Submitted by Victoria

Rise up fair ones, & take charge. We have sounded the trumpet!  

Closer & closer we get, out of the boxed-in walls we climb!

New horizons yet to cross,

Fearless men with maidens,

Gypsy caravans full, pull up the stops.

There are no frontiers that can’t be covered! 

Only shed the dirty doubting robes,

Let the light, free-flowing garments, the Holy Spirit lead

The way into the Promised land of Possibilities. 

Rise up from your former position and change the old

Even the names that keep you bound      

Shout the Victor’s songs of glorious triumph                             

And wave the banner of David once again

For these are marching orders, to advance,

Take what to you belongs, 

Make straight paths for your feet,

The day of march has come.

Oh fair and valiant ones,

Though you have suffered many a day at satan’s hold,

I, your Commander in Chief, fear him not.

The day of his final defeat will be,

Just as We have proclaimed.

And you will be in place when I return,

To take you home again..

Lead On O King Eternal

Lift high confining wall,

March across the finish line,

Bravely heed the call.

We wrestle not with flesh and blood,

These demons on the sly,

My charge is in great demand,

And God, My Chief will cry,       

-Attack! Advance!

My fearless children,

Go in, where angels fear to tread,

I sound the trumpet battle,

My lead will cause a win!

Fear not those who challenge you

They only have a bark,

It’s you that have the vicious bite,

With keys, you’re trained to fight!

Become the one who’s God am I,

Who’s truth reigns in the sky,

I bring a sword; it’s time for war,

There’s pow’r on every side.

Keep your focus on the keys,

Love the fight upon your knees.

Never doubt redeeming grace, 

And I will keep you in your place.

Strength and might of laser power,

Never yet been seen,

Greatest time to ever shine

Spirit helpers scream,

It’s time, My love, you have the vision,

Now you have been shown,

The greatest story ever told,

Has not yet been sung.

I place within these humble souls,

The future set in stone,

The banner flies in fields and plains,

My brides this is the hour.

“To rise above you need to be fully possessed by the spirit of Jesus.”



David’s Might men

“A house that is crumbling can be rebuilt, a ship that is sinking can be salvaged, a work that is near ruin can be restored, and every heart that desires change can be born anewall through the miraclerendering, supernaturally empowered keys of the Kingdom!”





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