The Letters or the leaders

BUT ALL THE TOURISTS LOOKED LIKE THEY WERE BORED STIFF and they didn’t want to hear about the Devil, so they began drifting away. So I thought, “Well, nobody wants to listen to me, so I’ll leave too!”–And I just climbed into the ark and drove off!–End of Dream!

THE SEWAGE OF COURSE COULD REPRESENT SIN, the sins of the people, or the lies of the Devil–his shit! And the reason their places were overflowing with sin was because the Devil down below had everything messed up, pipes tied in knots and the cesspool plugged up etc.

BUT INSTEAD OF REALLY BEING HORRIFIED by it all, these people were just swimming around in it and enjoying it and out sunning themselves by it, and they didn’t even like to be told about it!

THEY DIDN’T LIKE TO BE WARNED about their sins and the Devil’s lies and they didn’t like to be warned about their sunburn even though some of them were already getting sick from it all. So then when I went to preaching to them on the subject, they didn’t even want to listen.

SO I JUST CLIMBED IN THE ARK AND DROVE OFF! I guess the Ark represents the Revolution, because all these systemites didn’t want to listen, and some of our own kids too! I guess that’s a pretty clear picture of people in general who don’t want to be told about their sins or that their sins are what’s causing them all their troubles.


Are you obeying the letters and the lord?–or the “leaders!”


Green Door

“Pray desperately for the keys to rip out bitterness by the root, so there is nothing left but submissive and fertile soil that I can fill with forgiveness and understanding.”





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