Oh, how they want to fool the people into thinking their cries are working, their protests have them winning. Hogwash, just like in the pig pen, they are falling into the muck, being offered nothing more than husks. There in Canada, it’s the truckers, doing the same thing, raising support for their convoy to Ottawa to protest this vax that is bringing them to a halt at the border. This convoy to the capital too is following suit, in line, as now they have learned to pull out those who oppose, so they can register their numbers, their license plates. Their resistance is nothing more than making themselves known and offering themselves on their well-paved roads to the capital. They will not solve anything, only give away their positions of liberty. This is patriotic in nature, but thinking they can fight city hall is a thing of the past long gone.”


Puppeteer Speaking:

“Do you dream that you shall snap to pieces and destroy the mandates of god—the decrees of the most high—as if they were but a tuft of wool?

What is the meaning of this commotion? “Let us break their bands asunder.” “Let us be free to commit all manner of abominations. Let us be our own gods. Let us rid ourselves of all restraint.” Gathering impudence by the traitorous proposition of rebellion, they add— “let us cast away;” as if it were an easy matter — “let us fling off ‘their cords from us.'”

Prophecy Jesus speaking:

“Come out of her My children; touch not this unclean thing…for the cause they fight is vanity. There is only one cause, and that is Mine. If it were My Fathers will, they would have but to raise one finger and all the legions of Heaven would come and fight on their behalf, but now is not My time. My return is imminent, and when I come, then will we fight to dismantle the kingdoms of man and their usurper king.

Go out quickly into the streets and lanes of the city, and bring in hither the poor and the maimed and the halt and the blind. Go out into the highways and hedges and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.

These children of the world are men of force. They fight for change, just as the people of Russia fought for change, yet they were unaware of who held the strings of their nation. Canada is not controlled from within but from without. Perhaps there will be a slight adjustment to appease the masses, but it will surely come with a tightening of the belt. The serpent does not adjust its grip in order to set its captive free but in order to better strangle its prey.

“I’ll keep you afloat and you’ll be able to move and dance about, albeit my way and according to my tune. But I’m sure you can see that would be much better than tangling up in a network of strings as you crash and fall to the ground.”


Mind Wars

“The power of the keys will become a personal reality to you as you claim their strength in your fight for change. They will not fail you, so long as you don’t fail to avail yourself of their power.”


The more the victim struggles, tighter becomes hold. Earth has been given into the hands of the prince of this world, the dragon. The world is his Serpentarium, and man is the prey. The people rise up, but who is leading them?  Look behind the scenes, and you will see that this rebellion did not issue forth from the poor but the rich and intelligent. This revolt comes from within, not without. A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand, and the kingdoms of this world have been given into the hands of the usurper that scripture may be fulfilled.

The children of darkness seek a kingdom built with their own hands, but you, My loves, look for a city whose builder and maker are God. Your Husband is coming, but first I call you out to seek and find those to fill My wedding chamber for marriage feast is ready. Pray that I come quickly My loves, for the days of Noah are once more upon the world of men, and a flood not seen since his day is about to sweep this world clean once again.

Fulfill your commission as My children there on earth, touch not this unclean thing, for it is an abomination to Me. They chose the world and the world is what they will get. These are not the ways of God, but of the serpent himself. He is the author of confusion and strife. They have sown to the wind with no regard to My Word, and they will reap the whirlwind of Satan. They loved not the truth; it is the lie that they love. They have now been given great delusion…they fight for a kingdom that sits on the precipice of great tribulation. 

Go My loves, go ye into all the world and seek those that are without, for the time is at hand. Trim your lamps and go into the darkest places of this world and seek and find those that I bid to My supper for the seventh trumpet is about to be winded. Get thee up, the time of slumber is well past, I am coming, and they are not yet saved.”


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