The clock strikes 20:22

“As you learn to overcome, the next test will be more obvious, and you will overcome more easilybecause the formula for overcoming will be the same each time. I’ve outlined the basics in the messages I gave for Feast 2001, and I will give more specific counsel which you will need in the days to come. (#3351) (original 2001)

Jesus Speaking: Yes, this particular line often escapes our attention; you must overcome by learning. How do we learn a new thing, lesson, or way of doing something? By doing, the “do it now” policy –study, repeat the lesson, repetition. Does a new verse implant itself in your mind the first or second time you read it? Hearing from Heaven, using the Keys, prayer, and using a new spiritual weapon —all have to be learnt. These things have to be repeated over and over again, and if you use as many methods as possible to implant these spiritual abilities into your being, then the faster you learn them. You will learn them, that is a fact. Just as you will remember a verse if you repeat it enough. In respect to the Keys, if you didn’t make the first step, then you can’t say they didn’t work, or if you didn’t use them for the required learning period, then you can’t say they don’t work. Unlike learning a verse, you don’t just learn a key, for the keys are interactive. They are alive; they interconnect, interlink. They work in unison with other keys. That is why there are so many keys at work. It is very much like the principal being pointed out in 1Corinthians 12, For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ. If you are faithful with your lessons, the Holy Ghost, your teacher, is faithful to grade you and at the end of the year, graduate you to the next class.” (Update 2020)


Tick Tock Tick…November 2021

Read the watch. Don’t just look at it. Read it and you will see that time is up. The bell is soon to ring, and school will be out for this millennium. Exam time is about to start. Before school is done, everyone must sit for exams. That is the way it is done. No cheating in this exam; every man, woman and child will be tested on what they have been taught. Whether they were listening or not was up to them. Those that thought life was fun and entertainment and living for themselves will do poorly. The vast majority of students paid attention to the teacher at times and at other times goofed off and missed important steps. These will find the examination difficult, but not impossible; some of what they paid attention to will come back to them as they pass through the test.  And then there are My star students, those who applied themselves to their studies, every day soaking themselves in their books, going over old lessons and doing their best to understand new concepts, ideas and thoughts passed down by their Teacher.

“It will not be a review of the basics, but you will chart new territory in the revelations that I give and that are destined to be published! You will cover new ground in the spirit, for I will reveal to you secrets that have been given to none other.”



The power of the keys will cause you to have a richer and fuller relationship with Me through the Word that I speak to you.

These ones will do well –some exceptionally well– in the exam. But all must pass through the final exam. All the students that passed through the School of Life in past generations will be watching the exam of all exams. All the students that reach exam day were especially chosen for this exam; very few will be without excuse when the day arrives. I have sent teacher after teacher to the School of Life, even I Myself came at one time to give class, and the students that passed through the classes in times past were faithful to write in books what they learnt from their respective teachers. It is all there, in libraries and in books scattered around the world, on the internet, everywhere, for any student, serious or otherwise, to open, read, learn and apply.

I said that one day there would be a dearth for the Word of God; that is because for many students the exam will be a closed-book exam. The wise students, have of course, committed as much of what they have been studying to memory. These ones will be those who do excellently when exam rolls around. As for the others, well, most people should know well enough by now that if you don’t study and faithfully do your homework, then the exam is tough. There are many failing students around the world that can attest to this principal.

So My students, do you have some of that midnight oil handy? Are you one of My wise virgins? If so, then I suggest you get that midnight oil out and do some before exam cramming. A little less sleep won’t hurt you, and believe Me, you will be very, very thankful that you did as I am suggesting. Because when the door closes and you are locked in the exam room alone or with your fellow students, every minute spent studying My books now will be time well spent then. For although the exam is a closed-book exam, I, your Teacher, and many of the teachers from past millennia, will be standing beside you in spirit, and we have permission from the Head of the School to whisper answers and shortcuts and ways around some of the more difficult questions. So don’t fear, fret or worry; the answers will come flooding back to you just when you need them most.


Raising of the bones

Dear Brothers,

I have a raising of the bones testimony in my own life. An angel came to me in 2018 to raise me to once again do the Lord’s work.

The first event happened to me at night. I was sleeping when I heard a voice shouting at me, saying “Esteban, wake up!! Esteban, wake up!!!!”

Hahaha… Anyone would have woken up with that. 

But I don’t remember how many days passed until I started getting sick. It must have been two or three. I’m not sure… But when I got sick, it was very serious.  I believe God would have killed me if I didn’t answer His calling.

I was sick with a horrible migraine. It was so severe that I couldn’t open my eyes or get out of bed. I had tried to get out of bed and had almost collapsed.

So finally I prayed (Something I hadn’t done in a while) and asked the Lord.

“Lord what’s going on with me? Please help me, and I’ll do whatever you ask of me”.

Then the voices came, I still remember it very clearly. “Follow Me and tell everyone about Me, starting with your girlfriend. You must tell her that you have decided to follow Jesus”. So I got up and mustered all the strength I could, and walked to the living room where she was. She was watching TV and drinking a whiskey-cola. I used to drink whiskey-cola as well. What a sad combination, two poisons in one cup.

But coming back to the story, I just sat next to her and said. “I have decided to follow Jesus and preach His love to everyone”.

Of course it was a shock to her.

And at that same moment something so beautiful and marvelous happened to me. I felt a cool, frosty, water-like energy pour down my head and take away all the bad feelings. I had been suffering very bad back pains for some years. That was washed away. I was also feeling as bold as a lion. Thank you Jesus.

Since then, a lot of things have become clear to me. I can feel the energy of everything around me and have started to see the spirit of the people. Also from that point, I could see the spirits in the movies. That’s when I stopped watching movies because I could see the devils in them. I also had to leave her, Kim. But after three days, the Lord told me to go back to her and save her soul. I hadn’t done any witnessing for 10 years. But by faith, I met her in a park and only used one verse, John 3:16. Thank you Jesus.

So she received Jesus, and after that I was not afraid to win souls in Europe anymore.

Thank you Jesus. Everything is possible to them that believe.

God bless you family, I love you

“And he said unto me, Son of man, can these bones live? And I answered, O Lord GOD, thou knowest.”



Out of Memphis

“Stand tall with the power of the keys that give My brides boldness and cause you to take pride in being Mine.”





Submitted by Victoria

Rise up fair ones, & take charge. We have sounded the trumpet!  

Closer & closer we get, out of the boxed-in walls we climb!

New horizons yet to cross,

Fearless men with maidens,

Gypsy caravans full, pull up the stops.

There are no frontiers that can’t be covered! 

Only shed the dirty doubting robes,

Let the light, free-flowing garments, the Holy Spirit lead

The way into the Promised land of Possibilities. 

Rise up from your former position and change the old

Even the names that keep you bound      

Shout the Victor’s songs of glorious triumph                             

And wave the banner of David once again

For these are marching orders, to advance,

Take what to you belongs, 

Make straight paths for your feet,

The day of march has come.

Oh fair and valiant ones,

Though you have suffered many a day at satan’s hold,

I, your Commander in Chief, fear him not.

The day of his final defeat will be,

Just as We have proclaimed.

And you will be in place when I return,

To take you home again..

Lead On O King Eternal

Lift high confining wall,

March across the finish line,

Bravely heed the call.

We wrestle not with flesh and blood,

These demons on the sly,

My charge is in great demand,

And God, My Chief will cry,       

-Attack! Advance!

My fearless children,

Go in, where angels fear to tread,

I sound the trumpet battle,

My lead will cause a win!

Fear not those who challenge you

They only have a bark,

It’s you that have the vicious bite,

With keys, you’re trained to fight!

Become the one who’s God am I,

Who’s truth reigns in the sky,

I bring a sword; it’s time for war,

There’s pow’r on every side.

Keep your focus on the keys,

Love the fight upon your knees.

Never doubt redeeming grace, 

And I will keep you in your place.

Strength and might of laser power,

Never yet been seen,

Greatest time to ever shine

Spirit helpers scream,

It’s time, My love, you have the vision,

Now you have been shown,

The greatest story ever told,

Has not yet been sung.

I place within these humble souls,

The future set in stone,

The banner flies in fields and plains,

My brides this is the hour.

“To rise above you need to be fully possessed by the spirit of Jesus.”



David’s Might men

“A house that is crumbling can be rebuilt, a ship that is sinking can be salvaged, a work that is near ruin can be restored, and every heart that desires change can be born anewall through the miraclerendering, supernaturally empowered keys of the Kingdom!”





It Can Happen 2022

It Can Happen This Year 1992” is a series of talks David Berg gave in the last part of 1991. In hindsight, it does seem very likely that those letters, although written then, were actually in preparation for what is coming in 2022.

This incredible series of prophetic letters is coming to life today, almost 30 years into the future. Our original study of these letters was done last year in June; but a few days ago, Jesus reminded me of our reaction to those letters. So over the past few days, we have been revisiting the prophecies we received to see if more light can be shed on what may be just around the corner.

To get you started, in case you haven’t yet read the 7-part series, I have included the introduction, which is now one year old.

“It didn’t come as any great revelation. In fact, I stumbled onto it when flipping through the yellow DB 11. I came to page 71: It Could Happen this Year—1992. I am writing this small introduction on Day 7 of a series of classes that developed out of this initial discovery. (Take note of the DB book’s number 11, because as this interesting revelation develops, the number 11 crops up more often.) What is more interesting is that behind each number that we’re shown, there’s some significant event or similarity pertaining to the time we are living in right now. Now I’ve never been that interested in numerology, but seeing as this whole revelation seems to be directed by numbers, I’m of a different mind now. In fact, the importance of numbers in this study was corroborated in a prophecy I received on the second or third day of this journey; read on, and you will see.

All the same, this is not about following numbers; it’s about following prophecy.

Nevertheless, it is obvious the Lord is using numbers as signposts along this very fascinating path. After reading the heading of the letter mentioned on page 71 of DB 11 and perhaps half a dozen paragraphs in that letter, the Lord opened my eyes to the fact that there was something very significant about 1992 in relation to right now, this year- 2020. I was directed to go to the Infostore and look up the letter, and there I discovered that there was a series of four letters. However, my attention was drawn to a letter that was placed two letters above the series in question and that letter was called “It Can Happen Now,” and rather absent-mindedly I opened it with the thought passing through my mind that it was part of the series. “It Can Happen This Year—1992”. Isn’t the Lord is funny…”

If you are interested in reading more, please go to the link supplied below.

“Like someone who receives a dentist’s injection of Novocain, the world, but especially the church, has been numbed to what is happening around them; so numb in fact, that they have very little idea of why it’s happening and why they can’t go back to life the way it used to be.”



Revelation 12

“Through the keys of the Kingdom you will change, be recreated, mount up with wings as an eagle, and soar to great victories and progress.”





Prophecy recently submitted to MB

They will desecrate the sanctuary with an impure sacrifice, a sacrifice to another god, sacrifice that I, the Lord, sent them  not to do, sacrificing their sons and daughters to Moloch, the devil.

He will sit in the temple that was built for God posing as God and will desecrate the sanctuary with sacrifices to the goat (Satan).

They will mock Me and will sacrifice in the place that of ancient times was used to bring sacrifices of mercy to Me. And those sacrifices are abominable  to Me, being offered to the Lord of this world to petition for the riches of this world. Abomination, abomination. They have become despicable; they have sold their souls to the God of this world for fleeting riches.

Listen to Me, O soul. Listen to My voice, says the Lord. Do not throw away your First Love. All the rest are thieves. They are false loves. Don’t fornicate with the world.

The world and its riches pass away, but whoever loses his life for my sake will not see death. He will never perish but will see life eternal and riches that will never end.

The Beast

Jesus speaking: The beast is a creature deformed by his sins. Pride the first!! He resists the truth and therefore must hide in the shadows, shadows that were created because of his disobedience.

And so is everyone who resists the truth.

The beast is that goat with wings of a dragon, woman’s breasts and man’s genitals. A beast that has no shape or definition. He rebels against all that is God, and he exalts himself above God, posing as God. And his name is perverse. And his number is 666.

In spirit it is a beast and that is how I see him in spirit. He who reads understands what the spirit says to the churches.


“Listen to Me, O soul. Listen to My voice says the Lord. Do not throw away your first love. All the rest are thieves. They are false loves. Don’t fornicate with the world.”



“Revelation 13:3”

An update on Revelation 13 and the deadly wound that was healed.




 “The Word Of God” 

NEW FROM YOU!! A series of bite-sized prophecies that touch on a multitude of interesting subjects. These downloadable PDF prophecy files were sent in to MB from our different readers.





The flag has been dropped

(Jesus) Many are called but few are chosen. We’re moving up now. The times of the past are gone; the times of comfort and relaxation are no more. We have entered the last leg of the race.

(Channel) I see many teams lining up. It seems to be a relay race.

(Jesus) My children of David have dropped their flag; they have forsaken My way, My calling to them. But I am again calling. I am calling all who will listen, all who will heed, all who wish to follow Me into this last lap. My teams are ready and will join you and help you to carry your team’s flag across the finish line.

(Channel I  see those who are about to start running the last lap drinking something.

(Jesus) These are the refreshments, My energy drinks of New Wine that give new power for these last days. If you wish to run with this team, you must drink it in. If you do not, you will not be able to keep up the pace. Even now, I am pouring out My new wine to every corner of the globe. Each team must partake of this feast, for by it, they will finish the race. I say to you who will run with My Children of David, drink this new wine that I give you, and partake of it alone. For only these, My words, will sustain you. I have prepared your vessels since the dawn of time. You have been fitted, molded, and shaped to receive this hot new outpouring of My words. Say not that you cannot take it, for it is yours to drink. This is the reason I made you. Look not to the other team. Drink not from that which I give them; for to you it is given to drink from My mouth.

Many are being called

“(Jesus) My children of David have dropped their flag; they have forsaken My way, My calling to them. But I am again calling.”



“The Lamp”

The Word, the Word, the Word, haven’t you heard that before? Yes the secret is the Word.