A prophecy: the language of love

“I let down your hair and run my fingers through it. My soft touch is igniting. I massage your shoulders and run my fingers down your back. It’s nice that we can meet this way. Love the Lord with your mind.

Then I face you, with a look you can never erase. You know I want you badly enough to have gone through all it’s taken to get us to this point in time, in history. I simply crave you, more than you’ll ever know. I have to have you and will stop at nothing to get it.

Do you know what I mean when I say these words? No, you don’t, but you accept them. Like lovers speaking in different languages; they know they love each other and wish to express it in words, but the other one doesn’t hear what they are saying, only the love felt and the actions that follow. They know they can trust one another.

So lay back and let Me show My love to you. You are hearing My words, but one day You’ll get to know what I actually mean in full. You can’t expect to know it just yet. We have to wait.

We’ve loved long through the spirit of My written words, the guide, linking scripture to mind, taking you through the pathways and links.

Now it’s time I show you a bit more of My presence. Can I come into the room there? Can you lie down and see the visions I want to show you? I’ll come into you in secret ways, so still you won’t know it. But you’ll feel the change, the good change in your spirit. For the more of Me that you take in, the more like Me you become. The more like Me you are, the more fun we can have, because we can catch each other’s jokes, speak on the same terms, and know what each other is thinking without having to ask.

Let Me meld with you and embrace you. I’ll take off your outer garments and fit you out with a robe of Heavenly protection.”


“He sent His Word and healed them. There is power in the Words of Jesus. The moment you turn off the Words of God and turn on the sayings of the usurper that is your downfall.”




“Like lovers speaking in another language; they know they love each other and wish to express it in word, but the other one doesn’t quite hear what they are saying, just the love felt and the actions that follow. They know they can trust one another.”







Bible study with Jesus…Psalm 91

The Mama bird doesn’t want the little baby to wander off and to get caught in the “snare of the fowler” like the verse above says. Instead, she wants to give it a nice, warm, snug place where it will be safe.

My Spirit comforts and guards you. It keeps you safe and teaches you. Like a mother with her little baby bird, you are kept under God’s special wings. But if the little one doesn’t listen and wanders out, it’s going to be no good.

What keeps you safe and sheltered? The Truth of God, the Word of God. I am the Word of God. I am the way, the truth, and the life. I said I wanted to draw all men unto Me and for them to be as close and safe as chicks with the mama hen.

The truth that comes from God keeps you safe. The words of the world will catch you and trap you and harm you and have you for breakfast. Ugh! I am disgusted by it. The words of the enemy drain you of life and liberty and refreshment. They use up your strength and your will to fight.  Then you feel you have just been tricked into something, and you feel very weak. That is what happens when the world’s ideas have surrounded you and taken advantage of you and have made use of you for the evil one’s gain.

For full PDF of Psalm 91:4 (Download here)

Psalm 91:4

“Ugh! I am disgusted by it. The words of the enemy drain you of life and liberty and refreshment. They use up your strength and your will to fight.”




The world is on a one-way street. Street name: Corona             Destination: Revelation 13:16-18





A Bible Study with Jesus…Psalm 91

I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.

Jesus says:

Who can say this of Me? Who can have the privilege of stating from experience, that I, their Lord, have saved them time and again? Who can say that I have sheltered them and provided them with a place of refuge? Those, and only those, who have come to know it; those to whom I have granted this protection can say it.  And who are these? Well, if you are reading this, there is a good chance you are doing so because you love Me and wish to learn more about Me. And that is exactly who I give this special protection to.

And where is this “refuge” and “fortress”? Do you have to die and come into the realm of God, the Heavenly Kingdom of God in order to be really safe and well protected? Is that what it’s talking about?

Well, as you see in the passage, it’s not talking about a place, but a person. I am the refuge and the fortress. So, all you really need is Me, and you can be anywhere, experiencing anything, and still be safe and protected….for full PDF version please download here.

Psalm 91:2

“What do I mean by safe? Does that mean you won’t get sick or hurt, ever in your life? It can’t possibly mean that, since life without those things life would be rather challenge-free, and lesson-void.”


Keys are our Wilderness

“In the deepest despair, in the darkest night, in the depths of defeat there is rescue. Call on the power of the keys of the Kingdom, call My Name, call for My mercy, call for My help. Then wait on Me, and I will strengthen your heart. You will rise up and walk on.”





Bible Studies with Jesus…Psalm 91

PSA.91:1 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

Jesus says:

“The secret place” That is where you and I are alone together; a place that is fit just for two—you and I. It’s not a large meeting or even a circle of friends, but where two alone can meet and exchange ideas, thoughts, and enjoy camaraderie. You have to be alone for this; alone in heart and mind, without other things filling your senses. Or even other people to distract yourself with.

That’s the trouble these days. So many people are lonely; they have no earthly companion, but they don’t know how to alleviate the sorrow. They haven’t learned how to enter into a covenant, a private engagement, a closed-circle friendship where only they and their God can meet. It’s a private affair. When you can learn how to do this — to shut out the rest of the world and acquaintances, and just be alone in friendship or in desperation with your Lord, then you know how to enter into My secret place. I am always eager to have private encounters with you, for I know this is when you will tell Me your deepest secrets, your greatest fears, or your most earnest wishes in life.

I can talk you through the tough times of waiting—the long and patient waiting until some dreams become a reality…for a full  PDF version please download here

Psalm 91:1

“Maybe you are afraid, just a little bit, or perhaps a lot, to be alone with Me. You know things haven’t been right in your heart…”

Keys Are Our Wilderness

“In the deepest despair, in the
darkest night, in the depths of defeat there is rescue. Call on the
power of the keys of the Kingdom, call My Name, call for My
mercy, call for My help. Then wait on Me, and I will strengthen your
heart. You will rise up and walk in The spirit of God.”


Jesus Speaking

Psalm 127:3 Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.

Psalm 127:4 As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth.

I am that mighty man. I am the one whose quiver is full. When you look for it, or I should say, when your eyes are open to noticing what My written scriptures are actually saying, it really amazes you. You are amazed because you never saw it like that or in that way before. Then you start to see hints of new truths just about everywhere you look.

It’s like seeing things in color all of a sudden, or getting a new color added. Say for example, a printer ran out of ink of a certain color, it would affect all the other colors. But if you refill it, oh, then things look very different. What you thought was yellow, was actually green, and what you thought was red, looks more like purple now. So what color was missing?

So what color is missing from your spiritual eyes? There is something in the Word of God today that you didn’t notice, and haven’t noticed your whole life. Even if I tell you the name of a color and say it’s missing, you’ll still see yellow and red just as you think they are. I have to actually place that color into your head, and let it mix together with the other passages. Then it changes things. You see things so differently. It is then that you at last are given the knowledge to see and understand hidden secrets.

You could also think of it as layers of transparent colored plastic laid down over the black and white line-art on a page. As the art is held up to the light, each colored layer will affect what you see. If you add the plastic that has the shape of a yellow hill on it, that’s all you’ll see—a yellow hill, and a white or clear sky. Then if the layer of blue is placed on the picture, all of a sudden you see a green hill and a blue sky. So it is with scripture. If it talks about a hill or sky, or any number of word pictures and ideas, you start to get the idea. But there might be much more to it. You need Me to give you the information and give you the capability to see things in a new, more advanced way—at least advanced for you. When people just keep looking over the black and white outline that is clearly seen in My written Word, they miss so much color and vibrancy. They miss the feelings and tone that the colors give. I want it to actually come to life for them—and not just be a picture.

 So seek My Word, the scriptures as well as My living Word in prophecy. It’s one long conversation, one long, very long story-line, and it all fits together.

Seek out the book of the Lord” for I will fulfill what I have said. (ISA.34:16 Seek ye out of the book of the LORD, and read: no one of these shall fail, none shall want her mate: for my mouth it hath commanded, and his spirit it hath gathered them.) I may be like the wise man that “keeps it in till afterwards” and doesn’t “utter all that is in His mind”. (PRO.29:11 A fool uttereth all his mind: but a wise man keepeth it in till afterwards.) I might save up some things that I wish to say until the later parts of the story.  You’ll never get to that part if you don’t listen, or if you have ignored all that I’ve said previously. (JOH.2:10 … when men have well drunk … thou hast kept the good wine until now.)

 It’s like someone just wanting to hear the punch line of a cleverly told joke. Maybe he comes in at the end, and only wants to hear what’s at the end, and doesn’t let the joke teller have the joy of being able to tell the whole story and paint the scenario well.  When it comes to the last line, he isn’t going to “get it”. He might chuckle, mostly because those around him are laughing, and he’d look really “out of the loop” if he wasn’t laughing at least a bit. But if you look in his eyes, you’ll see he’s actually really puzzled. He didn’t find anything funny about it at all. It seemed rather odd to him, actually. So you may find that those who don’t “get” what I’m giving through you now in prophecy, and don’t clearly understand, are those who haven’t been following the script so far. They haven’t been listening to the full conversation and haven’t kept up to date. Maybe someone can give them a quick and brief update, so they can at least have an idea of what’s going on. But there are those who have stopped to listen – and listen long and well to what I’ve been saying.  These will get the greatest joy when they hear the latest things that I’m saying. It will make so much more sense then.

The Bible is like the brief summary to give the update to those who came in to the conversation after it all happened. For those living through it, it took a good many years, as these were their stories, the very real experiences that taught them about God. You can read about it, and try to grasp what they learned. But your God is still moving and working and teaching His children today, in their lives. They are supposed to be still writing things down to admonish each other, and have it for a record for the future days. So, just because something doesn’t make sense now, doesn’t mean that it never has or that it never will. Sometimes you just need more time, both for time to pass, and for time in studying the scriptures to see how what I’ve given to your generation all fits together. So give it time, and let Me expound on the scriptures, in My time and in My way. (End of message from Jesus)

shades of scripture



Jesus Speaking

“When the leper was aching so desperately for a touch, for affection, for acceptance, I touched him. It crossed the boundaries of “right” for a human, living on Earth, with the troubles that come to humans if doing the same thing.

The Son of God can do these things—for that man, for you, for anyone. People could not withstand the evil destruction of leprosy. But I, with God’s power while in a human form, could not only give the needed healing, but give the needed touch of love to the most disdained soul, stuck in affliction.

I don’t have boundaries for the sincere seekers. Only those who want to use Me as a way of getting what they want out of life—like praying for selfish wishes that have nothing to do with our ongoing relationship and the needs of My heart. I don’t satisfy those—but that too is love, because then they will seek out a better way to My heart…and find Me. Their being left without, will show them the way to a closer relationship with Me.

To say you’ll love and praise and worship Me in one way, and not another, doesn’t make you more “righteous” or more loved, really. It’s all about what each person personally needs to make their faith in My reality grow to such heights that nothing and no one can topple it, or top it.”

the leper



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