“I was disturbed for days about the trucker prophecy, Truck’n the Wrong Cause.  We are right here on the border, half an hour from the commotion, and even though there is a news blackout, we feel it here. And from the little I saw on my alternative news feeds, it really tugged on my heart. So this morning I asked the Lord about it. As you said here in the class, and Alice and Truco (Trudeau) illustrated, we can’t trust the news, any news.

So this is what I got. I’m very encouraged by it, because I was, like I said, of the opposite inclination –that this convoy was actually going to do some good.”


(Prophecy: )  Dig the Word. The Answers are there. Sometimes it seems more exciting the way the system presents it, and much of it is true. But it is brackish waters and will not satisfy your thirst. Most of all, it can lead you and others astray; especially if you get out of balance with your Word intake, you won’t be able to discern what is true and what is psych -op. Exactly that, the AC’s are expert in managing the enthusiasm and even charisma of the persons they use to deliver their false news. These alternative journalists and the people they interview seem so sincere and they probably are –but sincerely deceived and being used by the other side. If it can happen to you who are passionately trying to follow close, how much more with them who are free-floating and have little or no anchor in My Word, My Voice or any connection with Me.

What exactly is happening in this situation with the truckers is that it is causing you to doubt My Word and My Word givers. It breaks My heart. They are so close but so far away at the same time. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and that is a hard one to accept and swallow. Your own self-righteousness and pride in wanting to know and recognize and be able to call out the truth is the crack in your armor where the enemy can get in with his poisonous gas of deceit. This convoy will come to naught, sad to say, and will so discourage the believers who know not what to hang on to, that many will fall away. Their house is not built on the Rock of My Word but on the hope of the flesh, and flesh and bone cannot inherit the Kingdom.

This is heartbreaking, I know. It breaks My Heart to see these poor souls grasping at straws instead of wielding the weapon of My Word.

“There is only one cause, and that is Mine. If it were My Father’s will, they would have but to raise one finger and all the legions of Heaven would come and fight on their behalf, but now is not My time. My return is imminent, and when I come, then will we fight to dismantle the kingdoms of man and their usurper king.”


Gaining Ground

“Claim the power of the keys so that you will never desire any waters above My Word, for My Words are the only waters that give life.”


The AAC’s have a form of godliness but without the power thereof. You want to root for them. You want them to win. Your enemy’s enemy is your friend, right? But that doesn’t mean they have the power to resist your enemy. To hold to them as an indicator and sample of modus operandi or as an answer to the oppression is putting your money in a bag with holes and building on sand …Oh, how My Heart breaks for those.  I have a place for them in the end, but they will suffer too many things in vain for not having embraced Me. Share this with your new disciple; he will accept it because he has walked this through and knows deep down there has to be another way to resist. Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his arm, whose heart departs from the Lord. That is what breaks My Heart. Flesh cannot inherit the Kingdom of God.  No two ways about it.


Jesus wept.


A little later this came quite strongly:

This is an hard saying (the above). Who can bear it? And many ceased to walk with Him after that. Then Jesus turned to the 12 saying: “Will you also go away?” and Peter, spontaneous,  impudent Peter, answered, “To whom shall we go? THOU alone has the WORDS of Eternal Life.” (end of prophecy)


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