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The Spirit World Is Our Wilderness And the Keys of the Kingdom Open the Way.

The keys are the solution to all that is coming, the confusion and the shutting down of everything that was once thought to be normal –your way of life, your daily bread. These keys are your way through the wilderness. My Word is being fulfilled as I speak, for I have indeed stepped out of the way as was revealed to My servant Paul in 2 Thessalonians. The keys will be your source of light, your source of power and your source of direction.

My Kingdom is within you and all around you, and one day very soon, you will be taken from this world. Just as I was lifted up by the hand of My Father to My reward, so will you be. But until then, you are required on the Earth plane as My representatives. But I have not left you comfortless or without the facilities to perform your duty for Me. The Keys of the Kingdom are at your beck and call. You are surrounded by a “great cloud of witnesses,” spirit helpers and angels that, on request, will come to your aid to give you support, counsel and protection.

Believe Me, My loves, the End is very close. The AC’s are almost ready to spring the trap. Their timetable was set many years ago and they are hell-bent on reaching it. They are receiving tremendous pressure from the spirit realm; their priests are receiving prophecy too, and they are just as determined as you are to get it right. They chant; they perform sacrifices, horrible demonic oblation to their immediate counselors and to their king Satan. Their dark and filthy worships have no constraints.

We are bound to observe these acts of rebellion and blasphemy, and to monitor and record these vile displays, but it comes at a great price. Hell itself has bubbled and oozed to the Earth’s surface; it is deep in sin and corruption. Move higher in spirit, My loves, move up the mountain; move in with us, calling on the keys for even greater protection. Release more power to your comrades in the spiritual realm, allow them more access to your hearts and mind, allow them to more fully possess you, and in so doing My spirit will flow deeper and more forcefully through your souls. There is no defense in the physical, material world. The sewers of the underworld have been released; the tide is rising and there is no escape but up into the Wilderness of the Spirit.

There is only one way. All doors have been shuttered, and all avenues of escape are barred. The enemy of your souls has all but sewn up this world in his straitjacket. The people of this world are being spoon fed, and those that are stubborn and won’t open their mouths are being fed by drip. The keys were given to you, the Children of David, for many reasons, but the one key that is much needed now is the Key of Escape, the Key to the Wilderness, or if you will, the Key of Revelation 12:6. This key can keep you out of that straitjacket, but if you do not step out by faith now and start using this key, then My hands are tied. I can help you a bit…sometimes… but it is truly, “According to your faith be it done unto you.” Listen, believe and obey. The keys must become a part of your very being; you must put on My mind. They must be a part of your spiritual brain; the Keys must be you. You must be fully possessed with the Keys in order to do the miracles to pass through these last few hours before My return.”

The ‘Keys to the Wilderness’ are a gift given to My “Philly Brides”(Revelation 3:7); these are they that will pass through great tribulation, but not as the world or My faithless old-church children will  pass through this dark hour. My Philly Brides will pass through this time of temptation holding the Keys of the Kingdom. It is because of their faith in Me and My Word of revelation that they hold these keys. These ones chose to believe the New Wine poured forth from the mouth of My prophet David, and because of their belief, I have continued to pour forth new revelations, sometimes even with new keys attached.

The Key of Revelation 12:6 is one such key; the Blue key is another, but they are only two on a vast spiritual key ring that is accessible by faith. Without faith in the Keys of the Kingdom, they will not work, because they are attached to My will, and only those that obey My will can hold these keys. The disobedient and willful cannot hold them. The Keys do not obey the will of man.

My loved ones, you, who keep My Word close to your heart, will be kept in the hour of tribulation. All those faithful Children of David, who have held closely to the revelations I’ve sent down the pipe to David, Maria, and now the New Wine prophecy, will see a parting of the veil and will pass through the fire but not be burnt. Hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown. You are My dearest ones right in the center of My will. You have the Key of prophecy. You are listening to My still small voice. You have your Key to the Wilderness of My Spirit in your hand and all you have to do is obey and do exactly what I tell you to do in those hours that you spend with Me in our bed of love. Do not fear what is coming upon the children of men, for you live in another dimension. Call on the keys of the Fifth Dimension when things look bleak to the carnal mind, and I will be there instantly to direct your next and every step. Obedience to My will is what has kept you safe all these years, and your obedience to My will, through the voice of My Word, will continue to do so even unto the time of the End. I will not fail to show you what your next step is…willing to go, willing to stay…remember?

Use the Keys of the Wilderness in times of distress when all is dark and you cannot see. One of its powers is that of translation; you will have the ability, through this key, to live in both worlds. It will be as if you have left this earth plane when using this Key. Read My Word in the Bible and you will see when and where I used this special Keye.

It matters very little what shape the “Mark” takes, what color it is and when it is revealed. What matters is how to best stay out of the trap. I have given you a great secret; that of the keys being your wilderness. This is My way, walk ye in it. This is the way of faith and the way of faith is and will always be My way. Even after the Millennium begins, faith in My Word and ways will be the prime mover.  

During their days of tribulation, those men of old were able to rise above because they were empowered with the Keys of the Kingdom; likewise we in our turn must be empowered with the keys in order to escape into the Wilderness of the Spirit as is suggested we will do in Revelation 12:14 . When the Tribulation of Matthew 24:21 arrives, which it surely will, when there is nowhere to run or hide except up into the Wilderness of the Spirit; this rising above power will become indispensable. Even now God’s children are being confronted with an ever increasing myriad of impossible situations. Take heed; we are being slowly but surely being herded toward the Red Sea. Pharaoh with all his worldly wisdom and scientific gadgetry believes he has us corralled.  You must keep this knowledge at the forefront of your mind when the Enemy attacks you. You have to know for a fact that if you do what Jesus shows you to do, if you use the spiritual weapons, if you go deeper into Him, into the wilderness, you will win.  The Keys to the Kingdom will become our indispensable ally. To truly learn the art of rising above, you must be empowered with the keys.

I am your ark. The keys open the door to the Wilderness where I will hide you, My dearest loves, from the wrath of the wicked ones, as they rampage around the Earth in their quest to control all, both rich and poor, free and bond, great and small. Do not fear; when the hour comes, I will make a way of escape so that you do not fall into the snare of the fowler. Turn aside, sweet ones; take the rugged road that leads to higher ground. Do not think that all things will return to normal; this is not the evil one’s plan. This is not the plan of God; this is not the voice of My Word. I am even at the door. The Last Days have begun, and there is no turning back to normal. Beware, the hand squeezes the unsuspecting, those that walk in darkness; but you who walk by the light of My Word must take the faith road, the upper road; calling, always calling to those who would listen.

Come unto Me, come into Me, come deeper My loves, for here you will find your wilderness, here you will find the the Red Sea path. Many have been called by the Keys. The Keys are the way and their power combined with Me and My Word are your vital companions in the days that are coming and that are already upon you. Doff the cloth, the old garment, and free yourself from the past.

Each step from now on, as it has always been, will be by faith; it will be stepping out on the waters. If you look at the waters, the situation itself, you will sink. This is it, My loves. This is the ‘The Keys will be your Wilderness’. It’s stepping out of the carnal now and refusing to look at how scary and difficult the situation is; how “closed door” it looks to you. Now is the time to step up to the plate by stepping into the spirit realm of impossibilities and believing, not looking at the supposed outcome.

The keys and the wilderness are the future and the present, so step into the portal of My will and don’t look back. We are going forth with David our king into the future and on to Heaven and eternity. It has begun. The Devil has made his move and there is no turning back. The world is heading for the future too, but not the future they are thinking. It will not be their future but ours. We will inherit all things, for as the Son inherited all things, we, His brides, inherit all things.

Trust Me that the keys work and that calling on them is what you must do. The keys are your wilderness, and it is where I will take you, My beloved brides and lovers. Do not fear, for you are destined for great Endtime feats, and as I have promised, you will walk with Me up to and right through the Great Tribulation.



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“The keys are the solution to all that is coming, the confusion and the shutting down of everything that was once thought to be normal –your way of life, your daily bread. These keys are your way through the wilderness. My Word is being fulfilled as I speak, for I have indeed stepped out of the way as was revealed to My servant Paul in 2 Thessalonians.”

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