“Trump is not “My man”, the church Christians are deceived by this and will continue to be deceived as they look for their utopia on earth through politics. It is simply a lie of the devil and they are easily deceived because they do not look for the right things from life. They look for satisfying the flesh and not the spirit, and when they look to satisfying the spirit it often has to come with highs and feelings of being lifted in spirit. No, this is not the way, and it cannot be found in My Word. The life of true disciples is a difficult path and My children of the church do not want a difficult life, they want an easy one. Trump is a false prophet in every sense of the word, he brings a false message and many false promises. “



2 thoughts on “Trump is not My Man”
  1. Finally someone is speaking the truth about Trump I have very disappointed to see people I love and who should know better look up to him and support him when as Children of David we really should know better.

    1. I’m very sorry but I just found this your comment in spam,…so I’ve not seen it before…thank you so much for speaking up also, praying for you love MB. Once again very sorry for this oversight.

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