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My darling Wilderness child, enter in at the gate. Come away with Me and let Me nourish you. You yourself must choose to be My Woman of the Wilderness. You yourself must choose to turn your back on the acceptable, practical, logical way. Walk away, never to look back, never to return. Step out on the desert and see how I will buoy you up. You may feel weak and not have any strength left or just feel too dirty to be called the woman who fled. You feel unworthy? Or you feel it is so very hard to let everything go? I know My loves. I really do know your frame, but I haven’t brought you this far to have you turn back! (Numbers 21:5)

Have faith, My brides of the End. Have faith and flee into the wilderness during the hour of temptation that will come upon the whole world, that hour which is now upon you. Scripture must needs be fulfilled; I will not and cannot take you before your time, for out of you shall come My two witnesses, those who are ordained to fight with the fire of My Word during the last days of man, the Great Tribulation.

My true children will move into the wilderness of My spirit, and there I will keep them safe in the hour of temptation that has come upon the world. The temptation is simple. The Devil is trying to draw the last few resisters into his trap. These few resisters can only stay out of the trap by living in My Word and by listening to My still small voice in their hearts. Their own arm will fail them. They will be powerless when the storm hits. To live by faith simply means to listen to My voice and obey what I tell you to do.  Only I know the way out of the worldly wilderness, past all the traps and landmines of the enemy.

Come out from among them and touch not this unclean bird. This is your year of escape, and My just ones must live by faith. If you serve Me, then come into the wilderness of My spirit. I will fit you with eagle’s wings, and you will fly from the wrath to come.

I have always called My children out of the world. But in these days of the End, My call is more urgent, more insistent. A line has been drawn; I am separating My sheep from the goats of this world. I am calling My remnant into the wilderness before judgment falls upon unrighteous mammon. My just ones shall live of My hand by faith and the unrighteous ones who trust in the arm to save them will fall into perdition. If you would know in which direction to walk, then listen to My whispers. If you are following My checks and leads, then I will lead you to the hungry sheep. By following My will, you will be fed and cared for by Me and those that you minister to. Fret not for tomorrow; take My hand and I will lead you to green pastures, for I that feed the sparrow will also feed you from My hand. I promised that I would supply your food and clothing, yet if you come unto Me, I will supply much more than that, for I love to dote on My faithful brides.

I will give you wings of an eagle, and I will carry you when you cannot carry yourself. All I need is a willing heart, a heart that is yielded to Me. For I know your frame, I know each one’s frame. Do not think that I am not prepared for this time or that I have chosen the wrong ones for this great task. Lo, the task is great, but it will not be you who walks amongst them. For I will make you a flaming torch in My hand, and a defenced city and an iron pillar, and they shall fight against you, but they shall not overcome you. For behold I am with you, and it is I that shall fight for you and through you and in you and all the world will know that there is a Living God. Be not afraid of their faces for I am with you. Step now through the gates into the the wilderness that awaits you. Fear none of the things that lie ahead, for what are they unto Me? For behold none shall be able to stand against you, and though the towers fall and the earth be moved from its place, I will still be with you, and you shall be in My hands.

The Mark of the Beast

I want you to stay focused on what the end game is and that is: the Mark of the Beast and a cashless banking system that will trap everyone in its clutches –all except those of My children who have learned to trust Me for everything. This is My goal for you and why I have given you the keys and why I ask that you love Me intimately and why I have taught you how to hear from Me in prophecy about everything –in order that when you and others are shut out of the beastly system, you will move into the wilderness of the spirit to live as Moses did.

Forward is the only option now. You have passed the point of no return. Anywhere you turn, you will be faced with system requirements. That is because there are only two ways now. The door of the undecided has been shut; now the system is deciding for you. You just watch and see how quickly the final touches are added to the trap. No longer should you be enticed by the need for carnal support, for I can supply anything and everything you need within the fifth dimension of the wilderness. It is all by faith and will remain by faith for the rest of the journey. As the days turn into months, it will grow increasingly difficult to turn aside or turn around. It will take much greater faith because I will expect you to step out by faith at every turn. In time you will be required to take a leap of faith in order to cross some canyon or to traverse some fire or trap set by the enemy. Don’t fret, it will not get more difficult. It will instead become easier as your faith for that leaps grows.

In order to cross over, into the wilderness, we have to believe that the dollar doesn’t exist, that money doesn’t exist. You have the hand of God looking after you instead. God will be looking after you in the wilderness and there is no money there! And very soon there will be no money on the system side of the Jordan either. It will soon be digital. They are siccing the dollar on everyone.

If that Green Paper Pig has a hold on you, then point your finger and rip into it with the Keys-turned-to-swords. The Pig has power over the mind only if you allow it. The Pig is strong in the lives of all those in the world. It is a stubborn, resistant pig, and it has a terrible grip on many of My children. Do not fear the piggish dollar, for your Keys are in control of it. To enter the wilderness you must cut the cord that binds you to the Pig. The just shall live by faith, but if you draw back out of fear, then neither I nor the Keys can help you. Run to the boat, My loves. Run across the water and see how the Keys will buoy you up. See how you will walk across the waters of impossibility. Take My hand if the waves become boisterous, and I will bring you safely into the boat. We will cross to the other side and enter in at the gate. I can do all things, but you must take the first step in My direction.

I guess that’s what our spirit helpers are saying. We’re to point at the Green Pig and say, “Don’t believe in it” You can’t go into the wilderness if you’re still believing in it. What wilderness? The bush? No, the spiritual wilderness. You cannot receive manna from Heaven; you cannot even begin to build your faith in that direction if you’re still believing in the dollar, in money, in the system. You have to grow your faith out of that. That’s how you get into the wilderness. It’s almost like a key, isn’t it? This is the key. Rebuke the Green Paper Pig, and in your mind, it will disappear.

You can’t take your system ideas and your system economics into the wilderness. It has to disappear. It has to be “just not real” to you anymore. If it’s still real and you’re sitting in the wilderness wondering how you are going to get money, you aren’t really living by faith, are you?

The Mark of the Beast is upon the world and this junction that I am standing beside, called “living by faith” points down a path that you must take right now in order that you be not swallowed with the rest of the world.

Each step you take to remove yourself from their system is a step into My wilderness and that’s where the miracles can happen. Each person that steps out of the system takes a step closer to Me and My care. I accept you, and I cut those ties to the system for you.

There is only one way to reach this point of truly knowing and accepting that I am all you need and that is to burn all those bridges that lead back to the system. If you truly believe that the last hour is upon the world, as I have said it is, then you will continue to prepare by taking the steps I am showing you to take.

This trip into the wilderness of Revelation 12 is certainly a one-way ride, no return ticket. As for tomorrow, the Bible says “Take no thought.” Wilderness walkers have to walk by faith. You can’t take your money with you because there is nowhere to spend that money.



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“The first thing you have to do before entering the “wilderness” (Revelation 12:6,14) is to park your car, and your life in the world. Sit down and hear from Jesus about the predicament you are in. You need to listen quietly to what He has to say.

You are in another dimension, one of the signs and wonders of My miraculous care and love and supply and protection.”

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