Building on the rock of god’s word or

Sand of Personal Conviction

I was having a discussion this morning about a man and his family. They and their relatives were making a stand to not vaccinate. I don’t know all the reasons why, but it did seem like their stance was made not for religious reasons but on health issues. Apparently they were having this family gathering, and most all the relatives were there; none of them were vaccinated. Then the wife’s father arrived. He’d been warned by the husband to not vaccinate, but it seems he’d ignored the warnings and was now double vaccinated. Anyway, to cut a long story short, when the other relatives found out about it, they asked him to leave the house.

I was praying about this for a while and was reminded of what Jeremiah the prophet said to me just two days ago in prophecy about not focusing on the health issues, but instead focusing on the Word of God. What he said reminded me of a couple of quotes in the letter “Focus on the Power”,

 Jesus speaking: “My Father said I needed to forget about looking at the obstacles and set My ­focus only on the power I had access to. I had to acknowledge that the obstacles were there; I had to acknowledge there was a problem; but when I was faced with an obstacle, I was to instantly focus on the power, focus on the keys, focus on My Father, on His Word, and on what I knew to be true.

I had to focus on His Word, on the power of the keys, not on the circumstances that sur­rounded Me. He told Me clearly that what I had to do was to ignore all other possibilities of sol­utions to any given problem or obstacle I faced. I had to ignore all other voices crying out to Me and only focus on the keys.”

That quote put some skin on the scenario I explained above; because, in real life, no one knows who’s vaccinated and who’s not. If the father of the wife had kept his secret, then he would have enjoyed the fellowship of his family that day. I’m not advocating sneakiness. My point is –the family focused on fear, not faith, that day at their fellowship. Those very same relatives left the fellowship that day and likely went shopping before going home, passing by any number of vaccinated people before reaching their “safe house”.

Applying this scenario to our own situation, we are witnesses. We are required to go out and preach the gospel, and in our work, we will be confronted by any number of vaccinated people, “carriers of the disease” as this man and his relatives believe.  If our conviction is built on health alone, then we will not be effective witnesses. We will be fearful and most likely act that way toward others. We need something stronger than our own personal conviction. We need to make a stand on the Word of God. We need to focus on the power of God’s Word.

What many people don’t understand yet is that there is a polarization underway. The world is turning against anyone who is the least bit out of sync with the way the governments of the world are going. Those who are standing on their faith or their personal conviction in refusing this vaccination are the ones who are being pushed out of fellowship. In this man’s house, it was the other way around, but out in the world it is not like that at all.

Standing on your personal conviction when confronted by officials demanding that you vaccinate or leave the shop you are in or an angry person accusing you of being a carrier, will be like building your house on sand. The Bible says that ALL will receive the mark; this worldwide vaccination program seems to be taking the same path. If so, then your personal conviction is going to feel a bit flismy when the storm gets bigger and uglier. What you are going to need is a Rock to stand on. The wonderful thing about standing on the Rock is that He will be standing there with you. He made a promise that He will keep you when that storm out there becomes a furious hurricane –and it will, as the Devil himself whips up his winds of persecution against all those that refuse his mark. Personal conviction without faith in God’s Word is like sand; it cannot stand against the demons that have been let loose in the world.

More on Focusing on the Power, Jesus Speaking:

“Focusing on the power is letting My Words and the power you have in the keys dictate your life. It’s letting the keys and the things I instruct you to do have supreme rule in your life. As My Father’s Word to Me had to dictate My every action, so My Word to you must dictate all your actions. Focusing on the power is ignoring all possibilities other than what the keys and My Word can do for you. Focusing on the power is refusing any alternatives other than using the keys and standing on My Word.

I had to look to My Father’s Word rather than the circumstances I found Myself in. I had to look to the keys alone and claim their power, ignoring all else, and this is what you must also do. The power rules! The keys rule! The Word rules! You must believe it, stand on it, live by it!

My Word is alive, it’s action, it’s power­ful! It’s sharper than any two-edged sword. It can divide the soul and spirit, and discern the thoughts and intents of every heart. My Word is live power!”

Okay now, this is what dear Jeremiah said to me two days ago regarding our stance out there on the street and no doubt our general stance when confronted by those who demand that we be vaccinated.

Prophecy, Jeremiah speaking: Stick to the Gospel. The Word of God is where your strength lies, that is where you must stand. You are preaching 666, yes. You are doing what all Christians should be doing: preaching the Endtime message to the people God has sent you to. You have dedicated your life to preaching the gospel. You were born here, and this is your mission field. God loves the people, and He wants to warn them in order that they are given an opportunity to choose. He has shown you that 666 is sweeping the world, and it is your duty to warn as many people as you are able to in order that they be given a chance to make an educated decision.  My people perish through lack of knowledge.

You can challenge them by showing them the reasons why you feel that what is happening in your country  and around the world is related to 666, but it is still a matter of personal choice to be numbered or not. Stay away from the vaccine health issues, unless they want to drag you into it. And then the only thing you have to say is what the Bible says: your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost, and He has commanded that we not defile it. Our bodies are bought with a price. They are Christ’s, and He paid dearly for them. We owe Jesus allegiance. We are the body of Christ, and no one has a right to force His body to take a substance we feel is against His will. It is time to preach the acceptable time of the Lord and the coming false messiah. We are not against the government. We are against the numbering of the people, as is God. You can show them a direct example from I Chronicles 21 “and Satan stood up against Israel.” We are compelled to tell the people, just as Jeremiah was compelled to tell the people that the Babylonians were coming. This numbering system is not coming from the government. It is international; it is happening simultaneously in every country around the world. It was said that you would be brought before magistrates and judges, so prepare yourselves, because before long you will be asked to make account of yourselves and give an answer for the disturbance you have caused throughout this region. Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Stick to the Gospel, and the power of the Keys will give you all the wisdom you will need to give an account. Jesus will be there to back up His Word. (End of message from Jeremiah)

“On Christ the solid Rock I stand; All other ground is sinking sand!” Are you trusting in JESUS to save you?”

“When you have faith, your heart is fixed, trusting in Me, and you are not moved by bad news or evil tidings.”


The lamp

When you call on the keys, the powers of evil lose their sway; sin, disease, and fear give way. Satan’s power cannot withstand the power of the keys!

If you could accept that this vaccination may very well be part of the 666 program being foisted on the world or at least realize that very soon you will not be able to buy or sell anything without being vaccinated, then you would realize that you had better bolster your personal conviction. If your faith in God is non-existent, then pray tell what are you going to use as mortar for your house when you are shut out of shops and all government facilities? If you are a Christian, but your faith is weak, for example, if you have only been a church-going Christian and have no real spiritual depth other than Sunday fellowship at your local chapel, then it is high time to get your boots on and start your workout program in order to lose some of that worldly fat.

Here’s what Jesus said in “Focus on the Power” about getting on the stick.

“If you want to focus on the power, My brides, you must learn to do as I did and adopt a “do it now” policy. This will help you stay focused, because in doing what I tell you without delay, you will be declaring your faith, and through this stand of faith, you will ward off the distraction of other things, carnal reasoning, and the impossibilities that try to bring you down.

You must hear from Me and take immediate action, nothing wavering, without so much as even considering any other possibility or alternative other than calling on the power of the keys. If you stop to consider other alternatives, this will lessen the power of the keys, for in so doing, you open the door for the ­Enemy to get a foothold in your heart and mind with temptation to waver and back down.

You must not look to the right or to the left. You must not even consider any other course of action. You must look straight on to Me alone and the things I tell you to do. You must simply follow through on what I tell you to do. This is focusing on the power. It’s not letting your focus get interrupted with other alternatives, with carnal thinking, with temptations of doubt, with negative input of the world, with anything other than My sure Word.

This is what I had to do during My public ministry on Earth. If I was to access the power of the keys to the greatest degree, I had to look only to the power of the keys, call only on the power of Heaven I possessed. My faith had to be in the power of the keys alone. I had to ignore all other possibilities of solutions to the problem. I had to look and act on what My Father told Me to do each time and ignore the circumstances around Me.

Through the “do it now” policy, I was allowing My Father’s highest will to dictate My life. There was no room to even consider any other course of action. Through the “do it now” policy, I was putting My faith into action, putting My Father on the spot, and claiming the power of the keys.

As I put this instruction into practice, My power was increased. Through putting the Words My Father spoke to Me into action on the spot, I became more fully focused on the power of the keys I held. Because I was claiming His power, because I took action, this cancelled out room for Satan to try to come in with the things I now warn you of–carnal reasoning, threats of doubt, and the ways of the world.

Through taking action instantly I was slamming the door on the Devil’s “it can’t be done” threats, on his “you can only go this far and no further” spiel, on his “what if it doesn’t work?” line, and on his doubts. The carnal mind is the enemy of the power of the keys, and I was not giving My carnal mind room to work because I was putting faith into action immediately and instantly doing what I was told from Heaven. This was the focus I needed to be able to avail Myself of the full power of the keys.”

(End of excerpt)

To finish I’d like to share with you a prophecy received today that goes along with gaining faith in hearing from Jesus, or listening to the still small voice of His Word, or focusing on the power. I had a dream about following the whispers implicitly.  I can barely remember the dream, but as the prophecy points out, the dream wasn’t as important as the idea the dream was trying to portray.

“Absolute obedience is what that dream was about. Remembering the dream isn’t as important as the lesson it was trying to bring out. The spirit of trust in the still small voice is vital. It is difficult to explain, but so important to retain that simple trust needed to follow instructions from the spirit world by faith. It is so much like that analogy of the sailboat. You can be sitting on the ocean blue with your sail up when a nice breeze comes in behind you, but your little boat will be directionless until you place that tiller in the water. You hear the Word of God through your spiritual guide—giving a single instruction.  The tiller goes into the water, the sails fill with air and your second instruction comes in. You are to head on a nor-easterly tack. The more you practice obedience to those instructions, the better sailor you become. You see some cloud forming up ahead a little to the right. You feel some trepidation and are tempted to fear, but because you have been practicing using your Keys at every opportunity, you immediately call on them for courage. Then you quickly double-check with your spirit guide if you are to remain on the nor-easterly tack, because it seems to be taking you right into that storm front. You get a green light on your direction. To bolster your faith, you continue to claim key promises. Suddenly, a mile or so later, there is a command to change direction by taking a northerly tack. This moves your boat in a direction that by-passes the storm front, and in time the storm has moved out to sea on your starboard side. All is well as you continue on your journey.

Looking back later, you wonder why your guides hadn’t gotten you to take that northerly tack at the point you noticed the storm front forming. Maybe if you are really interested, you could hear from them about it, and perhaps they would explain why. Or you could simply trust the Lord that they know exactly what they are doing, leave the navigating up to them and just enjoy the ride. But the point of this whole exercise is about placing your faith in the voice from beyond. The more you do this, the more faith grows, and before long you are cruising along on a continuous stream of instructions from the realm of the spirit. You could say it is a little like what Lambda One does when it rides the sonic space waves, or what a jet airplane does when it enters a jet-stream. Its engines are still running, but so much of the effort is gone because there is a powerful wind stream pushing the airplane along. So practice; apply yourselves to this task, and the more you do, the more deeply your little boat will enter the slipstream of the River of Life. Yes, you will still have to fight fear and tiredness and all the other waves that will threaten to push your vessel off course, but with the keys you can keep your bow turned into the waves and it will cut through them much more easily.


“When you have faith, you do not have a doubtful mind, but one which steadfastly trusts in Me. You do not cast away your confidence‚ your faith, nor do you waver, like a wave of the sea, driven with the wind and tossed (Hebrews 10:35; James 1:6). You know I can do it. I want to do it, and I will do it. That is faith, which greatly pleases Me, for this is the era of faith–of trusting and knowing, even though you cannot see Me and have nothing to stand on but My Word.”


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