Registration and Tribulation

The Year 2022 will see many, if not all, national puppet governments imposing mandatory vax on their people. Call it what you will; this long-planned and well-orchestrated international registration of the entire world’s citizenry is well documented in the book of Revelation.
As this internationally stimulated pogrom develops, any person/s resisting will be denigrated then denied basic government services. Persecution will come, and over time, dissenters will be made classless or exterminated. This is also well documented in the Book of Revelation as well as other apocryphal books.



Heaven and Hell Have Merged

And our Elerian have been loosed to set us free!

Are you a Disciple? (An Elerian speaking)

We are not dilly dallying now; we are pushing hard. We are stirring the pot, for the day is well spent. The fires of conviction have been heated seven times hotter, and we are throwing the hay and stubble and dross of past mistakes into the furnace of God’s will to ensure the flame burns away all excuses and reasoning. This is also part of the job of an Elerian, we are staff sergeants; so line up now, empty those duffel bags and let’s see what is superfluous and unnecessary. Those duffel bags have to be lightweight. They must not weigh you down, so out with all the extra baggage and into the fire it goes.

Old mind-sets are some of the heaviest; they can take up a lot of unnecessary room. Some are so big it’s hard to get them out of the rucksack. All you have to do is pour in the new wine, my loves; Break that mind-set, if the wine skin busts in the process, so be it; let it bust. We can sew it up again with the thread of freedom of spirit. That thread, let me tell you, is unbreakable.

Your father David was good at telling it the way it is. Well this class is of the same medicine. As you know, it was delivered to you by his faithful scribe. Well, it is always good to remember; he that preaches the gospel is expected to live of the gospel. And that has not changed in 2,000 years either. So everyone must take their medicine if they want to ride on our backs. We aren’t timid fairground ponies. No sir, we are range riding stallions. We gallop the river of life; we surf the vast harmonics of the spiritual realm and to stay on our backs you have to be naked in spirit –never a dull moment when mounting the freedom steeds. So trim down those duffel bags, because you never know, you may just have to ditch them too if the going gets really rough. Who knows, but we may have to all disappear across the veil once in a while, in a quick dash, to escape the hands of the Fowler.

“The world is numbered; the chip is in place. Every item and person have some type of registration. Hell has merged with the earth. We have entered the last days”

Elerian Angel


You Begin The Charge

“When you claim the power of the keys, My light, love, energy, and force become a part of your very being.”





He’s coming soon

“You are of the house of David, the house of faith. You are being trained to stand with Me, as part of My government, a government that will rule not only this earth, but all of creation. (I saw a vision of Jesus standing on a high mountain, much like the one illustrated in the Revelation 21 video.  He swept his hand outward at the heavens and the planets and stars and solar systems and galaxies as He spoke these Words.) Earth is My footstool. I call it a footstool because it is where I will place My City of Light, My home, a place of rest and recreation, a place where I can put My feet up whilst all My wives and children gather about Me for fellowship and enjoyment. It will be a place of great peace and learning; it will be the center of the world. You, My brides, will be My ambassadors; always on call, always ready to go, to do, to be My representatives to all creation. Wherever you go, you will be sent by Me as My messengers. You will herald My coming; you will prepare the hearts and minds of those who will be receiving Me. I will not just sweep in unannounced, not even as a babe did I come unannounced to earth. That was an official visit that took much preparation of hearts and minds of many people. Yes, sometimes I come incognito, dressed in garb that hides My true glory and identity, but when I send you, My ambassadors, then everyone will know I am on an official visit. You will make sure everything is in place, and that all in that city or planet or solar system know that the King of kings is visiting their kingdom. This will be only one of your responsibilities.

For now, My loves, earth is your training school, your academy. It is My officers training school; it is open for admission anytime, for anyone whom I have called. However, not many desire to enter this school. Many know it is here in the spiritual realm, yet so many choose not to register. There are others also that know it is here, those that despise what is happening here. These are full of jealousy and hatred toward you and the choices you have made. These are those that felt cheated at the time the plans for this school were unveiled, and allowed pride and envy to creep into their hearts . These are those that were called to remain as servants within My Kingdom. Nonetheless, everyone must pass through the course of servitude –everyone. And no one, not even I your King, skipped this course. Angels, men –all creation must pass the course, for true happiness only comes through being a servant of all. Did not I say I am a servant of all? Yes, a life of service to others is the alabaster box of fine ointment that makes those who break the box smell so good, and as its aroma is released, it permeates the world around those box breakers. Break the box and let the golden elixir of humility pervade the lives of others. Eventually the whole world will be saturated.

The jealous ones fight a hopeless fight; love always wins in the end. These ones will either yield to this great order or be consumed by their own pride. I have told you before that you are now fighting these ones for the sake of the Kingdom to come. You, My children, the rulers to come, are fighting for your subjects. You are fighting the jealous ones, their jealousy has no reason. They are bound by pride and hatred and their intent is to destroy all My plans, and not only My plans, but the earth itself and all who dwell upon it. Only I can save the garden of God, and I will, but you must do your part to win those who are lost before My return, those wandering ones lost in the desert of sin,. Announce My arrival; this is your commission as My ambassadors. Tell the world of My soon arrival. Prepare the hearts of all, both good and evil, for the soon coming of the King of kings.”


“The Lord wants to use the Family to be witnesses of His Law of Love to the world, because in so doing, He’s paving the way for the world of tomorrow when He returns to rule the world by His Law of Love.” David Berg






Submitted to mB by Kay

(Message to a young lady ensnared in drugs and abuse.)

(Jesus:) God is not the author of confusion but of peace. The peace of God which passes all understanding can keep your heart and mind. This utter turmoil and topsy-turvy situation you find yourself plunged into only compounds the issue and makes matters worse.

I bring peace. I don’t bring turmoil. You have to learn the difference between tests of faith, and the devil’s voice of confusion that seeks to drown out the voice of God.

I say to you, Peace be still.

Trust in the dark brings triumph at dawn.

The tunnel, the long dark tunnel you are in, could end any time you decide to stop going  the same way and to dig your way up to the surface.  But it takes doing something no one else is doing, reaching for the light, tossing out anything dark and determinedly reaching up through hard ground that people say will lead to nowhere. When you at last reach the surface and find you can breathe and that real light does exist, you’ll be the one to laugh at them all. You’ll hear the muffled grunts as those who said you were crazy to believe in the “upstairs” are still digging their way around in circles far below where your feet are floating. You’ll laugh then, as you finally have real oxygen to breathe—at last!…

For full prophecy in PDF “download here”

“Break out, and you’ll love your new life.”




Your eyes that see me as  I am and love me just the same. (A love song to Jesus)





Break out of the tunnel

Prophecy recently submitted to MB

They will desecrate the sanctuary with an impure sacrifice, a sacrifice to another god, sacrifice that I, the Lord, sent them  not to do, sacrificing their sons and daughters to Moloch, the devil.

He will sit in the temple that was built for God posing as God and will desecrate the sanctuary with sacrifices to the goat (Satan).

They will mock Me and will sacrifice in the place that of ancient times was used to bring sacrifices of mercy to Me. And those sacrifices are abominable  to Me, being offered to the Lord of this world to petition for the riches of this world. Abomination, abomination. They have become despicable; they have sold their souls to the God of this world for fleeting riches.

Listen to Me, O soul. Listen to My voice, says the Lord. Do not throw away your First Love. All the rest are thieves. They are false loves. Don’t fornicate with the world.

The world and its riches pass away, but whoever loses his life for my sake will not see death. He will never perish but will see life eternal and riches that will never end.

The Beast

Jesus speaking: The beast is a creature deformed by his sins. Pride the first!! He resists the truth and therefore must hide in the shadows, shadows that were created because of his disobedience.

And so is everyone who resists the truth.

The beast is that goat with wings of a dragon, woman’s breasts and man’s genitals. A beast that has no shape or definition. He rebels against all that is God, and he exalts himself above God, posing as God. And his name is perverse. And his number is 666.

In spirit it is a beast and that is how I see him in spirit. He who reads understands what the spirit says to the churches.


“Listen to Me, O soul. Listen to My voice says the Lord. Do not throw away your first love. All the rest are thieves. They are false loves. Don’t fornicate with the world.”



“Revelation 13:3”

An update on Revelation 13 and the deadly wound that was healed.




 “The Word Of God” 

NEW FROM YOU!! A series of bite-sized prophecies that touch on a multitude of interesting subjects. These downloadable PDF prophecy files were sent in to MB from our different readers.





Prophecy on psalm 91:7

A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.

Jesus says:

You are going to see a whole lot of death and destruction around you in the world, for it is a battle zone of right against wrong, of good against bad, of light against darkness. It gets messy with so much scuffling going on—mostly in the minds and hearts of mankind. Then things get played out in the form of lack of love that causes death and destruction, and just plain evil that works against the way of God.

But you don’t have to play a part in the evil, and you don’t have to be a casualty either. You can escape the tempter’s snare through the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. You can bind evil for a time, and loose angelic hosts that are set and ready to go at the voice of your call for My help.

For a full PDF copy of Psalm 91:7 (Download here)

psalm 91:7

“Things are big and bad and will keep getting so, for both the wicked and for the undecided. I want them to take notice that there is a clear and safe pathway that they could be walking on.”