radiotuning Jesus


Prophecy, August 12, 2023″

Jesus speaking:

“You can take a lesson from that clock. (A clock that doesn’t keep time) You aren’t going to be looking at the surface to tell the signs of the times. You can’t look at that clock on the wall to tell what time it is. You have to look to Me. You have been looking to Me, and I have told you that the truth will not come to you as an earthquake or a bolt of lightening but as a still small voice. The storm will rage about you. but how will you know what to do? You will know if you have been listening to that still small voice. You will know if you know the frequency to tune into. You will be able to tune your radio even when the confusion and action is all around you. When the time comes to make a drastic decision, you will hear My voice clearly. You will know what advice to take and act on. You are My fighters here in this realm. So I will keep you safe.

This situation in Niger will not diffuse quickly and quietly. This is the End of days and these countries of Ecowas have been bought and paid for. It doesn’t matter if what the Elites are telling them to do is lunacy and suicide, they are already bound to follow… right off the edge of the cliff. This is quite a time in history to be a politician. One has to be completely rotten to the core, totally willing to do anything for his own power and gain. Their conscience having been seared with a hot iron, they will kill, they will follow their masters. They have been taken over by demons, demons of lust, power and greed. They don’t even think straight any more.

All that to say, there will be trouble, but it will be contained if My children pray. Some things have to happen in order for the very end to come. But if you pray, the plan can be fulfilled with as little suffering and loss as possible. So be ready, My brave troops. You are going to see action and not just in the spiritual realm of your prayers. The battle is already raging and the fight is already on, but now it is breaking out into the physical realm and those demons and principalities that have been fighting each other and most of all fighting Me, are bringing their war to earth and inspiring their charges to fight each other to wreak death and destruction upon the earth. The Devil and the demons think that they will reap souls. They lust for souls, for as you read in Gragau, that is the currency of the dark spirit world. Many times they bring wars and disasters because they know that as many die and suffer they will reap souls into their dark kingdom. This sends them crazy as they are cast to the Earth in these last days.”



  “Take hold of the keys of boldness to proclaim My truth; grasp tightly the keys of revolution to remain separate from the world; and cling to the keys of commitment, which make you never want to be a part of the world and its ways.”


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