Submitted by Victoria

There’s power in the name of Jesus; there’s power in the name of the keys.

There’s power in sending reminders; there’s power in our prayers from Thee.

There’s power in the blood of Jesus; there’s power when all seems lost.

There’s power when all is confusion, and grace when there’s a cost.

There’s power in a friend like you, who loves my Jesus too!

There’s power in sharing His love; there’s power in words from you!

What is our position?

What is our stand?

What makes a mountain?

What makes a man?

Who really turned the world asunder?

Who makes the hair to stand?

Who’s coming back on Carmel?

Who? –The Son of man!

Is it man, my friend, we fear?

Is Satan reigning over, near?

Is nothing hidden, nothing covered?

Is not the Fear of God Supreme!?

For worthy is the Lamb; He hath the keys.

For He alone holds heaven & hell, for body & soul to be,

For what He tells us in the dark, thunders with delight,

For God alone, is fear enough, He, THE ALMIGHTY!

“There is power in the Blood of the Keys; Jesus and the Keys and the Word are one.”



out of Memphis

“The power of the keys of yieldedness can help you to gracefully accept the changes I’m bringing to pass in your life, and to find the new and enhanced role these things are equipping you for.”





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