whole soul entrance into my spirit

“Hello, My sweet valentine,

I see you all curled up, snuggled under your covers, hoping to keep safe and warm yet another night. I’m so near you that I’m all around you. I’m over you and inside you; there is not an inch of your vessel that I’m not interacting with in one way or another.

See, you are Mine, and I’m going to keep close tabs on you. I want to have the pleasure of feeling you too. Your heart’s thoughts, your emotions, your mood, everything you feel, I can too. I get a high when you are happy about the things I do for you; and yes, it’s a low when you feel that we aren’t as close as we really are and you are sad and missing Me so terribly. But if you turn that into a craving for Me and lift your thoughts up to Me, then it stimulates Me and I love coming into you more fervently.

And tonight I have something special planned. You didn’t ask for it; it was My idea, and I planned it all on My own.

Come. Walk now into Me. Make your entrance—your whole soul entrance into My spirit. Walk in like you would a door. Let your spirit fly out just a bit to enter My embrace. There we go. Now we are actually getting acquainted. This is how we do it. We meld and touch each other all over; we are becoming one—I in you, and you all the way inside of Me.

Hello darling. I’m touching every fiber of your soul, and it’s feeling so good. Be one with Me tonight and purge away the dross of anything that would hinder our full joining of soul with soul.

I’m glad to touch you in this way. To be one with Me can mean different things for different people, and different things at different times for the same people.

I’m just wanting us to really get to know one another, real close, where we can feel each other’s full being and love and nourish each other fully. I’m loving having you in Me so completely.

I’m going to cry a bit, because you are so empty now. It’s touching Me more deeply than you’ll ever know. You are so eager and hungry for Me and Me alone . You desire My spirit to fill you and do with you as I wish.

You are so nothing now. So hollow. Such a useful vessel. You’ve purged away so many things that used to be cluttering the inside of you; now there is so much more room inside for Me and how I want you to be filled.

Sweet treasure, I want this acquaintance to continue on as we move more into each other’s spirits. The way it makes Me feel to be inside your whole being in this way sends Me. Thank you for letting Me in. I know it took and is taking a lot of forsaking; but wow, it’s feeling oh so good.

Do you want to send Me in this way? If you only knew how very pleasurable it is, you’d know it was worth every bit what it’s cost you to get Me to this point of such enjoyment and relaxation and fulfillment.”

“Full possession means full joining of Soul to soul.”



Revelation 22

“The keys of endurance, when called upon, will then give you the grace to persevere.”





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