vision of the plant of god’s word

Dream vision: submitted by Esteban

Jesus spoke to me this morning. As He was speaking, I could see what He was talking about. I call it a dream vision, because I was not completely asleep.

He told me: “I want to share with you a parable of the Root of the Word of God and the difference between the verses in the Bible and the New Wine and the promises of the Keys.

It is good that you memorize the promises of the keys and the New Wine. The old promises that are written in the Bible are the foundation that all My promises begin with. So My word in your heart is like a plant. The more you eat from My mouth and drink from the River of Life, the more that plant will grow into a great tree. It will never be thrown down and will be a protective home for many peoples and creatures.

The solid ground in which the plant of My word will be planted is your heart. If the ground receives the water of the Holy Spirit and My seeds of life, it will become a beautiful garden with all kinds of trees and bushes for the delight, feeding and well-being of many…to continue reading, go to full PDF version DOWNLOAD

the plant of god’s word


“If the plant didn’t have the foundation of the Bible, it wouldn’t have that strong root to keep it growing straight.”



Keys To The Kingdom

“Me, My Word and the Keys are one, together, we are your vital companions in this last days, don’t say a prayer with out the Keys.”





Matthew 4:4

Have you ever thought what life will be like during the Great Tribulation when you can’t buy or sell without the microchip or the mark of the Beast? When you will be forced to live outside the system, when you will be unable to buy or sell anything ,including food, when you will be blocked from traveling on trains, buses, taxis etc. when you won’t be able to buy electricity or pay for your water… how will you live how will you survive? You may think you have no choice but to join the system and take the mark. Here a couple of short prophecies from Jesus about the Bread of Life and His promise to feed you through the Word of God.

Vision/Dream From Esteban

“The fruits of the Spirit are part of the fruits that will serve as food for the hungry people of this world. They grow by daily taking in and giving away of My word.  It’s like partaking of My food by doing My will. I will feed you. Your food will be doing what I tell you to do.

It’s like opening a door in the spirit that will nourish your spirit and physical body.

And by doing this you will survive in the Endtime even with no physical food.”

(Prophecy)You are sometimes tempted to wonder “How on earth will the Lord supply what we need when ‘the lights go out?” but you really shouldn’t wonder. That is the carnal mind, the old way of thinking. Put it away, that old man, and be the spiritual man I’m asking you to be. Let Me possess you more fully, My love, by fully trusting Me and knowing without a shadow of a doubt that if you dwell in My realm, I will provide what you need, either physically or by spiritual, supernatural miraculous means. Which could even be –not needing physical food but getting nourishment from spending time in My presence alone. 


Man shall not live by bread alone

“Matthew 4:4 But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.”



 “Keys Are Our Wilderness” 

 The Keys are the door into that realm where we are no longer bound by the physical laws of nature that rule the rest of the world, and for us it is the only way to survive what is about to come upon us.



   “Shackled Or Free” 

NEW FROM YOU!! A series of bite-sized prophecies that touch on a multitude of interesting subjects. These downloadable PDF prophecy files were sent in to MB from our different readers.





What is God’s will in these last days?

(Jesus Speaking)

“I can’t say what I am going to have you do or not do in list form. But that’s part of the requirements of being on My special force, elite team. You don’t get to know what is up ahead. You aren’t told what to expect, just to expect to be surprised and be ready to be on call and do whatever is needed. It’s all about what gets the job done.

Will you have to give up your freedom?

What freedom? Be bound to Me and earnestly want My will not your own. It’s not about being willing to do this or that, but simply being in a state of “willingness”. That is the state you are to be in. Keeping flexible and needing Me to get you through. If I say one thing is going to happen, and then something totally different happens, something you aren’t to know now as it’s not the time, then you might think I’m not keeping My Word.

It’s not a time for stability—knowing just what is ahead and getting it all tucked into your brain, and expecting nothing else. It’s a time of fluid movement. You are in the time of needing to be very flexible, for that is only way you will win.

You’ll get bent out of shape if you have a shape to call your own. “But I thought you said to do this and not that, Lord?” See that is for the time of learning “right and wrong”. But we are past that gate. Now is all out war, cream the enemy or be creamed. There are no rules and plans written in stone. It all has to be secret. In fact—and this might offend you, or others—but what if I said one thing, but had to keep My real plans secret, and in fact I knew the opposite would happen, and I intended it to be so? Like when I said I would not go up to the feast in Jerusalem yet. And then I snuck there.

So there might be times, when you are asking for black and while guidelines of “what to do from now on” and My opinion on it, but then the reality plays out very differently. I answer your “What is righteous” query, and it’s good and true what I say, but I might just pull a fast one and orchestrate things to be in a total opposite direction, just to trick the enemy if I see he’s on your “righteous trail”.

Does that help clarify things?—why I said one thing, but you see the opposite happening, and you see it bearing good fruit. See, you didn’t ask Me: What new and fast tricky moves are You going to do in the future with us? But you only asked “What was right and wrong”- type of black and white, general advice.

But it’s no longer time for rules. I rule. I say when, I say what, and I say how. As long as you are hooked up on line with Me, then we’ll make the best moves. Yes, they might be different than what I told you yesteryear, but it’s because the war is moving swiftly and new, even seemingly “bad” or “naughty” things might have to be done. The enemy does them all the time, and I can beat him at his game any time. In fact I rather like to catch him unaware.

I love that look of “What?” when he lures people into his trap, only to find that it snapped backwards and caught him instead. He was tricked into believing it was a clever idea, but only brought about souls being won. I like to use a few of the giant’s spears and swords back on themselves, like the mighty men of old did, fighting their enemies with their own weapons.

It’s totally fair when you are outside of the game and have made and are making the rules as you go along. I’m the Creator and can do that, you know. Well, I’m not really just picking rules of the game out of thin air, it is all planned, but to some of the players, the ways I can swerve and go this way and then go so totally the other way to get more points can seem like there isn’t much structure to it all. But there really is. You just can’t see it from your vantage point.

Okay, so do what I say and move when I say to. Just because I told you one thing today, doesn’t mean you are to do it forever for the rest of your life. You are willing to, yes, but being willing to do the expected isn’t really the full-out, all-out type of “willing” that I need. Okay? But what I need is the willing to do the unexpected that I pull out of a hat at any time, to accomplish what? “To win some”.

You can get so used to the “new you” the radical “I’ve forsaken all—and this is now what I am”, that you forget you are to be ready at any time to change. There is no “you” as in a stable, fixed concept that someone can put their finger on—and that is the point. I don’t want you under any finger or any foot or on any  chopping block either.

Get going. Get doing. What? Whatever is for this day, this hour, and then move on. The new “you” is as air, as breath, as wind that moves and goes and no man but I can capture it. I have the storehouses for the wind, and I know who you are and where you are and how to move you and when to stay you.

Can the wind control itself or is it moved on by other powers?

Can a man capture the wind and store it away? No. It is free. And so must you be.

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The will of god

It’s not a time for stability—knowing just what is ahead and getting it all tucked into your brain, and expecting nothing else. It’s a time of fluid movement. You are in the time of needing to be very flexible, for that is only way you will win.



 “The Lamp”

Lost? Confused? Don’t know where the world is taking you? Stop, Look and Listen to the voice of the Spirit.

Why is this the last generation?




Trust In Prophecy

NEW FROM YOU!! A series of bite sized prophecies that touch on a multitude of interesting subjects. These downloadable PDF prophecy files were sent in to MB from our different readers.






Or it will beat you

“I am reaching for you. I am extending My hands to you. Is it too great a thing for Me to ask you to come to Me? Is the burden too grievous? Are your hands too weary?”

Vision: (I see a young man in a little room with his hands over his face. It feels so cold –like there is absolutely nothing warm in this place where he is. There is even ice covering the walls, it is so cold; the man is shaking. He is sitting at a desk and it seems as though his legs are paralyzed with the cold. He can’t get away from the cold place. I see the door is open, but he can’t get up and go because he is freezing, and he can’t move.

The coldness has crept in and it has bound you there. It has made you feel like there is no escape. Your hands and fingers cannot feel like they used to; they’re numb.

“My child, My child, My child. It is not for you to understand; it is not for you to be responsible. Oh, how the nights have been so long in the cold, and how you have toiled to find rest. Sweet child, although you do not see Me because it’s so dark, I have always been there in your little room. I have stood in this cold with you, and I have been where you have been.”

Vision: ( I see now this man is crying. He is saying something that I cannot understand. It’s like he can’t even say words… it’s his heart that seems to be speaking and it just comes out in this sound from his mouth.

The scene then zooms out and I see that there are hundreds of evil-looking creatures surrounding this room, but there aren’t any inside. I notice now that in the room there are patches of light, just like rays of light that come from a window, except there are no windows.

When the man spoke with his heart, it was like the light grew and became hotter. )

Prophecy: “I don’t expect you to be able to look at Me or even talk to Me yet. Let your yearning for freedom cry out to Me and the warmth of God will increase in your life.”

Vision: (The light is spinning around. It’s very beautiful, but it seems held back. The man seems to be struggling inwardly so much that he is shaking hard. But then suddenly he looks straight at the Light. It seems to be burning his eyes as he looks, but as he does, his legs begin to thaw and he can now move.  Tears stream from his eyes because the light is so bright. Like the heart language he spoke before, it seems torrents of confusion, pain and torment are being released from his soul. I can feel it pouring out of him.  

The light is calling him to get up and go before the coldness comes back; it is spinning and  calling to him. Then a beautiful girl made of light appears in the room. She too is weeping; her tears fall down so hard. Her tears fall on the man’s face and she asks him if he wants to let all tears he has ever cried, all the regret, all the pain, all the confusion, and all the grief be given to her. He seems afraid and unable to speak. She opens her hands and her tears flow; she kneels in front of him and asks him again. There is so much feeling in the room… like years and years of hurt and anguish are being poured out. It seems as it pours out she is taking it and in its place she is healing the man. He looks at her and he seems so deeply hurt, but she takes him in her arms and says : “I am love , I am healing. I am forgiveness; I am faith. I am trust, and I am yours. I am the Holy Spirit, and I am here to take you out of this room forever. But you must be willing to come with Me. Come with Me, My love and find solace in My bosom. I love you.”

“I want to save you from the darkness, so the light that gave you freedom can also save others that are trapped in the darkness. They need you.”

Beat Bitterness

“The light is calling him to get up and go -before the coldness comes back. It is spinning and  is calling to him. Then a beautiful girl made of light appears in the room. She too is weeping.”



“The Happy End”

One day soon, Jesus is coming back to take back what rightfully belongs to Him. All tears will cease, all regret will disappear, all lost hope will be restored…then.





Jesus speaking in prophecy:

 “Do you believe this promise My love, do you believe I can and will protect you and get you through the attacks of the enemy, both spiritual and physical. Do you believe that I am stronger then all of Satan’s hordes combined?

Then claim this promise as your own, again I say, claim each promise as your own. These are not just pretty sounding words, I’m the real deal, what I say, you can trust. This isn’t just theory, this is real to life, you can physical stand on My promises, you can really take the wings of the morning and dwell in the utter most parts of the sea, I can protect you, this battle is Mine and I am strong on your behalf.

There really is nothing I won’t do for you, you must only believe them as real promises, they are the title deeds that you possess. These promise are not just, maybe they will be fulfilled, they will be fulfilled, they are written in stone, you must only believe. Believe I say, believe in My love for you. I went the whole way for you, even unto death, and I say, My love is enough to fulfill My word. I cannot lie, nor do I wish to. My only wish is to love you, and I do love you, and I know you love Me. Though you feel a million miles away, My love can reach you. Nothing is too hard for Me, nowhere is too far, I will reach you, I love you.”

Physically standing on the promises

“I’m the real deal, what I say, you can trust. This isn’t just theory, this is real to life, you can physical stand on My promises.”



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Jesus speaking in prophecy:

“This is how I translate My power to you, in ways you can understand. Few have seen My Glory in person and lived, for My power is all consuming, totally possessing, too much for mortal man to behold. So I must express Myself in words.

Through imbibing My words you learn of Me. Through deep study of what My power speaks of, or translates to, you are drawn closer to Me, to the source. I have said that there are many such generators throughout My Kingdom. For I say any who take in My words becomes a generator of My power. For by opening up to My wooing, My words, My voice in your heart, you create a spark, which then grows and grows, and increases in power.

How great your generator becomes depends on how much you open, how much you receive from Me. I do have what you might call physical generators throughout My Kingdom, but it is My greatest desire to create of you, My brides, living and moving generators, that I may send you throughout My whole Kingdom come.

For as you love Me, as we connect, as your spark grows, so too does the store of Word that I can store within. You then become a light, a source of life to those in darkness. I too was one such generator when I was on earth. I was one man, but with the power or Words that My Father poured down through Me, I brought light to a whole world. And with this light, this truth, you My children continue to keep this world alive.

For if there were no light, then all would be in darkness, and there would be no need for this world to continue. So shine on, grow in your use of My words, and you will empower many”.

Generators of His power

“I was one man, but with the power or Words that My Father poured down through Me, I brought light to a whole world.”



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