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Revelation 12:6 And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days. :14 And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.

Enter In At the Gate

To “go into the wilderness” can mean different things to different people. Some think that picking up your belongings and heading for the hills is the way to go. But what if you really don’t have that option? What if you are a 70-year-old woman or pregnant or just can’t physically make that arduous journey, much less do all that has to be done to live off the land, not to mention acquiring the skills required to survive!? Because the fact is, unless you take the Mark of the Beast, you will not be privy to the things of this world. In other words, there’s no going to the corner store when your flour runs out. No, there is a deeper meaning to this “going into the wilderness” business.

The wilderness is a secret tunnel of escape, but instead of a network of underground catacombs, it is the spirit world. Not with random exit and entry portals set at specific geographical locations, but anywhere, anytime the user calls on the Keys of the Kingdom, a portal opens, right at the point of request.

You have the Keys to the Wilderness. Use them to slip in and out of the spiritual realm at will. There is nowhere else to run or hide. The exits are covered. The supply lines are controlled, travel is restricted to the preferred, and every person is marked, every item tagged and numbered.

The exit (portal) is just over there. It may be a little hard to reach, but just remember the promises that Jesus has given and believe them. It will certainly take faith,  –faith is the gold you will need to enter in — over here, beyond the portal, beyond the veil, in the wilderness between Heaven and Earth.

My spirit is your wilderness, and it is never too late to run to Me, up under My wings, close to My heart where it is eternally safe and warm. From there you can look out from between My feathers and see the world rush headlong into the abyss. From there I will use you to call to others, those that have lost their way in the darkness and confusion. The more time you spend under My wings, the stronger you will become. You will feel that sword in your hand once again, and it will bring courage to your heart and strength to your soul. That sword is the Keys that I placed in your hand many years ago. Bring them out, touch them, feel them, and admire them, for they are power unspeakable. They will lead you through the coming night. They will lead you to the lost and they will protect you when all seems lost. They are your supply and strength; they are your courage and endurance. They cannot fail, so hold them high above you so that their light may be seen by those groping in the darkness.

I will keep you and yours safe; I will feed you and keep you safe. But know this, that this will be your greatest time to let your light so shine and to bring many to Me and to My Kingdom. This will be your biggest harvest! So, although I will keep you in your wilderness, that door is always open, and you will be able to traverse back and forth. I know your works. I know that your desire and mission is to find and win the lost. I know, even though there is much trouble, that you will not deny My name; you will witness unto the End. I will keep you through it but not out of it. I do know your frailties and your need of My hand to protect and cover you. I will whisk you away through that open door, that portal, into My realm, when you need to be kept from the dark forces of the enemy. Only My most ardent can do that, My Philly brides, those who adore Me and have left their doors open and our souls inhabit each other. We are not just casual acquaintances but soul mates. Our love has been tried and has been found to be true, so now when the s— hits the fan, they will not be moved. They know that I will never let them go or abandon them. They are so sure because our love for each other is so intimate, so tried and proven.

The Revelation 12 clock is tick, tick ticking, beloved! It is past time to grow those wings of faith and fly into the wilderness which has been prepared by God since the beginning of time. 

Fly, My love doves, fly. Take up the wings of an eagle and fly with Me into the wilderness. Let us fellowship behind the veil of My promises. My Kingdom surrounds this world of man, just as My armies surrounded Dothan in the day that I came to save My prophet. If you cannot see, then ask for the Keys, and I will open your eyes to what the blind cannot see.

The Keys to the Wilderness give the holder entrance to an open door or portal through the spiritual veil that separates My Kingdom from the material world.

You stand at the gate of halfway-to-Heaven land, and you experience its magic, but you must now come in deeper. It must be each one’s personal choice and faith to step through the thin veil of shimmering glass and enter the portal. There is no turning back; this is what lies ahead upon the road for all My pilgrims as they make their way to that Great City, the City of Light, My Celestial City. This is the high road, and all who choose to forsake their ways to take up Mine may pass through this last gate into halfway-to-Heaven land.

(Spirit Helper:) As you enter in at the gate, it is not quite the same as passing through a normal door. There is an aura, like a thin veil or film that covers the entrance; this you must pass through. It is as a cleansing bath that washes away the sticky goo of the world which stains the spirit of a man. The aura is beautiful blue in color and can be pictured as a mist or at times a liquid. Its appearance and texture varies with different people. Its purpose is to cleanse you of the clinging things of the world in preparation for the in-fitting requirements for wilderness travel. The world is a dirty place; it is physically dirty and spiritually dirty. You might compare passing through the aura to a trip out of the city to a lovely wilderness area, for example a lake or forest or a deserted sandy beach. You feel that dirty city spirit being washed from you as you leave the city perimeter. The more remote the area, the more beauty you see; wild animals might even begin to appear. Your spirit soars and you praise the Creator of such a wonderful place. Looking into the sky at night can give you a similar experience, but on a lesser scale, simply because you can’t enter into that space like you can enter a wilderness area. You are simply looking in, yet still, that experience can be enough to lift your spirit.

Now that I have your mind on the feeling you have when entering the wilderness, I want you to meditate on it for a bit. The feeling comes due to the cleansing effect that a person passes through when entering the spirit of God. However, it is not just a feeling but a state of mind, heart and spirit. It is a real thing, and you are actually strengthened. You are undergoing a type of union with your Creator and it makes you want to praise and respect Him. The praise you feel is a weapon; it washes those cling-on spirits off of your spirit. Whenever you feel them starting to latch on again –and they will, in an attempt to drag you back to the cesspool and gain entrance to your heart through your mind– all you have to do is start praising the Creator. The weapon of loving Him intimately is a deeper form of praise, and you should use it as much as possible. In fact, you should desire this intimacy above all things because it is the only way to enter deeper into His spirit. Praise is the Key, the first key, to this deeper intimacy.



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“My darling Wilderness child, enter in at the gate. Come away with Me and let Me nourish you. You yourself must choose to be My Woman of the Wilderness. You yourself must choose to turn your back on the acceptable, practical, logical way and walk away, never to look back, never to return. Step out on the desert and see how I will buoy you up.”

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