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Jesus speaking: Frequencies and wavelengths are everywhere. They were there before the beginning of time. They are a very part of God, His voice, and His Word. And God said, “Let there be light, and let Us make man in our image.” We are a frequency; we are a being of light. We are a part of His spirit. Frequencies and wavelengths are language; they transport the soul. They can move things. Love is a frequency, as is hate. They hold things together, and they can tear things apart. They are keys that bind and loose. They are how the universe began and continues to be so. As light and as prayer, they are eternal. Don’t even try to understand them or put them in the box of human understanding. Can you place God in a box? Just look at them and enjoy; listen to them and yield as they take you to the heavenlies. From the lowest to the highest, from the shortest to the longest, they all have purpose. Man’s understanding is as a grain of sand that has been placed in the midst of all the sand of all the oceans across the world. This is why faith is so important; faith takes away the effort of trying to understand something that will always be too big to comprehend anyway. You are at the beginning of an eternal journey, so have faith and trust. One day, sometime in the far, distant future you will be given understanding, and yet still be as that grain of sand on that vast, vast ocean beach. (see feature pic of magnified beach sand)

“Thus saith the Lord, thy redeemer, and He that formed thee from the womb, I am the Lord that maketh all things; that stretched forth the heavens alone; that spreadeth abroad the earth by Myself; that frustrateth the tokens of the liars, & maketh diviners mad; that turneth wise men backward, & maketh their knowledge foolish.” (Isaiah 44:24-25)

The frequency of the Blue Key, created in the mind of God, is 6.66 and it is the secret the enemy has been trying so hard to keep away from you. Since I have revealed this secret to you, you have been using it, but only sporadically, not purposefully as one that knows and understands how to use the awesome power they have in their hand. This is such a staggering revelation that it had to be presented piecemeal. Almost like a baby being fed small, bite-sized spoonfuls, until he is able to eat the meat. Yes, this is meat simply because much of the world has been manipulated to believe that 6.66 is the Devil’s number. And in a way, it is his number, yet it is not, because as I’ve shown you, it is stolen technology. It was a secret snatched from Heaven. Well, the blueprint was stolen. The Devil stole it from Heaven and inspired man to create the technology based on that frequency. It works well because it is man’s activation key. When Lucifer fell from Heaven and became Satan, he took a lot of Heaven’s secrets with him. For example, here in Heaven we communicate by projecting our thoughts. Instead of trying to explain an idea to someone, we send a picture. We use this “technology” sometimes when we communicate with you on earth; you call it a vision. We use dreams too, yet not all dreams are remembered. We give a lot of ideas and concepts to people when they are asleep. They wake up the next morning and suddenly an idea surfaces. Now a systemite will think it was generated by their brain, an enlightened child of God on the other hand, will give God the glory and call it a revelation. Faith is the next step; faith takes that idea or revelation further and creates something out of it. A good person is like a prism when hit by a ray of light. The Devil also uses the medium of visions and dreams to pass on Heaven’s stolen secrets to his children. But his children are like a prism in reverse, the idea turns inward and selfish and is like a black star. Satan and all that follow him are becoming black stars. There’s is a diminishing world, up-side down, backwards & diminishing! We don’t understand it, but apparently it’s just a reverse of what God intended for it to be. (See Black Stars! #0945)

Saramay- Blue Angel-

“Just like we live in the Powerhouse of God, so are you when you live in prayer. Yes, you enter in so closely to the power of God when you wield prayer so intimately. Then you become like us. Conduits that the power can flow through. The more you pray, the more He can pour His substance and blue light into you, replacing your nature with His.  Because when you depend on prayer, you are saying to Him that He is the One that has to do it and that is a direct hit on your pride, so it is the way to fading. If you want to be filled with His blue energy, pray and realize it is all about Him and His ability to work things out without your feverish activity in the flesh. He does want you to work, but even more so He wants to see you pray and release Him, at last to do things the way He wants them done. So pray praiseful prayers, pray commanding prayers and fall at His feet in need. Show your love and need through the depth of your prayers and really give Him the chance to work in you and situations as He desires. Bury your life in the soil of desperate prayer; as you move out into the wilderness, give yourself to prayer and let go of your own ideas and dreams. Burn on the altar your own, and humbly sit here by the fire knowing only that you must call on Him. Let the incense rise and give yourself to this life. Having been stubborn and arm-of-the-flesh orientated  for a long time, it’s time, My love, to lay down that nature. Come to the altar and sacrifice and burn your ways and pride and just finally admit that you aren’t strong enough. It’s not going to be easy to relinquish your nature, but little by little let Him replace your mind with His as you pray and let go. Sacrifice your strong flesh and let it burn on the altar of prayer. Call on the Blue Key and say yes to the way of praying which is to disappear and let Him shine. Stop your rushing and sit down and pray here at my altar which is where the power of God is released to work. Turn the keys and take up the most important task. It might seem lowly to your carnal mind, but in reality it is the greatest calling. For you can take no credit. He alone will know what it cost you and He alone will reward you, so it is the best calling you could ever have. It’s open for everybody; all you have to do is lay down your strength and pull desperately on His. No one will recognize you or praise you for all the praying you did. It’s all about Him and everybody glorifies Him, so is your destiny fulfilled in giving Him His due honor. In fact, unless you pray, you cannot truly fulfill what you were meant to do, even physically it would not be possible, because there are strings that need to be pulled that only He can pull, so prayer is an absolute necessity. So pray and you will see where your true strength lies. 



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“Call on the Blue Key and say yes to the way of praying which is to disappear and let Him shine. Stop your rushing and sit down and pray here at my altar which is where the power of God is released to work. Turn the keys and take up the most important task. It might seem lowly to your carnal mind, but in reality it is the greatest calling.” – Saramay, Blue Angel – 


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