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August 29, 2023…Prophecy, Jesus speaking about the Great Confusion.

It is finished. Great confusion has come into the world. A great falling away among those of My church children and of the Children of David has happened. No one, back in the days of David, could be certain what these two time periods could or would mean. (The Great Confusion and the Great Falling Away) How could they? Unless I had given David a direct revelation, which I didn’t. David passed on to his reward thirty years before your reaching the mountain range that you are now climbing. It wasn’t given to David to understand all the details of Endtime events. His mission was to fulfill Matthew 24:14 in order that the End would unfold. And it has. It is true; it is much later than most of the world think. And the reason for that is their unbelief. I promised that I would reveal My secrets unto My servants, and that is what I am doing. If they would listen and believe, then My hands would be free to confirm in their hearts all that I am pouring out through My medium. But they will not; they have chosen the lie and are now walking in gross darkness. “Show us a sign,” they say. “Show us a miracle and we will believe.” My loves, there will be no sign except for the sign of the Son of Man coming in the clouds with power and great glory. It has always been by faith and will continue to be so right up until the day of My return. Then will the unbelievers mourn; then will they weep and wail as women in travail. As the days of Noe were, so also shall be the day of My return. Many have made their choice not to believe My prophet David. They have rejected the Words of David, to their own hurt. They chose confusion, for the Enemy is the author of confusion, and he has sent great confusion and darkness into the ranks of the holy people. They have fallen as wheat under his black scythe. Look around you. Do you see any great spiritual leader standing up? It will not be My loves, for I have said that David is My commander to the people. His words are what will keep the sheep in these dark and cloudy days, and only those that run to his words will be safe. Many Endtime prophecies have been fulfilled over the years since the Reboot. I raised up My Gideon’s band, those that chose Me and My ordained prophet are those that walk with David today. The forces of the AC have made war with the saints and overcome them. The churches are in disarray. The End has come. Many, yea millions, will follow the beast into perdition. Do not look to those you once called your brethren, for My spirit has moved on. Aren’t you seeing others that are not of this flock understanding what should be plain to a blind man? Blindness is not the problem, for I can heal a blind man if he comes in humble faith and asks for sight that he may see. Many that are trapped in Churchianity are there by choice, and the same can be said of those that were once called by David’s name. Did not they choose to reject the Words of the Prophet? Well, in denying the Words of David they have denied knowing Me. In denying My truth, that which was given from My hand to this last generation, the final church, My Philadelphia, they choose a lie and have been given strong delusion.

Have I not given many signs and wonders interwoven within the Words of David? Have I not indicated with many numbers, many Words and wonderful prophecy for those that would believe? Have I not opened the mysteries of David’s dreams in these last days before the rise of the son of perdition? Yea, My loves, I am doing all I can to help the blind to see, but as you are seeing, most would not. It is indeed late, in fact, too late for many. Who should follow in the footsteps of My Prophet David? Is there to be a  greater one than he? Not so My loves. It is given to David’s children to follow David. But those that would despise the Prophet’s Words are no longer called his faithful children but wayward children, prodigals that have lost their way in the darkness and confusion of this Endtime world. Take up the Keys, My faithful Children of David, and hold them high, for they are the light I have ordained to lead all those that would follow in the footsteps of David.”

“They are all around you, My brides. For years and years I have been sending My prophets and My Word into the world in warning of what is coming. Finally I sent My Endtime prophet, whose mission was to fulfill Matthew 24:14. He has fulfilled his mission and returned to home base. He is now with Me helping to direct events from behind the scenes. Those who have rejected My Endtime prophet have also fulfilled scripture.  Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition. 2 Thessalonians 2:3

Great confusion has come into the world due mainly to My children being ignorant of or disobedient to My Word. The world has always been confusing and in disarray. That is because their father is the author of confusion. He has always muddied the waters.  Nothing makes sense in his world, so the lives of those that follow his word and strive for his plan make no sense. His plan is confusing and pointless. All through the history of man I’ve sent My prophets to clear the muddy waters of Satan, but in time the water once again clouds over when the people forget the admonitions of the prophet’s Words. So in time I have to send another prophet to clear away the Devil’s clutter. Great confusion always follows when My children’s eyes wander off of My Word and onto the world and its ways and happenings. Red-flag world events that were as milestones along the road of the world’s descent into these last days blended into the everyday normalness of people’s lives. I warned My children to come out of the world and remain separate; otherwise they would sink under the muddy flood waters of Satan’s lies and be carried away with the rest of humanity, blind and confused by the Dragon.   

My Endtime prophet was a major milestone to the world, but more importantly, to My children that were in the world. He was sent, as others were sent, to unclutter the rubble and point the way out of Churchianity and the ways of the world. I sent out My pure, unadulterated Word for this last, lost generation, millions for the billions. The Words of David were as marker flags for these that were called out. The marker flags still stand amidst the flood of lies that Satan has sent in his attempt to wash them away.  But due to disobedience to the prophet’s words, My children failed to perceive the infiltration of Satan as he blended his muddied waters with that of My pure mountain stream.

So where and what is the Great Confusion, My brides? It’s not in the world, for the world has always been confusing –always fighting wars, always greedy, always striving to climb the ladder and stepping on each other to get there. So where did the confusion enter? It entered the camp of the saints. Satan made war with the saints and overcame them. That is where it began. The saints lost their way because their eyes drifted off the prophets. Generation after generation, until the final generation came, and along with it the “Great Falling Away” 2 Thessalonians 2:3. That is the Great Confusion. The saints became confused. They didn’t know where they were going and couldn’t even see those Endtime flags that had been almost covered in muddied water. So, My dears, that’s the Great Confusion. That’s the great apostasy.”


  “Claim the power of the keys so that you can see My Words as the pure, sweet, refreshing, invigorating, alive, shocking and exciting waters that they are. Claim the power of the keys so that you will never desire any waters above My Word, for My Words are the only waters that give life.”

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