[Note: Yesterday on a walk I happened to meet a lady tending to her flower garden. “What are these big, green, bulb-shaped buds?” I asked. She said they were buds to the giant poppies she was growing. She said it takes about two years of growing this plant before it finally blooms for the first time. The white cockatoos were coming and nipping off the buds and flying off with them. She didn’t like that and was trying to use netting to guard the poppies.

[A little while later, while driving home, I saw a van at an intersection. It was coming from the right side to drive across to the left of us. In large lettering on the van’s side was written “Poppies”. It was curious to me, that one of the rare times I’ve been out, I had two noticeable things happen involving something I’ve rarely see here—poppies—each one only minutes from the other. I wondered if the Lord wanted to use it to tell me something. Here is what I received while praying.]


(Angel speaking:) The poppies, the population, the people –are ready for the mass infusion of death that is marching on the horizon. Many died in violence, willing and willful, even gleefully doing the same to others, and then it cost their own lives. These continue on in the unseen realm in preparation for the real war that is soon coming upon you, the people of this planet. War is rising; the smoke is in the air. The red sky is lowering like a dragon’s head turned on its prey.

Death will come in one way or another.

The grave is ready for the influx of souls soon to depart from this world, this temporal realm.

Would you that you live through this mass confusion and epidemic of death, pain and suffering? Some of you may remain so that the testimony of the Lord be declared. But many in the world shall be given wings. They will fly to the arms of death and the destroyer.

But they that wait on the Lord will renew their strength, and with wings of eagles they will fly and be welcomed by the angels of God.

The poppies are ready, for the grave is to be filled. Death, much death is on the horizon. It must exceed the conditions of the world wars and the death camps. The horrible entries into the world’s log of events must be exceeded in this final hour. It must come to pass.

Declare this word, for much more tribulation will yet arrive on the doorstep of the Earth. (End of message from angel)

(Jesus speaking:) I need you, My darling. Much more will yet come into the lives of the masses, for the world is in its breaching of the travail of the birth.

A pilgrim you will be, for the end is not quite yet. And yet another thunder will utter, and more evils will enter the lives of this wicked terrain.

Tell Me, My darling, will you be true to Me and truly have faith until the end? I will purge the ranks of the halfhearted, the weak and the fearful. Even now I am testing. Who is on My side? Who wishes to stay until the stars come out? That is to say, until the darkest part of the evening –when the angels are more involved than ever.

The ranks of the non-believers are tested and tried to their limitations, to see if they will turn and switch to ‘God Power’. Will they? Or will you turn to their side? It is a test of the toughest kind, to see who will remain loyal. I am with you to the end.

“Ezekiel 3:17 Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel: therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me.”


Out of Memphis

“As you weep in prayer for those who are downtrodden, the keys stir up the power of Heaven to answer your heart cry and fight on behalf of those who cannot fight for themselves.”


The ranks will whittle down to size pretty fast when the troubles hit at loin level.—That is to say, truth level. When truth starts to expose the hypocrisy that is rampant in this world, people will drop from the team, no longer able to hold up to the light. They were fine marching in My Kingdom’s army when it was the cool or fashionable thing to do, but when it’s going to mean being sent into the arena to not just live but to die for their faith, that is when the great divide will really show. Who will still march? –If to do so means your own death in some of the most humiliating ways?

The ranks will thin in huge amounts. Only those with the strongest weapons and the least care about their own image and own well-being can endure the march to Gloryland through the minefields and pillaging of Satan. (Whosoever is willing to lose their life for My sake, in the end will save it.)

Why would you go on standing up for what is right when to do so costs your own head? Only the most valiant for the truth will do so. No, they won’t be cheered on this earth, only jeered, if that. But more likely silenced as soon as possible. But when the time is right and crowds of cowards and neutrals are asleep along with the troublemakers, that is when I at last will blast through the dark night and wake their sorry souls. It will be too late then to try to make new battle plans.

I will turn their own swords against each other, and as the story went with Gideon’s very small army, so will it go at the end of this play. Some things in the script will be a fair bit different, like the tools that are used and the way the battle is fought. But woe will be to those who are asleep, rather than on the small and fighting team, for sudden will be their woes.

Awake now and on with the war by preparing both in heart and mind, as well as in materials for winning the war in the lives of others who need them.

Darling, angels will be at your beck and call.

Don’t faint when the footmen are wearying you. That’s just the climb up to the top of the hill, the climb before the charge down into the pits where the gates of hell meet the slime pits of the filth of this world—the in and out places where the world takes in that from the nether-realm –the place where wicked of earth long to pass over to do yet more corrupt deeds in the unseen place.

If you don’t want to tumble down into the slime, then up and walk bravely, taking your tests now as vital training and preparation.

I love you and will not leave your soul in hell on earth but will deliver you.

(End of message from Jesus)