Prophecy Received by a teenager

“That should be your goal: total yieldedness.  Don’t hold anything back. Let it all go. And what is there to lose? Your pride has taken a mortal blow. Take advantage of it, conquer it, and expose it. I know that you can’t completely conquer your pride, after all you are human, but remember; I am asking you to forsake your humanity. Take advantage of this, use this breaking to learn as much as you can! Don’t let the devil persuade you to bind up your pride and heal it again. Forsake all that seems important to you! Yield! Yield! Yield! That’s what this is all about: yielding.  I’ve brought this along to teach you to yield to Me, you must learn to yield to Me. When I say, “forsake this, forsake that, forsake all of those” and when your shepherds say “It’s time to let go of that, don’t hold onto this, it’s bad for you,” you must believe them. You must have full trust in Me that I will bring full victory out of this. You won’t be left feeling weak and discouraged all the time. You feel weak because of your lack of Word. I’ve warned you in the written word and in personal prophecy that if you get out of the Word you will surely fall. You’ve been hit, you’ve been hit severely! It’s time to get into the Word; it’s time to fight the old bastard as hard as you can. It’s time for total yieldedness to Me, to My word,  to My voice of prophecy to you personally, and total yieldedness to your shepherds and those above you. Fight to yield when you are corrected; fight to not make that sassy, angry, enraged face and tone of voice. Rebuke the damn devil when he walks by with his temptations to rebel, to be disobedient, and that bad stuff. Fight him. Total yieldedness: strive for that now. That should be your goal. Try to yield to everything your shepherds say. I love you so much; please get in the Word as much as you can. And try most of all to use praise, it and don’t let the negativity of the enemy come out of your mouth. Use praise; please use praise.  It works and you know that very well. So fight to praise Me, My love! I love you so very much. KEEP FIGHTING! I will always love you don’t give up!”


“You are a child of David and a bride of Christ, so you must keep on fighting and keep on looking to Jesus! If you don’t, the torch will pass to another.”


An elegy

“The keys will be to you what you need them to be: a fairy of encouragement to spur you on, a light to guide you in the darkness, a song of victory to cheer your heart, and a fire beneath you to keep you moving forward in spirit.”