And 2 Thessalonians 2:6 & 7

The following letter was sent to me the day after the “accident” happened. I couldn’t help see the Lord’s hand in this matter; as we are doing all we can to get out the Endtime message out  here in our country. This was a wonderful confirmation that the Lord is doing His part to delay and hinder the Devil’s plan of sowing his dirty seed into the people of the world.

“Hi there, A couple of days ago in the U.S. a truck carrying millions of vials of Moderna vaccine crashed and turned over and various specialized teams for the cleanup of dangerous materials in white suits came to prevent an ecological disaster – and guess where the vaccines were going? – to Ghana! It looks like someone was praying.”

The following day I received prophecy to find out what the Lord had to say about this miraculous event.

“And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time. For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming. It is close My beloved, it is even at the door; for now I delay and set some but not all of their plans in disarray, but the time is upon you when the man of sin must step forward to take his place in history. You have to be listening to Me every step of the way to know what you are to do. Your battles take place in the spiritual, but a lot is going to happen in the physical realm, so what you do and where you go and how you follow Me makes a big difference. That truck was part of the physical war, but the spiritual came in and knocked it out because of the spiritual part of the war. So continue to sharpen your spiritual defenses and learn to use those weapons. Continue to pray and I will continue to upset the apple cart. This is war and in war the rules of engagement are such. Not by might nor by power but by My hand. The enemy will not get it all his way that is not the way of things, My children are on earth at this crucial time in history for an express purpose. If this was not so then I would allow the world to fall, to collapse and be destroyed in order that My Kingdom come.”

The following news article gives the reader an idea of how deadly these vials of death are:

Moderna Vaccine Shipment Crashes, Prompting Hazmat Cleanup and Shuttering of Airspace


UPDATE: HHS said in a statement to Timcast that all of the vaccines are accounted for. Read the full update here.

A truck carrying a large supply of Moderna vaccines crashed on Interstate-79 near Morgantown, West Virginia early Friday morning — and officials refuse to answer any questions about it.

The crash took Hazmat cleaning crews 21 hours to clear after the truck lost control and went through a concrete barrier.

“A tractor trailer, carrying Moderna COVID-19 vaccines to be sent as aid to a foreign country, lost control on the interstate, struck a concrete barrier and went down over the embankment approximately 30 feet and rolled on its side,” Monongalia County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. “The driver was trapped inside of the vehicle and had to be extricated. He was transported and treated for minor injuries at Ruby Memorial Hospital.”

The statement went on to say that a hazmat team was brought in to clear “oil and anti-freeze” for 21 hours. (Hazmat teams for engine oil and anti-freeze!!!! Liars!!!! First time in history that spilt engine oil requires a Hazmat suit)

“The West Virginia Center for Preparedness helped recover the vaccine, but it is unknown how much was saved,” WV Metro News reported.

Timcast reached out to the West Virginia Center for Threat Preparedness and spoke to Tim Priddy, the incident commander for COVID. We asked if vaccines had been scattered outside the vehicle or if they were contained inside. He said that he was unable to speak to the press, but would have their press information officer call us back. There was no return call by time of publishing.

The Monongalia County Sheriff’s Office, Monongalia Hazmat Team, and Governor Jim Justice’s office all refused to answer questions about the crash.

When contacted by Timcast and questioned about if vaccines spilled from the vehicle, the Monongalia Hazmat Team replied that “we are unable to release any information at this time.”

The vax truck

When you sense an attack coming your way, immediately call on the keys of faith and protection. My spirit helpers will respond with prompt action to secure your surroundings, your person, and everything that concerns you.


Keys are our wilderness

“The power of the keys of protection will be a force field around you, so that no evil will befall you, nor any plague come nigh your dwelling.”





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