beating drums of war


“The sound of war drums is getting louder and louder. I cannot hold back the inevitable much longer. I have delayed things for many reasons but what has to happen will happen soon. The little war in the Ukraine will become a big war because the war of the worlds will be manifested on the physical plane. I have said that the spiritual and physical realms are merging. You will soon see the effects of this, and it will not be pretty. Never have man’s eyes seen what you are about to see. I give you warning to prepare you. There will be mass destruction and mass death. What the enemy has desired for much time is finally going to happen. Woe unto you, people of the Earth, for the destructer has been let loose so that his cup of iniquity can finally be filled and I can meet him his just rewards. Pray that your flight be not in winter, for the wrath of the evil one shall be manifested in different ways in different places. I have asked you to pray because the war of the spirit will be manifested in wars in the physical realm. But it will not be good verses bad, but evil forces fighting other evil forces and many dying as a result. The destruction of America is only one manifestation of what is coming. It will be so terrible that the people will welcome the Antichrist as the savior of the world. The minds of the masses will be manipulated, and even though he will be the perpetrator of much of the carnage, he will be seen as the savior. The people must hear the truth one last time –that the man of sin is not their savior but an imposter. I will make known the truth so that all will be without excuse. All will have to choose what they will believe. Who will be the ones to give this last declaration of truth and call to repentance? The Children of David, of course. Prepare; for your destiny calls and only those who give all will have what it takes when the time comes. What will it take? Full possession.”

Submitted by John

“Key power casts out all fear. There is freedom from all fear to those who call on the keys. As you face your fears and call on the power of the keys, your fears will vanish. When fears surround you on every side, shout out the words, “I call on the
keys!”-And I will raise a force field around you that no fear can penetrate. With the keys in your hand, you can conquer Satan’s evil power. No fear nor darkness can stand against the keys.”


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