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Jesus speaking:

More on the Keys Part 2:

Now, My loves, you are accountable for their use. What will you do with this tremendous gift I have given you? Will you use the keys to unlock the doors and release the power? Will you draw on the power that is available to you? Will you claim My promises and put Me to the test? Are you willing, dedicated, and brave enough to move forward and go through the doors of the unexplained? (New Wine) Are you willing to face your greatest fears and walk through them, and watch as they dissolve into a fading vapor? Have no fear that you cannot do what I have asked of you, or that it is too hard, for nothing is impossible. Some of you may see some significant miracles right away; for others, depending on the need, it may take a little longer to behold the full magnitude of the power. But I tell you, even if you don’t see these keys in the physical, they’re not a figment of anyone’s imagination. They’re a real gift to you from My heart–the fulfillment of many of My promises to you. (If you use them, of course)

Though the days just ahead are ones of unequaled darkness, know this: With these keys in your hand, you will see everything more clearly and much brighter than you ever have, even though there is darkness all around. You will shine as you walk, leading others to the light of My love. This is a precious gift I have bestowed upon you, My children of the End.

In the days ahead, I will teach you many different ways to use the energies  (He could have said frequencies) and the -powers that are now available to you. Your perceptions will broaden as you see and experience the new state in which you find yourself, and you will know that I am the Lord and you are My brides upon whom I dote.

This saddens Me, but I cannot force this great and awesome gift on My children. I give it to all of you freely, for all are worthy, but not all will reach out by faith, with a believing heart, to use these keys and thus access My full power. But it is better that those who are wavering, those with little faith, step behind the front lines; for if they do not, they will only slow down the progression of My will. If there are half-hearts in the front line ranks, we will not move as swiftly and efficiently in the era of action as I would desire, and as we desperately need to.


We are in the real era of Action, but the UN, WEF and those evil elites threw out a challenge to the Children of David, when the other day, they claimed that this is their “Decade of Action.” Well, through our prayers, we are going to cut their 10 years down to 2 and a half years. We are told that these devils are planning another big pandemic, Covid wasn’t enough –If they actually are, then what are God’s elites going to do if the vax is forced on them. Pull out a gun and do what those Christians did thirty or so years ago and got burned for their trouble? Or are we going to believe the promises given in this Wine we are drinking and stand on the Keys? There is that We’ve recently been given a Key that has the power to see us through something like another pandemic. And that is the Key to the Wilderness.

I’m convinced that it is the End, and here’s why: I believe Putin is the AC; therefore, in my mind, the AC has been revealed. I believe the world has already been numbered; everyone, whether through their phone or card, has a number. They hold that card in their right hand. We know some have actually had that phone or card chip inserted into their hand. It doesn’t say in the Bible, specifically, that it will be injected under the skin. That was a theory. But I have heard that some of these sold-out systemites have taken it in their brains. Nowhere in the Bible does it specifically say that every man, women and child is going to have a microchip inserted or injected under their skin. It only specifically says that everyone is going to buy and sell with a number. And that has already happened. Does it say in your Bible that cash will be completely gone when people are buying and selling with a number? If a group of groping medical freaks come to your house to give you a flu shot because it has become compulsory, what are you going to do? Refuse and fight them? It’s compulsory; if you don’t submit, they will call the police and you will be arrested, found guilty, jailed and then force vaccinated. So that’s Jesus’ great plan? Then what is the Key to the Wilderness for? What are all the other Keys for? I believe that all those events that I explained above are already in motion (the AC revealed and buying and selling with a number), and I believe that according to Revelation 12, we should already be in the spiritual wilderness. And if we are in the wilderness, then Jesus is eventually going to prove it by pouring down the Manna. We have a Key for every conceivable scenario. We’ve been faithfully practicing with them. We’ve just gotten the Key of 6.66, which seems to indicate that the enemy can no longer use it on us because it is now in our hands. It also has cloaking power. So unless Jesus wants you to go to jail and be a witness on the inside, then He has to disappear you and your house or camper or wherever you are. It’s like crossing over the 35th meridian that dear Bill Kinney was talking about, that place just inside the veil, kind of a no carnal man’s land. That is my understanding of Revelation 12; 1,260 days, the last three and a half years, we’ll be protected by God in this place called the Wilderness. And there are examples of people who have either lived or visited there –Moses, Elijah, King David and all those guys that Jesus performed those wonderful miracles through. So that’s where we are –the Wilderness! We should act like it by believing that when the time comes, those medical hounds are not even going to see us. The Manna is going to flow, and we are going to continue this way right on through the few last remaining years. And if anyone comes knocking on our door looking for refuge from the storm, they will be welcome to come in under our blue umbrella. Yes, it takes faith, and if you don’t have the faith for this scenario, then I guess you will have to face the storm with what faith you have. But to me it is looking more and more impossible for the flesh to do anything; the Devil is making damned sure of that. But remember, we have the gift of prophecy, which simply means we have the genuine 6.66 system of communication. It links us with HQ, and if we are using it properly, then we will know exactly which step to take and when to take it. It seems to me all the logistics are in place. Are you?

Do you know all this frequency stuff is related to seeing? In Hebrew the word for “color” is the same word for “eye”. Satan has rendered the world color blind and has made their world all dark and shadowy. Now they have no choice but to be led around by the hand, his hand. The fake light, the fake Lucifer, with his fake embedded crystals and pipes, fake color, fake music, as the fake Pied Piper, he is leading the blind into the pit –blind Satan, leading his blind followers to Hell. (end of prophecy)  

(Continuing with “More on the Keys Part 2)

There is so little time left, and we must continue moving forward. We must forge ahead. We must move on. We must continue to conquer and advance. Those who fall behind will still have a place of service in My ranks, and they will still have the keys that I have given them this day, but they will only be able to use them as their faith allows, and thus they will not be as mightily used as those who are in the front lines, “all there” for Me.

 It’s been a continual process. Those who have been yielding and progressing and growing in faith and trust and dependence on Me these many years will take this as yet another step to draw closer to Me, to be more used of Me. For these it will be easy. But for others it will not be easy–either because they haven’t been yielding to Me completely, haven’t been drinking in My Word completely, or haven’t been progressing as I have desired. So I tell you that some will fall by the wayside. The purging of the Family is not yet complete. Each revolution, each revelation, each new step of progress purges the Family just a little bit more.

 As it was with Gideon’s men, so it is with you. I gave them not one test, but two. With the first test I purged the ranks of those who were fearful and afraid, and with the second test I purged the ranks even further. For you there have been many tests that have purged you, and there will be more. But worry not for those brethren that you lose, because I am not limited by many or by few–and even those that you lose will still be used of Me in a different way. They will not be rendered useless. All of their training will come to the fore at the time appointed, and I will use them mightily–not as mightily as I will use those of you who have stuck, and those who will go with Me into this new era, making full use of all of My gifts, including the keys to the Kingdom, for unto you is given the greatest power, because of your faith.

These keys to the Kingdom are not the last gift that I will give you, My children of David. Those who hold on and go on for Me will receive more spiritual gifts from My hand. The time is not yet right for Me to reveal them to you now, because I must take you one step at a time. But know that your faithfulness to hone this new gift of faith that I have given you, to use these keys to the Kingdom, will pave the way for the next great gift that I will give you, My darling brides. (More on the Keys! What the Future Holds, Part 2 [#3351])


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Speaking of Lambda One:  “You know for sure when you see the protective force field in place.” Through the portals and windows, I could see what appeared to be a sea of crystal blue encapsulating the entire vessel in one great dome like shield. Beyond this crystal blue was the vast expanse of outer space. I gazed in awe at dazzling colored clouds, composed entirely of stars and glowing stellar gases. What adventures and worlds wait for us out there yet to be discovered! I thought. It was magnificent! A bright flash appeared on the periphery of the force field.(Journey to Tricon”)

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