Excerpts from PTFCOD #5

The Enemy is trying to get you to look at the waves, to worry about each wave and wonder if it will sink the boat. Then another one comes, and you wonder if that will sink the boat, and on and on it goes; you’re tossed by every wave that comes. If you allow your carnal mind to take over, you will constantly be “seasick” and tossed by every wave of fear that comes crashing down around you. Whereas if you put your faith in Me, your Captain, and trust that My ship will not sink but will bring you safely to the shore of My Heavenly Kingdom no matter what storms beset it, then you can laugh out loud at each wave that rises high above and threatens to sink your ship‚ for you have faith in Me and My ability to save and keep you.

The way to keep such fears from stealing your joy and causing you to worry is to soak yourself in My Word. Through My Words you will gain faith, and that faith will overcome your fear. As you read My Words, I will comfort your heart and give you peace. My Word will inoculate you against fear and will put a shield of faith around you, which the Enemy cannot penetrate with his spirit of fear. Fear not, nor be dismayed at the Devil’s attacks. For I, the Lord‚ and My keys of courage do go with you‚ as you claim them in full faith. March on with Me to full victory! Refuse to worry. You might think that’s easier said than done‚ but really, don’t you have weapons of the spirit that can blast to bits any worries‚ fears, or concerns that the Enemy would try to weigh you down with? Don’t you have the keys to rise above, the gift of faith, praise to see you over the obstacles‚ prayer to bring about miracles and change‚ the gift of prophecy to hear My voice, spirit helpers to aid you‚ and your intimate relationship with Me to dispel all worry and fear? Then why are you worrying?

Fight Against Discouragement, Bitterness, and Condemnation

As long as you fight against the spirit of the Enemy, his spirit of discouragement, his fears of the future, his spirit of bitterness over events in your life–whether about relationships with others, your ministry, your circumstances, your love life, or whatever–you’ll be able to keep the Enemy’s lies out of your mind and function more in faith and in My Spirit.

Discouragement is one of the Enemy’s favorite tools that works against the “God factor.” He uses discouragement to weaken your faith and confidence in Me, which then makes you try extra hard in your own strength. Refute the discouraging lies of the Enemy with praise. Wield that unbeatable weapon, and not only will the discouraging thoughts vanish, but the worry you felt will vanish as well, and your faith will increase.

Discouragement is like a big wall that makes you stop and feel as if you can’t go any further. It’s like sinking sand that keeps you in the present, sinking in the lies of the Enemy. That’s why you’ve got to fight it with the keys of faith–faith in Me, faith to do My will, and even faith in yourself, faith that I can and will use you despite your weakness and inabilities.

Bitterness is the result of lack of faith, lack of trust, thinking you know better, and self-righteously wanting to judge and rule and cause the other person to suffer as you have suffered. But these attitudes of heart and mind don’t bring Me closer, and don’t cause My Spirit to reign freely in your life. They don’t cause you to draw nigh to Me, that I might draw nigh to you, but instead they have the opposite effect. Bitterness causes you to be distant, unbelieving, and it quenches the flow of your love toward Me. It causes you to be closed and hard and resistant to the flow of My love toward you.

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“As you continually strive to accept that all things truly work together for good to you who love Me, this will strengthen your muscles of faith and trust, and in turn will help you to resist the temptations of the Enemy to become resentful toward any situation or person.”