free at last!

I read “Amazing Grace” recently because I needed help explaining to a friend the difference between the laws of Moses and the love of Jesus. I found the answers I was looking for, but I also heard the Lord speaking to me about the freedom of spirit that was released through the Words I was absorbing.

Jesus speaking: As system cords tighten and conformity, regulation and fear, restrict, smother and suffocate the bodies and souls of man– the heat of God’s love must burn more brightly in the hearts of His servants. These servants must not forget their First Love. They must remember the Words of life that once set them free from the confines of this devil-created illusion called The World –and those they come to save must feel this freedom. This can only happen if My children are possessed by My spirit of love.

The constricting, self-righteous laws and traditions of today’s modern church system make of its adherents, cold, lifeless vessels –full of ice water. The modern church is bound within the worldly system that it was spawned from. It cannot set the captives free. It cannot free anyone, because it is not liberated in spirit. It will be dragged into the abyss with the old world as the Antichrist demands registration and worship.

Only the white-hot love of God burning in the hearts of  My true believers will have the power to burn away the shackles of remorse and sin that this new regime will set upon those that take this damnable mark.

(end of prophecy)


Do you have such freedom? If you are strong enough in Spirit & in faith & filled with His Love, the Lord can trust you with enough liberty to live life to the full!And to even use such liberty as a useful tool to help & win others with His Love!”



“Claim the keys of witness in your lifenot just witness to the lost, but witness in every way, at work and at playand My fire and love will burn in your heart brightly, illuminating others’ lives.”





Spirit Helper Speaking

Delight speaking: Imagine a time when all, I mean all who trust in the Lord, are doing the will of the Lord full force. This is what will change the course of history. It’s not about keeping rules, but “doing the will of God from the heart”.

When all you who have lived on Earth learn that doing the will of the Master is your first and foremost priority, that will be the catalyst. That is when the change occurs, the big one, when things truly change from night into day. The explosion of putting your will on God’s side will rock the universe and make the chemical explosion  –new realms and possibilities will be opened up.

But until then, it’s like children in a classroom waiting for the recess.  The naughty ones have to wait yet longer, sitting in class overtime to learn their lessons. But once that is over, it’s explosion time.

“Into all the world?” Into all the realms  –known and unknown.

I want you to get excited that there are some really big and awesome surprises waiting for the faithful ones and for those who encourage others to be faithful as well.

When “all the earth is the Lord’s” is when all the wills are on God’s side. And that will only be the beginning of all that will follow.

There is literally a universe of information that you have yet to find out. So sit well in class today, and by all means do whatever your Love and Lord bid you to do, because when the bell rings, you want to be able to walk out of that classroom well informed and well prepared for the next bit of learning. And that bit will lead to the explosion of what happens next—which you certainly will enjoy and be so glad you made it to.

Delight yourself in the Lord today, and one day you’ll get the prize—the SURPRISE— all that doesn’t just “unfold” but that explodes!

“Psalm19:1-3 The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge.
 There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard.”


Revelation 20

“With men it is impossible, but with the power of the keys all things are possible to you.”





this cup is the new covenant of my blood

We believe it is evident throughout the Bible that the relationship between God and His people and Christ and His Church is akin to that of a bridegroom to his bride. The Scripture tells us, “For your Maker is your husband, the Lord of hosts is His name” (Isaiah 54:5).

Rev. Ray Vander Laan, expert on ancient Hebrew tradition: 

“I remember very clearly sitting in an Orthodox Jewish classroom, listening to a lecture given by a brilliant individual. He was Jewish, not a Christian, and he was describing the Hebrew marriage customs of the first century Jewish people in the land of Israel.

 I listened to this man tell about the traditional marriage. He described how, when a young man reached marrying age, he and his father would choose a godly family who had a daughter who would be an appropriate wife. In many cases, the son had never even met the girl, but the young man and his father would go to the girl’s house, and they would sit and negotiate what was called the bride price, because the loss of the daughter was an enormous loss.  When they finally arrived at the price that was to be paid for this young girl, a girl of probably 14, 15 or 16 years of age, the young man would then ask the girl to marry him, but he did it in a very Jewish way, according to Hebrew custom.  The young man’s father would take a flask of wine. He would pour a cup of wine and hand it to his son. The son would then turn to face the young woman, and with all the solemnity of an oath before the Almighty God Himself, the young man would take that cup of wine and say to the young woman, “This cup is a new covenant in my blood which I offer to you.” In other words, he was saying, “I love you. I pledge to be your faithful husband. Will you be my bride?”

 Tears came to my eyes, as I recognized what Jesus was really saying to His collection of Jewish disciples that day at the Last Supper. These men were all very familiar with the Passover liturgy, having heard it since they were old enough to think. But suddenly, right in the middle of the ceremony, completely out of place, Jesus, who was on His way to pay the bride price, turned to His disciples, and said to them in the language of their culture, “This cup is a new covenant of My blood, which I offer to you. I love you. I pledge to be your faithful Husband. Will you be My bride?”  Every single time when you sit and participate in a communion ceremony, and the cup is offered to you, Jesus is saying to you, “I love you. And the only way that I can describe the depths and the passion of that love is to say, ‘Will you be My wife?’” Jesus has asked us to be His bride.”

“Tears came to my eyes, as I recognized what Jesus was really saying to His collection of Jewish disciples that day at the Last Supper.”


revelation 19

“Call on the keys of consecration and they’ll call you out of this world.”





earth and hell have merged

2022 will see many, if not all, national puppet governments imposing mandatory vax on their people. Call it what you will; this long-planned and well-orchestrated international registration of the entire world’s citizenry is well documented in the book of Revelation.
As this internationally stimulated pogrom develops, any person/s resisting will be denigrated then denied basic government services. Persecution will come, and over time, dissenters will be made classless or exterminated. This is also well documented in the Book of Revelation as well as other apocryphal books.



Let your passion flow

Mary Magdalene speaking: It has always been love –the love of Jesus and our desire to also love Him. Love for Christ will outlive every foolish whim, overcome every fleeting desire and overflow our shallow wishes. How foolish it would be to hold onto some small insignificant pleasure at the cost of your relationship with Jesus and your closeness to His heart. How can we stray?  How can we go away from His love? Why do we bitterly hold onto our way? Why do we doubt His intentions? Look up into His tender eyes… look long and hard; now think about everything that has been pulling your heart away. Can they really compare? Can they match up with the peace, the freedom, the love you have tasted at His hand? Can the golden elixir of His love be compared to that murky water that you aren’t really sure is safe to drink? Can your will be compared to what He has already promised you?

You feel His passion, His need, pulling you and calling you. Once again, He has made you wonder in awe at His love and perfect patience. I know better than anyone what that feels like, and I more than agree that having this love life with Him outlasts everything else. Look on Him and allow His brightness to overcome all the darkness that has come into your heart. Don’t be afraid to embrace all He is; everything you lose you were never meant to have in the first place. Only those who leave their lives in His hands can know the meaning of the words “Trust, be still.” Storms will come and go. The world will crumble around you. The life you lived will fade away, and yet He will remain. The memories of the past will be washed by His hand, so give Him what you have now to ensure your future’s safety. Learn what it means to trust and let go, and peace will fill your heart.”

“Someone has said, “God has no grand­children!” There’s no such thing as second-generation Christians! Every new generation either has to drop out or cop out–one or the other; bring forth new buds, or die on the vine and become dead!”



Revelation 13:3

“Satan cannot win as you hold on to and claim the power of the keys. Victory is yours through the promises that come with the keys of My Kingdom.”





deep and soul searching honesty

“Gird up the loins of your mind and be sober. Take on the full armor of God so you can withstand the fierce attacks of Satan that come to batter you, first this way and then that way. It’s pointless just being “honest” about the same things, again and again, the same battles that you keep allowing him to use the land of your mind for.

You never actually get fully deep and pull out those treasures from the depths of your heart to be discussed and replaced as is needed. When you let the same surface troubles hit you, just because you aren’t willing to fight, you seldom get deep, really deep with the Lord in heartfelt, heart-to-heart communication –deep heart cleansing.

The more time you spend in the Word, the more you are going to get cleansed. Why? Because then the land field, battle-zone of your mind is more protected from the petty things, the repeated distractionary battles.  At last you can delve more deeply into what you actually should be dealing with, getting help and prayer for, and taking to the Lord for counsel and renewal.

If you let the little things constantly trouble you, the repeated issues that you are meant to forsake and put out of your mind, then you are just constantly distracted.

So if you find yourself talking to your Lord for the millionth time about something that wouldn’t be a problem anymore if you’d just at last yield to His will in the matter and give up whatever He’s asking of you, then maybe it’s time to have a reboot. It’s time to get “renewed” in your mind, so you can get a bit deeper and talk about some new things that might really matter to you but have been tucked away for so long.

How to get rebooted? Ask for it with all your heart and the Lord can refit your mind and give you new thoughts.

You can become a new you, if you ask. Wanna wake up tomorrow with a new mind and a fresh outlook and gain maturity at the same time? Let the Lord’s mind and thoughts become more your habit.  You can only do that with the gift of on-going prophecy, hearing from Him and getting His thoughts about the things you see and do each day.

Just letting His thoughts take over more will cause a mind revolution, which will start a heart revolution. And a revoluted heart is an alive heart that keeps going. It gets addicted to getting and keeping clean and being filled with new waters. It gets used to being right with God and wants to keep letting Jesus’ love and thoughts in deeper and more fully.”

“It’s time to have a reboot. It’s time to get “renewed” in your mind. Then you can get a bit deeper and talk about some new things that might really matter to you but have been tucked away for so long.”




“Defeat the Evil One’s puny power and efforts through the power of the keys.”






it’s All about Jesus

In the Bible’s number symbolism – #22  is Jesus the Suffering Servant, Alpha and Omega, First and Last, Beginning and End

The Bible’s Number 22 — Twenty-Two is the number associated with Jesus Christ as God’s Suffering Servant. How do we this is the theme? We learn of God’s numbers themes by examining what numbers are commonly associated with throughout the Bible. We look for prevailing patterns to help us understand common themes. One of the best evidences for number themes is to look for common concepts found in like chapter numbers. This is the method used here to demonstrate the theme for #22, here but it is only a tiny fraction of the available evidence.

Chapter #22s themes point to Jesus who came to save and protect us

There are twenty-two chapter twenty-twos in the Bible and this is the only chapter number that has a like number of chapters — a clue to the extra special nature of this number. I’ve included a brief description to how Jesus relates to the themes in ten of these chapters. The other chapter twenty-twos also point to Jesus. The Bible’s chapter 22’s are compelling evidence of the consistency of the Bible’s Numeric Map as well as the theme for #22.

Genesis 22 – Abraham takes Isaac up to the mountain of God as a sacrifice — Gen 22:2 He said, “Take now your son, your only son, whom you love, …offer him there as a burnt offering…”. Note 50 is a number of debts forgiven and Jubilee and this is the 550th verse of the Bible.

Numbers 22 – The Angel of the Lord blocks the narrow path – Many Christian scholars agree that it appears when the Angel of the Lord is mentioned in the Bible is it likely an appearance or foreshadowing of Jesus. In Numbers 22 we find the Angel of the Lord blocking the way (the narrow door)– v22 …the angel of the LORD took his stand in the way…Now he was riding on his donkey and his two servants were with him. v26 The angel of the LORD …stood in a narrow place where there was no way to turn to the right hand or the left.

Leviticus 22 – A perfect sacrifice is demanded (Jesus)– v32 …I am the LORD who sanctifies you, v33 who brought you out from the land of Egypt, to be your God; I am the LORD.”

Josh 22 – Building an altar and praising the LORD before crossing the Jordan — v22 “The Mighty One, God, the LORD, the Mighty One, God, the LORD! v34 v34 …called the altar Witness; “…it is a witness between us that the LORD is God.”

Psalms 22 – The savior speaking in the first person speaking from the Cross — Psalm 22:1 says “My God, my God, why have You forsaken me? …” Again, relating to #50 and Jubilee, this is exactly the 500th chapter of the Bible (10×50).

Ezekiel 22 – The LORD’s wrath for Jerusalem’s sin — Eze 22:22 ‘…you will be melted in the midst of it; and you will know that I, the LORD, have poured out My wrath on you. “

Matthew 22 – Jesus speaks of the wedding feast, Pharisees plot against him– v8 …’The wedding is ready, but those who were invited were not worthy. v15 …the Pharisees went and plotted together how they might trap Him in what He said.

Luke 22 – Jesus betrayed, trials, he declares himself the son of God — Luke 22:70 …”Are You the Son of God, then?” And He said to them, “Yes, I am.”

Acts 22 – Jesus appearance to and conversion of Paul — v7 …’Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me?’ v8 “…I answered, ‘Who are You, Lord?’ And He said to me, ‘I am Jesus the Nazarene, whom you are persecuting.’

Revaluation 22 – Final chapter of the Bible – Jesus, the Alpha and Omega — v12 “Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to render to every man according to what he has done. v13 “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.”

There are mountains of evidence supporting the association of about 22 to the theme of Jesus the Suffering Servant.

(Taken from a Christian internet site)


“Jesus is the Spiritual Master Builder. He will come very soon to repair the world that the worm Satan trashed.”



Revelation 22

“Hit the Devil headon in a directattack approach by calling on the power of the keys to weaken his hold on people, and victory is guaranteed.”