By Father David

“This is a dream I had early this morning apparently just before I woke, because I awoke when it still lay fresh on my mind, but it was so terrible I didn’t even want to talk about it, I didn’t even want to record it! So now it’s the night of that day & the dream, I’m afraid, is going to fade away if I don’t recount it soon. Sometimes they do, if I’m not faithful in delivering the Message. But it was so horrible that I really didn’t want to record it! I just thought I’d just forget it, but the Lord just reminded me of it again a few moments ago while reading the newspaper, of all the horrors going on in the World.

So I’m afraid not to record it because it could be a warning that someone needs in the US. & perhaps even other people in the nuclear North, & it might be just the thing that can at least scare some of you people out of the North! I’d rather scare you out of the North into the South than I would to pamper you or mollycoddle you or be too lenient on you & not warn you sufficiently that you must leave the North if you want to survive, at least survive under livable conditions. So I cannot call this dream anything other than “A Dream of Horror!…

…So soon we were to experience the worst part of the chaotic confusion which will follow the blast & did follow in this dream, because as the governmental & security agencies broke down & police were handicapped or scattered or without central direction of any kind, some people began to realise what was happening & what would happen if they didn’t commander stores of food quickly, so that there was the storming of shops & grocery stores & markets to commander food & there was widespread looting as police forces seemed to be stunned & almost paralyzed & totally insufficient for this great a task of trying to restore any type of order…

…There was no order, there was nothing but disorder! People were running & screaming & cars careening almost ridiculously in different directions but mostly seeming to head North thinking they would be safe there. Sometimes during such a panic all reason seems to be lost & people just go madly dashing about they know not why or where, & this seemed to be the state of the horrible confusion which followed the blast of the attack. I don’t know exactly how much time passed between that first blast & some of the horrors that followed, but apparently often in a dream it’s like in a movie, the events transpire very rapidly & sometimes the movie or the drama leaps over a space of time & you’re suddenly in a time or place much later than the past scene.

Well, it seemed that we were in the same place & the same area when the next scene came in the dream & it was even in some ways more terrible than the first, the atomic attack & the blast & all the rest of that, because we were far enough removed from the actual blast not to be seriously affected by it or injured by it. But we were certainly affected by the confusion & the breakdown of law & order & the complete anarchy which followed, because soon gangs began to form under vicious cruel & totally unprincipled leaders, whoever it seemed had a weapon of some kind & who was best armed was in authority & control of his own group & had gathered followers about him even with nothing but sticks & staves & knives & clubs or whatever type of weapon they could get ahold of it they had no guns…” To download full dream…click here.


“See, that’s what the Lord told Jeremiah at the last, He said, “It’s too late, they’ve sinned too greatly against Me, I have to punish them! I wouldn’t turn from these judgements if even Moses & Samuel stood before Me & pled for them! They’ve sinned too greatly against Me, I have to punish them!”–And that’s America!”


Revelation 15-22

“Call on the keys of faith to help you to see everything in a new light.”




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