prophecy bites

Saramay It’s sort of like how you were destined to go to earth, so I was destined to become a Blue Angel. I have free choice just like you, so I could have chosen differently. My life winds back and I have had to make certain commitments that others have not made. I had to allow my life to be tied to the power of Jesus, so when you look upon me… you only see the power of our Savior running through me. That is the blue color, although we don’t always take this form. It is our yieldedness to Jesus that makes us almost invisible. You only see the blue energy flowing through me. I disappear — He alone is glorified. It didn’t happen all at once; it took letting go of a lot.  It’s sort of like what you are experiencing, but different, because I am in the Spirit world. Not many people really desire to become Blue Angels. Their love for Jesus is real, but they just haven’t seen the full Light. One day many more will see the truth and will succumb fully to His power. Under my hand you will learn this on Earth, and be ready to fulfill your place in Heaven. Keep listening to me. I will fill your mind with thoughts and pictures of our Jesus.




Love to hear your thots