting for and sacrificing for, but you believe the Word that it is indeed there.  You know that you have had moments of clarity when you saw the goal and had a purpose and you knew and “saw the invisible” even if only by faith. So the rest of the time, when the goal becomes obscured by the battles and details of living and fighting, you still keep on.  Even if the goal and the reason you are fighting is obscured from your view, you know it is still there, just above the clouds and doubts that are blocking your view. That’s where the “enduring” part comes in… he endured as seeing him who is invisible.  So can you fight on, My loves, even when your flesh is screaming out that it’s not fair?


Don’t allow the “cares of this life” to get a stranglehold and choke the Word out of your life. That’s what will give you the strength to fight on and the strength to endure, those Words, those treasures that don’t look like treasures. They can even seem boring sometimes, and it takes effort to get into them. But just remember where your strength lies. Remember that there is a rock you can stand on when everything else seems confusing. Remember that there is a reason you are living like you do and that reason is spelled out in the Word. You know it’s there even when you have lost sight of it or are feeling a bit rebellious and like it’s not fair. You know it will only be a matter of time before you turn back to your faith and back to the foundation that your faith stands on. Make sure you find your footing well so that the next attack doesn’t knock you down so hard.”

“When a change requiring a metamorphosis of your spirit and mode of operation-call on the power of the keys. They will re-create and fashion your spirit after Mine, causing a new creature to be born from the shell of the former.”





March 2022


Using the Blue Key



April 2022


Stand In The Gap (Update)



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