Prophecy, Jesus speaking:


This is an epic little letter (The Rickety Airplane), true of the times you are now all living in. Slipping and sliding all over the place, gathering newspapers in your arms (the events,) you try to make sense of the world falling apart around you. Whether it’s in your own backyard, wars, rumors of wars, false flags or real tragedies about to happen, everyone is in this boat, and the storms are wild with very high winds. Hail is in some places, while ice is in others.

What is this? you say. Here we are, not knowing whether to go or stay, forsake all or cram what you have in your little rickety car, not knowing if the trip is going to take you anywhere safer than you are already. What a mess you’re all in. What a funny little situation you’re all in. It would be funny if it weren’t so serious. And some of you have, on occasion, sat back a little & had a really good laugh at all that’s transpiring. But then, back to, soon after, running here and there, trying to resolve things in your own strength, gathering the newspapers, & stuffing what you can into the overcrowded confusion you know you’ve found yourself in. Are you self-sufficient yet? Have you tried to get it all together yet? How do you prepare for the end of the world? That hail –forget the golf balls! They’re going to be much much bigger than that! How do we get through this in our little corner of the world? –By each in their own situation doing the running around, & manufacturing in your minds what you can do to save yourselves?

Without Me & My prophets, you can do nothing. I have ordained this order from the beginning of time. It would do you good to remember the voice of the prophets. Go back, keep going, then return to your present prophet and king, David, & you will see; the crown did pass to him, & it was passing to P&M. All are now either returning or leading others away into self-reliance. Did Jeremiah have any success? No, they killed the prophets. It’s no different today. Even now, most of you still have to get back to the letters in earnest for your feeding times in the Word. Stop creating your own cellars of survival. Take out the words of David & read. Time is short. Most of you are spending hours of your time indeed, in the world, going over endless clips & scrolls of endless scripts of what people think is happening, when all the time, there are lights showing the paths clearly that you must take, the line you should be following. Follow up with My personal Words for your situations & apply the counsel as it dictates for your particular circumstances. Each of you needs specific details to follow. One in EU cannot determine the battlefield by looking at Africa, no more than North America can depend on South America for its directions. You must look to My plan, & you must follow the doggy line of updated Word specific to your strategic location.

Anyone who sees this & has taken steps back will be guided through the oncoming maze of broadcasts & loud voices. But they who seek guidance from feeds on the airwaves & adjust their reception to what’s going on around them are like the people in the dream & are confused by it all, about to get into the rickety airplane with all the newspapers as a last resort, knowing it’s crazy, but no one else is making sense out of what’s going on, as the confusion is off the charts, with the old dead bones trying to still lead the way, pushing their distractions into the plane when it‘s obvious the rickety old thing isn’t going anywhere but down. What a waste of time even talking to them it seems.


They just want to do their thing. They waste valuable resources while panic is in their hearts every moment, & you know, it’s only going to go from bad to worse if you follow them into the plane, or worse, allow them to continue to lead. Here you must come out from among them, for indeed they will betray your trust by their ignorance to My call of David & lead many to fall into the pit.

This is indeed urgent in its warning, & those who do not heed will find themselves jumping into this last-minute panic plane, because they weren’t willing to listen to the warning set forth from their Good Shepherds & loved ones flashing the lights. Already, you have seen enough signs, from people not taking any warnings given. So, you may very well have to leave these, whose impious natures are holding stubbornly to their fate. I hold each accountable to uphold their own level of discipleship, to do that which I tell them to do through believing in My prophets & prophecies of the New Wine, that which I’ve given in each situation. Hold thou fast what thou hast; let no man steal thy crown.

This comes on the shirt tails of calling out to the dead bones; but not to the point of yourselves not heeding what I show each of you to do individually. Pray over everything, for some are meant to keep at it, while others are well beyond that point. They have discerned that no end of trouble can come from those who do not heed the call while it is yet day, for surely the night cometh. It is dark, & you will need to be light on your feet, not weighed down with those who are heavy in the world. This is true & very much still the discipleship standard laid out by My early disciples. It still stands. He that forsaketh not father or mother or sister or brother, or children or houses or lands, for My sake; he shall not be My disciple.

Many have carried their children to adulthood compromising with spouses for gain. Not leaving their possessions, they forsake nothing but accumulate more & more in their pursuit to be set up as part of this world, tolerating the most opposite of what My COD should be allowing. How can two live together unless they be united? O, how they cry about unity & fellowship, when they themselves are in division with Me, expecting a call of the keys of brotherhood to condemn My true believers who are trying to escape the false cover-ups and phony appearances displaying a form of righteousness without the power thereof.

Keep attentive. Keep in tune to the keys, your weapons by your side at all times, for the enemy is at his worst since the world began. He will devour & tear away everything that’s not fixed tightly to My known ways. You are not ignorant of His devices. Rise therefore, little ones, to the call of David & fight with all I have given to see you through these coming days of great tribulation.

Love, Your Captain at the Helm and Master at the Controls



Without Me & My prophets, you can do nothing. I have ordained this order from the beginning of time. It would do you good to remember the voice of the prophets. Go back, keep going, then return to your present prophet and king, David, & you will see; the crown did pass to him.”

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“Through the keys of new life I will give you a fresh start. Old things will be replaced with the new, and you will accomplish marvelous things for Me.”


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