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“The orphan Children of David, like the bedraggled Gideon’s band on its way back to Jesus, can only have the strength to win the battle by raising the banner of David, that banner under which they were called.”

Here are just a few quotes (Eritrea! — A Dead Horse? [#0333B]),  but the whole short letter/ dream seems very applicable now if you think of the country as “God’s Nation” and the country names as code names representing the new, young army that Jesus is raising up. And once again, Dad is trying to get the Word around to feed and revive his army, the “mighty men of David,” and like in the dream Builders Beware, trying to make sure the Word isn’t taken away. In Bye bye birdie, City of Buried treasure, Copper Mine, Crystal stream, Rolled Gold, and on and on the list goes, the Lord showed through dreams that we are to have and feed on and give away the Word, and thus keep it treasured and valued. It was Dad’s mission. The direct prophecies he received were mostly all about his mission to get out and speak out the Words of God to feed and quench the thirst of hearts. (Kaye)

He is still doing this from the spirit world, just as we, the Children of David should keep doing our job— taking the Word in ourselves, by receiving fresh living waters of New Wine, and then pouring it out.

Nov 15, 2021 THE LAST WALL

 (Jesus:) “Only through loving Me can you find that true rest which your spirit needs. You can read the Word and get prophecy daily, but if you’re not spending time with Me, that is, spending time loving Me, then you will eventually reach burnout. Why? Because receiving the strength to keep climbing that mountain is only possible through a personal relationship with Me. You can only get that strength—that deep, abiding strength—through the bed of Love. We have to become one with each other because you can’t do it on your own. Only I can do it. So you have to have Me in you if you want to reach the summit. You don’t want to quit; you don’t want to give up and fold up and go back. This I know. I know this is the last thing you want to do. But you are facing a dilemma; you read My Word and try to get prophecy, but you just don’t seem to be growing all that fast or even getting fed at times—most times, in fact. You feel you’ve reached a wall in your spiritual growth, and over-passing it has been impossible so far. You know there is more. You can sense something phenomenal just behind this stunting barrier, something that is just waiting for you to reach it, to discover it. You’ve felt the Blue Beings calling you, summoning you further up and further in. But just how to get over this wall, this invisible blockade, is the question. You must let go of the carnal mind, which seeks to find its own way up and over this Wall. Just relax…calm your soul, calm your mind, and let your spirit flow out…out and in…out and into the Spirit of God. Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him… Remember?”

(Rising Above! [#3379])

When you reach the perimeter of your ability as a man, when you fall defeated at the retaining WALL of your own limitations and realize the impossibility of escaping what seems like the prison house of your own human frailty or ability, that’s when you come to really know your limits, and that with man it is impossible. But the place that seems to be the end of all that’s possible for you is not the end at all that’s actually possible! That’s really the place of great beginnings. That’s the border, the frontier, the great divide, the place where you end and I begin. What may seem like a place of great defeat for you and your pride is not a place of total failure, complete loss, or of despair and utter hopelessness. Just the opposite is true, for just beyond that line that marks your limitation is the beginning of Me, an eternal sea of limitless power and possibility that is yours IN Me. So don’t be cast down and fall into despair at what seems totally impossible and hopeless to you. Simply know that you’ve finally reached the borders of My Kingdom where you end and My power and glory begins. You’ve come to the Holy Mountain‚ to the House of your God, to the doorstep of the King of kings. 

  Claim the keys of persistence to endure the long haul—then time will go by so much faster. Hold them near to your heart, so you’ll run and not be weary, walk and not faint.

(Spirit helper speaking:) “The greater the sacrifice, the greater the reward. You never give up anything for Jesus. Only the carnal mind tells you, “This is hardship. This is something I can’t enjoy. This is a difficulty. This is what I’m giving up. This is what I have to suffer.” If you would listen to your spiritual heart‚ you would hear, “This is the honor bestowed on you. This is a privilege given only to a few. This is a gift from the hand of Jesus. This is something you will never regret having done. This will make your face shine forever as an eternal testimony of God’s thankfulness for your love for Him.”

I need you to hand over the keys that can unlock the door; I need the key of your majesty of choice. Here on earth you will have to give it to Me many times, but if you fight hard and keep giving it to Me, I will meet you in Heaven. I will keep you close to Me in ways that you wouldn’t dream of. I will keep you close like a precious treasure.  I’ll keep you in My pocket, and you will be My special thing that I use at My pleasure for whatever I want. You will be used by Me, and you will fulfill that for which you were created. If I need something to reflect My light, I can use you, the transparent beings –a whole other class of spirits. Who are these? you ask. These are the transparent ones who gave and gave till all they have left is a form to reflect His light. You can seem far away from the goal…but darling, keep using your Blue Angel and the Blue Key and let the “you” you know be erased.”


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