by forsaking all

“Wake-up My brides that are asleep and do not fully see the seriousness of the spiritual warfare all around you. Now is not time for the flesh, it is time for the strengthening of the spirit. Those that walk in the flesh and do not wake up to the dangers shall fall, and it will be a nasty fall. That is why I am warning you my children so that you do not fall off the abyss, but instead rise above on the keys and My spirit. You must wake up, My love. Things are not as they seem.  In the spirit, things are moving. If you want to be part of this movement, you cannot look at things in the eyes of the flesh; you must see in the spirit, move in the spirit and live in the spirit. In this army, you don’t have time for self.  It has to go, or you’re not going to make it. You have to stop worrying so much about excitement here, fun here and fulfilling your desires here on this earth. It just won’t work because this earth is coming to an end and the so-called pleasure that you needed so badly will just be a fleeting mist that will fade into vapor, and you would have thrown away eternal glory. The Lord can fulfill your every desire in His good time. Do you believe that? He’s got your best interests at heart, but today is the day of forsaking. Take this warning from the Lord seriously and get desperate with Him. Strive to stay close to the Lord and live in His Words. Obey His voice, and do what you know He wants you to do. That’s all you have to do really. He’s laid it all out in the Word; now all you have to do is obey. The Endtime is at your door, and it’s seriously coming whether you’re serious about it or not, so I suggest that you do get serious. All things are going to pass away except Jesus, so grab a hold of Him; fall in love with Him and get lost in His love. It’s always scary at first to go under the water; you’re afraid that you won’t be able to breathe and that you’re going to get water in your eyes, ears and mouth, but once you go under, you realize it’s not that bad, and you want to do it again and again. Ok, that’s the first step, you’ve conquered your fear and have gone under a number of times and always came out fine, but whenever you went under you closed your eyes fearing that the water would get in. So it was always dark under there, and you never got to see what was actually down there before you retreated to the safety of the world you know so well. Well, now the Lord is asking you to open your eyes to behold the beauties of this world that is just beyond yours.

Can you trust Him? Now you’ve opened your eyes, and you’re stunned at the amazing things you see in this other world. It’s so magical and fantastical. It’s unreal!! You wish you could stay in this world forever, and the Lord is saying you can. You can live in this beautiful new world. But you fear you will not be able to live here, because in reality it is impossible. You’re not an underwater creature, and you never will be. You’re so used to this world above, and you don’t know how you could leave this world behind for good, so you stick to visiting this world and then going back up into your world.  For then, that was okay. But now you have heard that the great flood that will cover the whole earth is coming in your generation, and those that know how to survive underwater will survive. That is why the Lord is pushing you to not just visit this underwater world, but to learn to live there.  This is the only way you will survive the flood. It is now vital to your survival, and it is not impossible, for the Lord has made a way. Do you see my illustration? You must forsake your old world.  Leave it all behind and enter into the world of the spirit. You must die to enter into this world; you must die to yourself to truly become a being of the other world.


I hold the key to your heart, enabling Me to get through to you about deep matters of the spirit, and to relay My love for you in a very personal way.


As I sent the ravens to feed Elijah, so will I feed and provide for you as you call on the power of the keys to perform the miracles of supply you need.