yoke of babylon


September 1, 2023…prophecy, Jesus speaking.

You have entered the final days, the days of which Grandmother’s prophecy warned. The author of confusion has come and laid waste the Holy People.  My children are scattered, lost and leaderless. Those that have followed David’s Words into the high mountains of the spirit  have the light and see clearly what has come upon the world and its people. The world and My lost children are in great confusion. They grope blindly for a light, any light. They cannot discern its shade, neither its holder, nor where it is leading them. The night has fallen, and the light that is now in the world is dim and gives off an uncertain light. It does not lead upward but downward. Oh My brides, I would that these days pass quickly. Yet prophecy must needs be fulfilled. I have given the Son of Perdition his set time, that all that has been said in My Word may be accomplished.  

You ask Me for more understanding into David’s dream about “The Frog.” Listen, and I will show you what must come to pass. Your prayers are having great impact on how this scenario will play out. Continue to allow the spirit to intercede, and as you pray, you will find My highest will. The green-grey sickly cat and the frog represent Western capitalist interests throughout the region. As is depicted in David’s dream, poisoning will come and the rat will be exposed. I have symbolized its image within the map of West Africa. It is My signature, My handprint that all may know that I am in ultimate control of all that is and will yet transpire in that region. Again I say, your prayers can turn the tide or change the course of events for My highest will to be performed. The Sphinx-like cat, as you know, symbolizes black African power. Grandmother’s prophecy warns you to “Turn your eyes toward Memphis (Egypt), for out of it shall come the Great Confusion! And who is The Great Confusion? You know there is only one who holds that title and that is the dragon. He is the King of Egypt. And it is as it has been said in the Words of David that; The real center of things is in Egypt. Seems like those spirits’ headquarters is in Egypt! “This is the most important symbol : this is the power of the Illuminati. Without the Sphinx, the mystery of the Illuminati would have no power. This is where all of its power comes from.” 

Black, black with clouds

Therefore this is where the power of Black Africa lies, and it is symbolized in the big, black, Sphinx-like cat in David’s dream. For centuries the West has been exploiting Africa and her people. Now that the very end has come, it is the time for these spirits to take back what they believe is theirs. Their king has risen for his final hour, and great darkness has come forth. There are many great kings from ages past. They have now risen to take their place: Hannibal, Qaddafi, the kings of  Egypt and of the South and West. There are many, many that are in league with their dark lord, and they are taking position for that great and final day of Armageddon.  

Red red with warning

The King of the North has also called upon the power of Memphis in this last hour. I have called My son out of Egypt at this last time to judge the whore and thus fulfill My Word. The Dragon has given him his power, and his seat, and great authority. He will speak mighty and lofty words against the King of Heaven and he will exalt himself even to the very throne of Heaven. Many will he win to his side through the deceit of flattery. But in the end, he shall fall and none shall come to his aid. Russia will overflow and win the hearts of Africa’s people, not all, but multitudes will follow him. And they will open to him the riches and treasures of Egypt (Daniel 11:43). This is his hour; be not deceived for you are seeing his rise to power, yet he has but a short space and his end will come.

Pray for My children

As for My children in the world, I would that they put their necks under the yoke of Russia, at least in name, to be as the humble radish, red on the outside, yet white within. For you know that with the last world empire, comes the Mark of the Beast and worship of his name. So although I ask My children to put their necks under the yoke of this final world Egypt, I do not mean to throw away their faith, for the just shall live by faith and must live by faith or else be sucked into the dark and turbulent whirlpool of Endtime events. Come out from among them and touch not the unclean thing of this world, and I will receive you. How will My children do this? By reading and obeying My written and living Word. My children of David are high in the mountains. They are mountain men and know how to live by faith and will come through this time of tribulation in great victory. Those that are of another flock will fare better than those who have turned aside from the Words of David. If those of other flocks heed the Words of My prophets, they will find solace in My Words and will find shelter from the blast of the terrible one. Trust now, My brides, for it is not the position of your body or your situation, but it is the position of your heart where true safety is found. When these of other flocks see the Keys in your hands and the power they wield, they will come and they will desire to know the truth.  


  “Call on the power of the keys that the eyes of your mind and spirit may be opened to My Word as never before. Call on their power to sweep your mind clean of anything that would stand in opposition to you receiving My Words and being changed by them.”

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