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Yesterday I had my hair trimmed.
A very good looking young man sat in the chair next to me. His very good looking hairdresser knew him. They started talking about where each went for their mission. (This is a Mormon community). He was presently working in a health care environment which provided travel around the world.
While speaking about ‘the world’ he stated “The world is headed in the right direction. Everything is going to be fine because there are so many wonderful people around the globe.” As the conversation continued, it was evident both were completely deceived by the LDS Covid and global elite doctrine. It sounded on the surface like their lives were perfect; I felt sad for them.

There was no point in stirring up a conversation, so as my hairdresser was trimming, I closed my eyes and prayed for them using the keys and asking for a special angel to guide and influence their thoughts to receive the truth.
They just don’t know what’s coming!

Submitted by M.

Prophecy, Jesus speaking:

June 14, 2023

“So many of My children live in this bubble of denial. They want life their way–the happy way. They think that being positive and feeling good about their lives will smooth out all the ruffles, and that in the end, the world, we the people, will prevail. They have shut themselves off from the spiritual warfare that rages around them and their country. They don’t even want to look as far as their very own government and the wickedness that permeates the high places of man’s ruling class, let alone the high places within the spirit world. They sleep the sleep of the living dead. My Word has nothing good to say about the world and its ways. My Word says that in the Last Days the love of many shall wax cold. This world is not going the right way.  Its destiny is self-destruction. These ones have hardened their hearts to the suffering of others in preference to the high-minded New Age religion of positive thinking and self-interest. They  are secluded in their blessings, deceived by the blanket of lethargy and indifferent to the reality of their fallen world.  Their rose-colored glasses are blinders.  

I am a positive thinker. I am positive that if you turn your back on evil and say it is not there, saying within yourself that everything will be okay in the end and go about life telling yourself that the world is inherently good and that everything will turn out rosy, then you are a prime candidate for delusion. You are ignorant of My Word, and you will follow those blind leaders into the ditch of perdition. You will not be ready for what has come into the world, you will not be ready for My return, and you will not be ready for the new future I have planned for mankind.  

It is a type of unbelief, accepting the lying vanities spun by the spider of deceit. It comes from not receiving My Word. It comes from following the ways of this world, the spirit of Churchianity, of good works and false fronts. Prosperity has blinded them. “We are rich  and increased with goods. We need nothing; we are the people.” Yet these ones know not that they are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked.

Pray, My loves, My Children of David. Pray for My lost children held captive within the church system. Millions have fallen under this sleeping sickness. Many have been stung by the spider, he, whose web is vast and sticky. This web stretches across the pathways of this world, and it is the worldly that blunder into its strands. Do not be fooled by their buildings and wealth and self-satisfied demeanor, their goodness, their Churchianity. It is a trap of the worse kind. It is darkness that calls itself light. I have given you the commission of prayer. Use the Keys. This is the weapon, the only sword that can cut them loose from the binding strands of the wicked Shelob.”

  As you’re confronted by the System’s trends, claiming the keys will show you what’s truth and the real deal as opposed to fakes and cheap counterfeits.


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