A deeper look at pride (prophecy)

“Pride makes you think you are in control. It is an illusion of course. You are not in control at all; your pride is. Pride will take you places you’ll wish you’d never gone. Yet, pride being what it is, will drive you. You, in fact, become powerless to it. In effect, you become its slave.

The whole world is motivated by the spirit of pride. Pride is behind taking the vaccine. Fear is too, and by mixing these two deadly cocktails Satan has concocted a powerful brew that few can resist. In fact, only the Word of God has the power to resist this lethal injection of pride and fear. But again, you must yield to the Word; you must lay down your will and allow the Word to take the reins of your heart.

Pride and fear are Satan’s words, words he uses to force and mercilessly control the will of man. He entices man to take the potion called “Master of his own fate“, but once taken, it begins to erode free will as it focuses on the prize…majesty of choice.  God’s Word, on the other hand, isn’t seeking dominance over either our will or our freedom to choose. It wants to work with these elements to create good. Both free will and majesty of choice were given by God in a type of open-ended arrangement. In other words, you choose who or what you allow into that open ended tunnel of God’s will.

Yes, the choice is yours to choose good or evil, pride or humility. As you choose God’s way, He will come in and take control of only what you yield to Him. Satan operates in a similar manner, up to a point. He entices his prey by deceiving them with the notion that they are in control as they walk down his road. However, there is a point of no return that he hides from unsuspecting man. Once that point is reached, the deceiver begins to snatch and grab and force. All the time, his power over you grows, and as his dominion increases, he is draining away the choice God gave you over your will and soul.

God, on the other hand, will only take what is given to him by you. He will not deceive. He plays by the rules. The trick the Devil uses to entice man is a simple one. He creates the illusion that there is a third choice; he calls it your choice, or the middle road. It’s the same trick he used on all the angels. “Why yield to God and be a vessel of His will when you can actually have your own will? After all, didn’t God give you that gift in the first place?” The master of subterfuge covers the reality from man, but the truth is before our eyes almost constantly; day and night, good and evil, right and wrong. You see, in our present reality there are only two colors. All the other colors are gifts from a loving God who, like us, loves variety and freedom of choice. In reality, there are only two choices: God or the Devil.

Satan traps you with the lie that you can become as god and never die, so you follow the path of your own will, the “third choice.”  But… in time it somehow melds or morphs into his, Satan’s path, and you find yourself back to the present two-path reality.

In truth, there is only one choice, God. He is the beginning and the end, He is eternity; He is in everything and in the end the devil and his path will diminish into a dead end.

The Heavenly city is a good example of this one-path concept; there is no darkness there, only light. All is light; there is no death there either, all is pure and good. The devil is allowed to exist as our teacher. He is teaching us the wisdom of yielding to God’s will. One day Satan will not exist in the form he presently holds. By then man will be on the road to true enlightenment; he will have learned to happily choose the will of the Father of Lights. How long will this take? Well, according to what we understand from the Bible, at least another 1,000 years. How things will work after that period is a little hazy, those higher ideals disappear into the mists of the future. What is our part in all of this? To learn  –that we may teach future generations who will not have the benefits the negative teacher brought into all our lives.”

One Choice

“In truth, reality teaches you that there is, in fact, only one choice, God. He is the beginning and the end. He is eternity; He is in everything. In the end the Devil and his path will diminish into a dead end.”



Mind Wars

It is a warfare over our minds. That is where the victory is won or lost. The war is waged to win the mind and then the heart of man.





old church new church

FOR SHE WHICH WAS CUT OFF SHALL BE PLANTED AGAIN, WHEN THE GLORY OF THE LATTER HOUSE SHALL BE GREATER THAN THAT OF THE FORMER! She which was stricken and did sit in ashes shall be glorified in royal raiment and sit upon a throne, and I will be glorified in her.

“It’s always been about the “church”, My bride, not the personality. It’s not about the man but about Me, your Bridegroom. Oh yes I love you as individuals, as My brides, but I also love you as “My Bride”, one wife. The true meaning of the above prophecy is “she”, the bride, the church, the body of believers.

I am the Creator, you are My creation, something that I created to love and which was made to love Me. You have nothing that I have not given you; when you are not in My hand then you are nothing; and when you are in My hand you are nothing but a tool, a channel an instrument of My love to others. The difference between the two is; the first one operates under its own power and strength, and like Satan and all those that rebel against this order will eventually fade out, run out of steam, whilst the other will continue to be empowered by My love and thus live on throughout eternity.

This is an hard saying for man, for he is full of pride and self. He wants to think that he can operate under his own power as God does; how hard it is for man to humble himself under the mighty hand of God and be as he really is, nothing, nothing but a tool of God’s love, both to his Creator and to his fellowman. If he cannot yield to this order, to this plan, to this fact, then he will go about lording it over others in his attempt to be noticed, to be recognized as something other than what he truly is, nothing but flesh.

But if man will give Me the glory and praise then I will lift him up, as a tool in the hand of a carpenter, I will lift him up and use him for My glory and in My glory create something out of nothing in order that My power is manifested to all of creation. Yet as is written, I have given man free will and majesty of choice, it is given into his hand to choose either to stay in My hand as a tool of My love or remain on the bench and try to make furniture his own way, this is the order of things.”

My bride the church


“Man wants to think that he can operate under his own power as God does; how hard it is for man to humble himself under the mighty hand of God and be as he really is, nothing,”



The Lamp

Only Jesus saves, not a mask, not a vaccine. Fill your lamps…have faith…the Bridegroom cometh.

Why is this the last generation?