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Jesus speaking:

Beloved, come with Me. I want to reignite the flame of revolution in your bosom. If it’s the opinions of mankind that fuels your resolve to do this or that in life, that’s not going to get you out of Earth’s gravity. You need something to burn in your soul that makes you feel that it doesn’t matter who doesn’t like it, or what they think is cool or not.

Remember what it means to be a revolutionary Bride? Coming out from among them. If the whole mob moves this way and so do you, is that “coming out”?

If you are alone, but sitting by My side hearing My words—the words that it could be said of them, “No man spake as this man”, put in English: REALLY DIFFERENT—then you have come out. You are hearing and believing My extraordinary Words.

If you leave all, because You find Me so much more attractive than the opinions of others, that says volumes to Me, and attracts Me like a bee to honey. I’m interested and am willing to give My heart to such a one.

So if you are still needing the approval of mates and colleagues to keep making progress forward, boy, that is going to take literally millennia. Take the shortcut and step out. Imagine it like a line of hundreds of thousands of people all roped together around their ankles, all trying to take some steps forward. You aren’t going to get very far up a mountain, each one waiting for the others to make the moves, and only succeeding in knocking each other down most of the time.

Break away. Odd, yes. New, uh huh. Out of the norm, absolutely. But do it. I’m already way ahead. Run, catch up, night’s coming and you don’t want to be in that mob when it sets in. For one, it will be very uncomfortable, and another, it’s colder standing still. And when the wolves come out, those trapped into taking only the steps that others are taking, are way easy prey.

Get free. Break free. Get running. I might even give you a ride on My back for a bit to give your fighting and weary legs a rest.

You’ll rest your head on my shoulder and know that you don’t need their approval. You just needed Me.

Are you willing to give all, even if everyone around you backslides? Even if everyone around you forsakes the Lord, are you willing to go on, you and you alone? Even if the whole world would forsake the Lord, are you still willing to confess Him?

This is the question that everyone–everyone still standing–must ask themselves. And not only now, but throughout your life you must make the decision again and again to give all, to forsake all in your heart for Jesus. You must give your life to Him every day, not just once.

Do you want to give Jesus only a part of your heart, or do you want to give Him all? Don’t be shaken in your faith, but go to Jesus. He’s calling you to be His, so don’t turn Him away. Come to Jesus and give Him your heart. Lay your life on the altar day by day, moment by moment, and He’ll carry you through.

Without Jesus, it’s only husks! Like in the parable of the sower, be that seed that fell on the good ground, rooted in the Lord. There will always be those who turn back, who can’t make it for one reason or another, because they’re planted in shallow ground, or they’re not watered with enough water of the Word. Not everybody is going to be able to serve the Lord full-time. But He has called and chosen you.

So give Him your life–don’t turn Him away! Give Him your best. And if you don’t know what your best is or you don’t know where you fit in, but you do know that you want to serve the Lord, then seek and find your calling. He has a place and a calling for each person, and He has one for you–just you!

Seek Him today! He loves you, He wants you, and He will not fail you. Though Heaven and Earth and all your friends may pass away, Jesus will never fail. Jesus is calling you. Jesus wants you! Jesus is yours. Take Him, love Him, give yourself to Him–and He will give you everything! (End of message.)           (Hold On To Your Crown! [#3168])

Jesus in love

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