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Fighting Battles in the Wilderness

The Wilderness is not Heaven. It is a separate dimension, a sort of “In-Between Place”, and there are dangers there. So be wise and keep your heart with all diligence. Don’t accidentally slip back to the carnal plane through doubt and murmuring.

The Spiritual Wilderness is everywhere. It’s all around you, and you can slip into it at anytime. Take heed and walk circumspectly, for this place is spiritual and therefore it is not completely barricaded from the influences of evil spirits, including your own.

(Spirit helper:) The wilderness isn’t all cream and cookies. It is a difficult place to traverse, and there are monsters out here. We should know. This is our territory; this is where we fight the enemy every day and night. Just hearing that should put your heart to rest. This is our stomping ground and we know every canyon and gully, every mountain and hideaway. We know where the rivers of rest run secretly through a hidden crevice or ravine. We can lead you to each one if you call on us and listen to us at every turn.

Don’t enter the wilderness area unprepared. We are your guides, so don’t forget to take us along. You may not see us until you reach journey’s end, but you never know, on occasion you may just catch a glimpse of one or two of us during an arduous part of your trek. Perhaps when you are taking a break and not expecting a surprise visit, you’ll see us sitting beside you or taking our turn on guard duty as we surround your camp. (end)

You have entered the wilderness of My Spirit. I have carried you into this safe place –not safe in the way that it is free from difficulties and tribulation, but safe because it is in the shadow of My wings. You will face more challenges and battles, but, My dear children, always know that you are fighting on My side and no matter how dirty the fight gets, you are holding up My banner, and I will come fight for you when it seems the fight is too long. Rejoice in your hearts, My sweets, because soon you will be in My everlasting arms, and everything you have passed through will be wiped away.

Don’t for a minute think that there are no beasts and wild things in the wilderness of God’s spirit, because they are out there. Yes, Satan was and still is a creation of God and until such a time as this war is over, he, Satan, still has access to the disobedient, and even to the obedient at times. If you find this hard to understand, remember Jesus’ experience in the wilderness.

 There are many comparisons between My time in the wilderness and your time in the wilderness. The time spent is almost the same number, 40 days and 40 months of days. The monsters are out here too. The monster of depression is attacking you and others right now. His words are persuasive. The monsters I fought were persuasive too; they were strong, and I had to almost fight them physically it seemed. They don’t go away easily either; what I mean is they aren’t shooed off with a few words or even a class or two. You have to pull out those keys and really blast the monsters to bits. You have to fight them more than once or twice too. They are persistent, especially if they see you are listening to them.

You all need to see how important this time in the wilderness is. Comparing your time now with the time I spent in the wilderness is a very good start. You might say I did nothing for forty days but fight spirits. But you see, if I hadn’t gone into the wilderness, then I would not have been strengthened for winning the upcoming battle with Satan. Before I went into the wilderness, I was in no way spiritually ready for what was to come afterwards. Before the Children of Israel went into the wilderness, they were not at all ready to face what was going to be required of them to enter the Promised Land. I had to go in, they had to go in and you have to go in. If you don’t, then you won’t be ready for what is up ahead. It is My will that you pass through the wilderness, and if you don’t, then it won’t be at all possible for Me to use you when the time comes.

So fight these demons that tell you you are wasting your time in the wilderness; recognize them for who they are and what they stand for. They are standing in your way to the Promised Land. You have to defeat them to pass on to your bigger job of winning the world. I’m warning you that this wilderness travel is no picnic in the park; not many people could do it or even want to do it. They don’t even see the value in it. The older generation of the Children of Israel didn’t see the purpose of it; the older generation of the Children of David doesn’t see the purpose in it. Only a very select group of people get to experience wilderness travel. Most reject the concept altogether, and like the older generation of the Children of Israel, they will go through the coming tribulation without benefiting from the spiritual strengthening and come out on the other side not ready to fight the giants in the Promised Land.

If you are listening to the spirit, you can easily find the lessons and comparisons throughout My Word, both new and old. You’ve just got to be tuning into those around you, those who are specifically charged with helping you make it through the wilderness. These ones are like the angels that ministered to Me when I was tired and weary and almost spent from the fight. These ones that surround you night and day can bring you sustenance from the spirit world, bread that cannot be bought with money from the physical world, bread that will sustain you long past the time physical bread has gone moldy and sour. The Keys will fight for you, the Key Craft will protect you, the Elerian will take you on their backs to visit Me in My chambers, and your Blue Angels will divert energy from the generators of God to empower you in your hour of trial. All these battles are training you for the coming Millennium when they will need to be part of your very being. Then you will not only be using the Keys yourself but you will be ministers of the Keys. You will be ministering their power to others, much like your spirit helpers minister the Key’s power to you now.

If you ever hear yourself saying “What’s the point of the wilderness?” Then listen well, that voice is coming from the demon of depression. He is sneaking in the back door of your mind to catch you on the wrong foot. There is a time and season for everything under the sun, and now it is time for you to pass through the wilderness and experience all that it has for you. Don’t waste this time like the older generations did; use it wisely and you will have come through the final test of this earth life.

The tests and temptations are part of the climb. I am teaching your spirits to be in command. If your flesh were to have its way, you would be in the world following the ways of the world, just like the billions of others who have allowed the lusts of the flesh and the pride of life to dictate their lives. If I were to place this great power into the hands of material man, can you imagine what he would do with it? No, My brides, it cannot be that way. It has to be done My way and in My time. If you reach the level of greater miracles, it will be because you have followed My way and not the way of the flesh and selfishness. If you succumb, then the flesh has won and I will not be able to use you as much as I promised I would. Will you see attainment in this life? It depends on you. You say you have given all, but the tests continue to come and the battles and trials seem to be getting stronger. If you feel this, if you feel overwhelmed, then come deeper into My spirit. Heaven is waiting for you to push the door open and come in. Use the Keys more, that is what they are for; to make a way of escape that you may be able to bear it. If you have turned around, and like the rest of the world, are looking for escape in the things of the world, then you will not find them. You’ve been told this umpteen dozen times. The flesh is a mirror, an image, a mirage. You spend all your time getting there and find only sand. The water that you thought was there has moved further away. You have to fight the lie; you have to tell the Devil and yourself that you want what Jesus is offering. The way through the door begins with picking up the keys. Only the keys can unlock the door that you seek. Believe Me, the miracles will happen just when you need them to, just when it is My will. So don’t put the miracles before My will in your life. Don’t put the loaves and fishes before My Word. I have brought you aside to this lonely desert place for a reason. The Devil is telling you that it will be forever and you will never leave, that you will die in this wilderness. He is lying; he is sore afraid of you passing through this wilderness having learned what you came into the wilderness to learn. If you want the spirit, then fight for it. Keep on walking through each battle and trial using the sword that I have put in your hands. All the weapons to make it through this part of the wilderness are at your disposal. Use them, and in time you will pass through to victory. And victory isn’t necessarily what the flesh wants but what I want for you. Only I know what you will need for the next battle. I will give you respite after each battle. But be assured; there will be another one after the short period of rest. Your flesh may be telling you that you are weak, that you are not able to fight this battle, let alone another and yet another; but again, it is a lie. With Me all things are possible. I walk with you; I’ve never left your side and I will not leave your side. Even if you turn from the way and head back the way you came, I will be with you. But having forsaken your plow, I will be with you in a different capacity. 

It seems a lonely walk. But all who truly follow Me will find themselves in this place of isolation at some point; their very own wilderness, the trying of their faith. It’s a necessary part of the journey, My Brides, to prove your mettle. Not only to show Me what you are made of but to show yourself how far you are willing to go; what you need to forsake and still need to leave behind. It serves such a wonderful cleansing fortifying experience; to truly know Me. It sets you free and that is a liberation worth fighting for.

So use the stillness, the emptiness of this wilderness –not to listen to the temptations of the enemy as he bombards you in the stillness– but to call on Me. The spirit helpers walk beside you; the angels want to minister to you. They want to heal your wounds. They want to feed you the pure food and water from My kingdom. They want to connect with you. But it’s true, you have to defeat the enemy. You have to rebuke his lies with My powerful Word before you can sit with Me and the angels and partake of the little bits of Heaven that we want to bring down to refresh you and empower you.

   Keys Are Our Wilderness



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“I want you to stay focused on what the end game is and that is: The Mark of the Beast and a cashless banking system that will trap everyone in its clutches, all except those of My children who have learned to trust Me for everything. This is My goal for you, why I have given you the keys, why I ask that you love Me intimately and why I have taught you how to hear from Me in prophecy about everything. In order that when you and others are shut out of the beastly system, you will move into the Wilderness of the Spirit to live as Moses did.”

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